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Moudle7 unit4 Sharing reading(公开课)

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2013年9月17日县级公开课 高三教学研讨和比武

Unit 4 sharing

A hand: _________________ help love and care A heart:_________________ peace A dove: _________________ Y stand for youth A letter:_________________
Chinese Youth Volunteer

The definition of “volunteer”
The important factors
? Not for rewards – esp. money and materials

? Volunteer – not forced but willing to do so
? Not only the person but also the society and

the environment benefit from it

Jo, a young Australian woman, worked as a
volunteer teacher in Papua New Guinea for two years.

Independent State of Papua New Guinea
['p? pju?] ['ɡini]

It is located/situated the southwest of the Pacific Ocean

a poor country with most people living in tribal(部落的) villages and depending on subsistence farming(少有余粮的农场经营) to make a living


About 85% of children start school but only about 60% of them reach Year 8

Glance through the photos and guess what Jo mentioned in the letter .

Part 1 (Para ____) 1 Part 2 (Para____) Part 3 (Para____) Part 4 9 (Para____)

Opening of the letter

Closing of the letter

Try to divide the passage into several parts.

? You asked about my high school. (Para2)

? You asked whether I’m getting to know any local people. (para4)

Part 1 (Para ____) 1 Part 2 (Para____) 2 3 Part 3 (Para____) 4 8 Part 4 9 (Para____)

Opening of the letter The school and Jo’s work as a teacher A visit to a local village Closing of the letter

Jo’s school
the bush school: made of bamboo and the roofs of grass

muddy track to school have to walk a long way to get to school Poor teaching conditions: No electricity or water No textbooks No equipment for experiments

What’s her attitude towards it? Try to adapt to the conditions, which, she thinks, makes her become more imaginative in teaching ; doubt whether she is making any difference to the boys’ lives at all.

Read paragraph 1-3 and finish the questions

1. 1.Were the boys friendly to Jo? How do you know?
There are a lot of “good mornings” for Jo from the boys.

2. Why was science the most challenging subject for Jo?
There was no equipment.

3. Why did the boys start jumping out of the windows?
The boys never came across anything like the bubbling mixture.

Village life (para4-8)

local village:

far away a remote village with fantastic view on the way

First up a mountain to a ridge and then down a steep path to the valley below. Tombe’s mother started crying ― ieee ieee‖. we shook hands with all the villagers. Everyone seemed to be a relative of Tombe’s.

______villagers : friendly

low round bamboo huts No windows but a doorway just big enough to get through narrow

humble ______houses :

dark inside
No beds (only fresh grass laid on the floor) A fireplace in the center, very few possessions.


simple lifestyle :

cook outside: build a fire
place heated stones …

lay stones on it

eat inside sitting a

round the fire
a strange( superstitious) culture: Leftovers are dried up in a tin can and the can then thrown out of the hut so as not to attract evil spirits in the night.

What’s her feelings?

Though her muscles were aching and her knees shaking as they climbed down the mountain towards home, she fell happily into bed, thinking it was a privilege to have spent a day with Tombe’s family.

Step3: Discussion Q1: DO you think Jo’s job can make any difference to the people’s life there? Why? Q2: would you like to be a volunteer? Why?

What can you learn from the passage?

Learn to share with others

Share your happiness with others,

happiness doubles.

Share your sadness with others, sadness halves.

Share your love with others, love spreads.

Be willing to help others

Retell the part from Par.2—8 within 12 sentences, using the third person.

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