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2013外研版英语Module 2 My home town and my country

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期末考试冲刺复习之——Module 2 My home town and my country


1. pretty good 5. come from来自 9. more than超过;多于 相当好;很好 6. lots of许多 10. on the coast在海2. in fact事实上 7. be famous for 岸边

3. in the 1980s 以……而闻名 11.in the 在20世纪80年代 8. part of ……的一部east/south/west/north 4. one day有一天 分 of……的东/南/西/北部


1.Thank you for_____ me so much help.

A.giving B.to give to C.giving to D.give

2.-Would you like to go for picnic? -_____.

A.Yes,I would B.Sorry,I don't C.Yes,I'd like D.Yes,I'd like to

3.Jim's brother is_____ than Jim.

A.three year younger B.young three year C.younger three years D.three years younger 4.Li Hua's shoes are as____asZhanghui’s.

A.cheaper B.cheap C.the cheaper D.cheapest

5.Mrs Brown is nice.Every day she tried to cook___for me during my stay in Canada.

A.something different B.anything different

C.noting different D.different something

6.This place is not big enough for Lucy's birthday party.We should find a_one.

A.big B.small C.bigger D.smaller

7.China is___ than any other country in Asia.

A.large B.much big C.larger D.small

8.-The watch is too expensive. Would you please show me a____ one? -Sure.

A. cheaper B. newer C. smaller D. sweeter

10.Rose sings____ and her handwriting is____.

A. good; good B. well; good C. good; well D. well; well

11.____is the population of the country? -About 10 million.

A. What B. How many C. How much D. How

12.There are lots of islands____ the east coast of China.

A.on B.in C.off D.near 三、 补全对话

A;Excuse me,sir.Could you tell me the way to the nearest booktore? Middle school. about ten minutes by bus. A;Thanks a lot.


Hongkong has about forty public beaches.Some of the beaches are among the best in the world People can go there for swimming .You can go to most of themby bus .To go to some beaches,you must take a boat.There are toilets,changing rooms and places to buy food and drink on most of the beaches.

You will swimthere without danger if you remember these instuctions:

1. Never swim alone.

2. Never swimafter a meal or when you feel hungry or tired.

3. Don’t stay in the water too long .

4. Never go out in a boat if you can’t swim.

Remember:A red flag(旗帜)means that it is dangerous for anybody to go into the water.A blue flag means thatit is dangerous for children.


1. How many public beaches are there in Hongkong?


2. How can people go to most of the beaches?


3. Can you go swimming after a meal or when you feel hungry or tired?


4. What does a red flag mean?


5. What does a blue flag mean?



What do you usually do on weekends? Some people like to s_________ at home,but o__________like to go for a walk or play football.My friend Jack works hard in a factory during the weekdays.On weekends,he always d_________ the same thing.On Saturday he w_________ his car at home and on Sunday he goes to the village with his family i_______ his car.His uncle and aunt have a farm

there.It isn't a s__________ one,but there're always m_________ things to do on the farm.The children help them to give the animals f__________ and water.Jack and his wife help in the fields(田地).At the end of the day,they are all tired and h________ and Jack's aunt g________ them a big meal.




1.Mary is going to the cinema at seven on _________.

A.Monday evening B.Wednesday evening C.Friday evening

D.Sunday evening

B.see some friends

2.On Wednesday afternoon Mike is going to _________.

A.enjoy the concert C.see a doctor

D.have an art class

B.have a basketball party D.watch a basketball match

3.Mary is going to _________ on Wednesday evening.

A.have supper with Ann C.study for an exam

4.Mike's basketball team party start at _________ on Sunday

A.7:30 p.m. B.8:00 p.m. C.8:30 p.m.D.9:00 p.m. 5.From Mike's and Mary's plans we know that they both like _________.




It is difficult for the parents of every family to teach their children to be responsible(有责任的)for housework.


C.art D.music

Shatian School in Shanghai is making its students do housework for their parents.Third graders(…年级学生)must learn how to cook and clean,sixth graders do the laundry,and seventh and eighth graders cook balanced meals with 15 yuan.

Many parents think it's a good way for children to try housework,but they don't know how to do it at home.With the following ideas,you really can get your children to help at home.

If you want to make your children think that they can do everything quite

right,please don't scold(批评)them but give them lots of praise at home.Talk more about what he did right,not about what he didn't do.If your child finishes some difficult work,give him or her a Sunday trip or a ball game with Dad as a

6.Who should learn to cook balanced meals with 15 yuan according to the passage?

A.A third grader.

C.A sixth grader. B.A fourth grader. D.A seventh grader

B.Give them a lot of praise. 7.What should parents do when the children do housework? A.Scold them when they are wrong.

C.Don't let them do it.

A.说明 D.Ten them not to do difficult work. C.惩罚 D.奖励 8.What's the meaning of the word “reward'’ in the passage? B.报答

9.From the passage we know that _________.

A.all the children like to do housework

B.there is no way to make children help do housework

C.doing housework is the students’ homework in Shatian School

D.all the parents don’t want their children to do housework

10.The title(题目)of the passage may be _________.

A.Make Children Do Housework

C.Housework B.How to Teach Children D.School And Housework 4

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