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1.一所好看的学校 2.我的新朋友 3.早上好 4.你好吗?5.一些照片 6.看一看

7.看这里 8.听音乐

9.又聪明又善良 10.说英语11.十一所大医院 12.看黑板

13.请起立 14.翻到15.写下 16.擦窗户17.书桌和椅子 18.十二张中国地图19.十九个练习本 20.四十个护士21.十五个图书馆 22. 九十个出租车司机

23.十三名妇女 24.二十名农民25.关门 26.多大,几岁27.一个幸福的家庭 28.看上去很年轻29.蓝色衬衫 30.十九个箱子31.你叫什么名字 32.在操场上二.用所给代词的适当形式填空。(10分)

1. (they) can go to the zoo by bus.

2. Ms Ding teaches _______(we) English.

3. Bob loves _______(he) mother very much.

4. Do you know ________ (they) new teacher?

5. I have a lovely(可爱的) cat, ____ (it) name is Carl.

6. Jim is a very good boy. We all like ____(he).

7. The boy under the tree is Henry. This is ____ (he) bike.

8. She doesn’t like ____(she) new skirt. Who bought(买) it for___(she)?

9. Is this red bag yours? No, _____ is yellow. ( I )


1. There is “l” and “u” in the word “blouse”.

A. a; a B.a; an C. an; an D. an; a

2. ----What is your mother?

A. She is my mother.

B. She is a policeman.

C. She is a nurse. D. She is Susan.

3. There are small animals in the zoo(动物园).

A. lot of B. lots of C. a lots of D. a little

4. He a bag. some bread in his bag.

A. have; There are B.has; There are C. have; There is D. has; There is

5.There aren’t ___ trees near the house. There is only one.

A. any B. some C. many D. much

6. be late again.

A. Not B. Don’t C. Not do D. Doesn’t

7. There some bread and eggs in the basket.

A. be B. am C. are D. Is

8. Does Daniel after school? A. walk to home B. walks home C. walk home

9.There ____ two bowls of rice on the table.

A. is B. have C. has D. are

10. How many are there in the school?

A. librarys B.classes C.glass D.grade

11. you know Peter?

A. Are B. Do C. Does D. Is

12. There dog in the picture.

A.isn’t B.aren’t any C.isn’t a D.aren’t a

13. girls are there in your classroom?

------- There is only one.

A. Which B. How old C. Who D. How many


--------- He is Andy’s father.

A. How is he? B. Where is he? C. Who is he? D. What is he?

15. Hi, Lily and Kate, are you classmates? ---- Yes, .

A. I am B.we’re C. I’m D.we are


1. There aren’t any nice flowers in the garden.(改为肯定句)


3. Are there any living rooms in the library?(改为陈述句)



五.完形填空(8分) (另一个)

( ) 11. A. I B. Me C. My

( ) 12. A. Japanese B. English C. Chinese

( ) 13. A. say B. call C. speak

( ) 14. A. answer B. spell C. meet

( ) 15. A. boy B. girl C. girls

( ) 16. A. His B. Her C. My

( ) 17. A. am B. is C. are

( ) 18. A. His B. Her C. My


Brain is a school boy. He’stwelve. He lives in Shanghai now. He is from England. He studies in a junior middle school. He gets up at half past five every day. He has breakfast at seven after that, he goes to school with his friends. They have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. In the evening he does his homework at home, but he often watches TV on Saturday evening. Brain likes drawing. He joins an art club. He likes reading story books. Now he is reading an English book in his room.

( )1.Brain is a ____________.

A. student B. girl C. teacher

( )2.Brain gets up ____________every day.

A. at seven B. early C. at six

( )3.Brain does his homework ____________.

A. every evening B. at school C. at home

( )4.Brain likes ____________.

A. English and Chinese B. playing football C. drawing and reading ( )5.Brain has ____________ classes at school every day.

A. four B. six C. five




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