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新目标英语九年级unit 2 词汇学习 课件

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Unit1 词汇学习

English has hurt me a thousand times,but I still regard it as my first love.

The lazier a person is, the more things he needs to do tomorrow.

一个人越懒,明天要做的事越多。 Life is like Angry Birds.There are always several pigs laughing when you lose. 人生就像愤怒的小鸟,当你失败时,总有几头猪在笑!
If you are fine,the sun will always shine. 你若安好,便是晴天。(祈福雅安!)

Unit2 airplane on adj. candyn. daily adj. death n. cause v. himself patient necessary attention waste v.

n. 飞机[ 'e?plein ] 开着的;接同的;工作着的[ ?n ] 糖果[ 'k?ndi ] "每日的,日常的" [ 'deili ] 死;死亡 [ deθ ] . 造成;使发生[ k?:z ] pron. (反身代词)他自己;他本身[ him'self ] adj. 有耐心;忍耐的[ 'pei??nt ] adj. 必须的;必需的[ 'nesis?ri ] 注意;留心[ ?'ten??n ] 浪费;滥用[ weist ]

1. terrify 动词 使害怕 固定搭配:be terrified of doing 害怕做某事。 The child was terrified of being left alone in the house。 这个孩子害怕独自在家。 2.chat 动词/名词 闲谈 聊天 1)现在分词chatting与过式chatted的t要双写。如: Chatting with him is a waste of time.跟他聊天是浪费时间。 2)chat 还可以作为名词使用。固定搭配have a long chat with sb.意 思是“跟某人进行了很长时间的谈话”。 He is busy chatting with his friend. 他正在忙着跟他的朋友聊天。 3.to one’s surprise 使某人惊讶的是 用作插入语 To my surprise,I found him to be a good man. 使我惊讶的是,我发现他是一个好人。 与surprise有关 be surprised at sth. 对某事吃惊 be surprised to do sth. 吃惊地做某事 take sb. by surprise 冷不防吓某人一跳

4.take pride in 对……感到自豪 固定搭配:be proud of 对……感到自豪,the pride of……的骄傲。 如: We are proud of him.我们为他感到自豪。 He is the proud of us.他是我们的骄傲。 I take great pride in your success. 我对你的成功感到自豪。 We all take pride in being a member of the class. 我们都以是这个班的一员而感到自豪. All teachers will take pride in the progress made by their students. 所有的老师都将会为自己学生取得的成就而骄傲. 5.make a decision 决定下来,作出决定,下决心 The first to do is to make a decision to change. 首先要做的就是下决定要改变. It's hard to make a decision without knowing all the facts. 不知道全部实情,很难作决定.

6.patient 形容词 有耐性的,能容忍的 名词 病人 We cannot be too patient with others. 我们对别人不能有太大的耐性。 I think our English teacher is very patient. 我认为我们的英语老师很有耐性。
My English is so limited. Please be patient with me. I have to practice more.


多练习. You should be patient with the patients. 对待病人,你应该有耐心。 7.give up 放弃 I can do nothing more,I gave up.我无能为力,我放弃。 give up 后面既可以用doing 形式表示“放弃做……”,有可以直接加

如:You had better give them up.你最好放弃他们。
When the world says,"Give up!"Hope whispers,"Try it one more time." 当全世界都在说“放弃”的时候,希望却在耳边轻轻地说:“再试一次吧”!
When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on so long in the first place. 每当你想要放弃的时候,就想想是为了什么才一路坚持到现在。

8.on adv.开着的 接通的 工作着的 More people have computers in their bedrooms. More people fall asleep with the TV on. 很多人的床上都有电脑,很多人对着开着的电视入睡。 Adj . There's an exciting match on at Wimbledon right now. 有一场精彩的比赛此刻正在温布尔顿正进行着。

9.used to 过去常常做某事,暗指现在已经不存在 的动作或状态. 后跟动词原形. used to do sth. There used to be ….(反意疑问句)didn’t there? 否定形式为: didn’t use to 或 usedn’t to 疑问形式为: Did…use to…? 或 Used…to…? be/get used to doing sth.习惯于, to 为介词.

Used to 与 be/get used to 1.He ____go out with his parents, but now he ___ staying at home alone. A. used to; is used to B. is used to; used toC. use to;is used to 2.Jack _____ dislike the weather in Beijing in spring, because there is so much wind and sand. But now he ____ it. A. is used to; used to B. used to; is used to C. was used to; is used to D. used to; uses to 3.Jeremy Lin an unknown basketball player in New York Knicks for quite a long time. A. used to be B. used to being C. is used to be D. was used to be 4.The film made by Walt Disney ______ all over the world. A. is used to show B. is used to showing C. used to show D. used to be shown 5.. My grandma ______ us stories when I was young. A. was used to tell B. is used to telling C. used to tell D. used to telling

6.She used to in the morning, but now she is used to at night. A. read, read B. read, reading C. reading, read D.reading, reading 7.—_________ you _________ take a bus to school? —Yes.But now I usually go to school on foot. A. Did; use to B. Were; used to C. Do; use to 8.She used to ______ with her parents, but now she is used to ________ with her classmates at school. A. live; living B. live; live C. living; living D. living; live 9.The young man used to _______to work, but he is used to ________ to work now. A. drive; walking B. drove; walked C. drive; walks D. driving; walk

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