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Unit 3 Fairness for all

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1. The word “boycott” in the second sentence of the first paragraph means ___.
A. a way to destroy and damage something B. a way to protect something C. a way to refuse to buy or do something D. a way to gather people together

2. According to the passage, what is the immediate cause of the boycott? A. The black had long been looked down upon. B. Rosa Parks was arrested. C. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white man. D. The black were prohibited from sitting where they like.

3. What is the main idea of the whole passage?
A. The blacks refused to take buses to fight against racial discrimination. B. The white were so rude to the black, which made the black unhappy. C. Rosa Parks became the hero of the black because she refused to give up her seat. D. The boycott was a great success and the white never looked down upon the black from then on.

4. Why did Serena become so angry when hearing the news that the boycott was going to be over?
A. Because Serena wanted to continue the boycott. B. Because there was no chance for her to realize her dream. C. Because the news was just a trick created by the white to stop their campaign. D. Because Maryann Jones had said something wrong.

5. What can we infer from Maryann Jones’s words “We may only have struck one small blow for liberty but who knows where it’ll lead?”
A. The effort we had made was so little that we had no idea what would happen. B. We had made great change to the situation that we were sure to succeed. C. We were so weak that it was impossible for us to change the situation. D. Though our effort might seem little, we felt confident that it would lead us to a better future.

阅读课文P28 I HAVE A DREAM, 请以 约30词概括该篇文章的主要内容。 ◆过程方法:对于演讲类的文章, 可以从两方面来进行归纳:1. 文章的主 题;2. 文章的目的。同学们可以通过回 答以下两个问题来进行Summary内容的 提炼。

1. What is Martin Luther King’s speech all about? The speech I have a dream given by Martin Luther King has expressed his people around the world hope that _________________________ __________________________________ should live in peace despite their races and colors _________________.

2. Why did Martin Luther King give this speech? Martin Luther King gave this speech arouse people’s in order to ______________________ ________________________________ awareness of equal right and call ________________________________ on the black to fight for their

◆概括要点 通过整理之后的Summary可以 写成:

With a purpose to arouse people’s awareness of equal right and call on the black to fight for their freedom, Martin Luther King made a famous speech I have a dream, where he expressed his hope that people around the world should live in peace despite their races and colors.

阅读本单元P28 I HAVE A DREAM, 然后 以约120个词就“梦想”这一主题发表看 法, 并包括

如下要点: 1. 谈谈梦想在人生当中所起的作用; 2. 以自己的亲身经历或者别人的故事来说 明梦想的重要性; 3. 简单谈谈应该如何实现个人梦想。

[One possible version]
There is no denying that dream has been of great significance in one’s life. People in our society are in many ways influenced or supported by their dreams. To start with, dreams guarantee people a goal, for which they will try their best to fight. Besides, dreams serve a good tool to provide people with hope, telling them not to give up whatever difficulties they meet.

There is no shortage of examples informing us of the important role dreams have been playing in our lives. Among them, Michael Phelps, the eight Olympic gold medals winner’s story serves a typical one. Born in an ordinary family, Phelps had a simple but longstanding dream-to be the greatest swimmer in the world. Bearing this dream in mind, Phelps worked extremely hard during his training.

While his teammates were on holiday, enjoying the beautiful sunshine on the beach, Phelps was still swimming in the pool, making progress bit by bit. Tired though Phelps was, he never had the idea of giving up since he was always motivated by his great dream. With his effort, the day for him to realize his dream finally came when he got eight gold medals in the Beijing Olympic Games.

From Phelps’s story, we can see that to make our dreams come true, we should not just wait without doing anything. Instead, we should be self-disciplined and face the challenges with courage. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. So long as we have a dream and be persistent in realizing it, our dream will surely come true.

1. prohibit vt. 禁止 原句: Dr King encourages us to fight against this unfair system which prohibits us blacks from sitting where we like. 金博士鼓励我们同这个禁止我 们黑人随意就坐的不公平的制度作斗争。 (P22)

搭配 prohibit sb. from ... 禁止某人做?? prohibit sth. 禁止??

运用 根据汉语意思完成下列英文句子。 ⑴ 政府采用新法律来禁止电视上播 放烟草广告。 The government introduced a law ___________ tobacco commercials to prohibit on TV.

⑵ 有约在先,我恐怕不能与你共进 晚餐。 I fear that a prior engagement will prohibit me from __________________ joining you in dinner.

⑶ 目前美国有两项联邦法律明令禁止 对癌症患者或有癌症病历者的歧视。 prohibit At present, two federal laws _________ discrimination against people with cancer or a history of cancer.

2. offence n. 冒犯;犯罪 原句: It is regarded as an offence if we sit at the front of a bus and if we break this law, we receive a heavy punishment. 如果我们坐在公交车前 面的座位上, 就会被认为是违规了, 如 果我们不遵守这项法律, 我们会遭到 严惩。(P22)

拓展: offend vt. 冒犯; 使不愉快; 犯罪 运用 根据汉语

意思完成下列英文句子。 ⑴ 即使是极轻微的触犯也会使杰克激 动起来。 Even the slightest _________ would offence make Jack nervous.

⑵ 请原谅, 我不是有意惹你生气。 Forgive me, I didn’t mean _______ you. to offend
⑶ 从法律的角度看, 偷窃是一种犯罪行 为, 无论其动机是什么。 In the eyes of law, stealing is an offence _______, no matter what your motives are.

⑷ 有些罪犯被释放后有可能重新 犯罪。 Some criminals are likely to offend ____ again when they are released.

3. submit vt. 使服从; 呈递vi. 提交; 服从 原句: The other three submitted but Rosa was unwilling to do so and she was arrested. 另外三个屈服了, 而罗莎 不愿意这样做, 她拒绝站起来, 于是她 被捕了。(P22)

submit oneself to sth./sb. 顺从于??; 屈 服于?? submit sth. to sb. 将某物提交/呈递给某人 运用 根据汉语意思完成下列英文句子。 ⑴ 我们不必屈从环境。 No one needs to ___________circumstances. submit to

⑵ 我们应该向理事会提交计划以 求批准。 submit our plans to We should ____________________ the council for approval. ⑶ 士兵应该服从命令。 Soldiers must __________ orders. submit to

4. negotiate v. 商议;谈判;交涉
原句: They’re hopeful that they can negotiate a fairer situation if all the blacks support them.他们满怀信心, 如 果全体黑人都支持他们, 他们可以通过 谈判而赢得一个较为公平的局面。(P22)

拓展: negotiation n. 商议; 谈判; 交涉

运用 根据汉语意思完成下列英文句子。
⑴ 我们决定就工资问题与雇主谈判。 negotiate We’ve decided to ___________with the employers about our wage claim. ⑵ 我们对谈判的顺利进行很满意。 We are satisfied with the smoothness of negotiation the ______________.

⑶ 我们是不会和恐怖分子谈判的。 negotiate We are not about to ___________ with terrorists. ⑷ 这项合同仍在商谈之中。 negotiation The contract is still under_________.

5. abuse vt.& n. 滥用;虐待;辱骂 原句: The whites, on the other hand, shouted abuse at us. 而另一方面, 白人 们大声咒骂我们。(P22)

运用 请指出下列句中abuse的词性和意义。

⑴ The government has set up a working party to look into the problem of drug abuse. 滥用 (词性: ______ 意思: _____ ) 名词 ⑵ Don’t abuse your friends. 动词 (词性: ______ 意思: _____ ) 辱骂

⑶ It’s easy to abuse one’s power. (词性: _____ 意思: 滥用 ) _____ 动词

⑷ Abuse of animals is unusual behavior. 虐待 名词 (词性: _____ 意思: _____ )

6. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal.” 我有 一个梦想, 那就是有一天这个国家会站起, 并 实现其信条的真谛:“我们认为这些真理是 不言而


动词 思考句中rise up中的rise是______(词性), 该 站起 词组的意思是_____。

辨析 rise, raise, arise
rise n. 上升; 增加; 小山 (词组:give rise to导致) vi. (rose, risen) 上升; (日、月、星)升 起; 起身 raise vt. (raised, raised) 使升起; 举起; 饲养 arise vi. (arose, arisen) 出现; 发生

运用 用rise, raise或arise的适当形式填空。

⑴ The sun ______ in the east and sets rises in the west.

⑵ She _______ her finger to her lips as raised a sign for silence.

⑶ Accidents often ______ from arise carelessness.
give rise to ⑷ Privileges often ___________ abuses. (用短语填空)

⑸ How did the quarrel ______? arise ⑹ I was _______ by my aunt on a raised farm.

7. I have a dream that one day that even in Alabama where white people speak so fiercely against blacks... 我 有一个梦想,那就是有一天甚至在白 人极端排斥黑人的阿拉巴马州?? (P28)


speak against 发言反对 speak for 为??说话;代表 speak ill of 说??的坏话;诋毁 speak well of 赞赏;说好话 speak highly of 赞扬;高度评价

运用 根据汉语意思, 完成下列英文句子。 ⑴ 前几天我见到你原来的老板, 他仍然 很称赞你。 I saw you old boss the other day and he spoke well of still _______________ you. ⑵ 不要在别人背后说他们的坏话。 speak ill of Do not ______________others in their absence.

⑶ 我知道, 我这么说是代表这个地球上每一 个人的心声。 speak for And when I say this, I know I _________ every human resident on this planet.

⑷ 我会对所有我认为不对的事情直言不讳。 speak against I will _________________anything I know to be wrong.

8. get on board 登上飞机、船等(已上)go on board 上飞机、船等(尚未上到)
原句:A black lady, Rosa Parks, got on board a city bus and sat in the fifth row with three other blacks. 一位名叫罗莎· 帕克斯的黑人女 士上了一辆城市公交车,她同其他三位黑人 坐在第五排。(P22)


board n. 木板;董事会 v. 登上 broad adj. 宽敞的;宽阔的 abroad adv. 在国外

运用 根据汉语意思, 完成下列英文句子。 ⑴ 许多人愿意到国外度假。 Many people would like to take holidays __________ . abroad

⑵ 他肩膀宽大, 双臂有力。 He had ________ shoulders and broad powerful arms.

⑶ 我们什么时候上船? go on board What time shall we ______________ ?

⑷ 若无宽广的心胸, 人类有何美丽? a broad Without __________ mind, what is the beauty of man? ⑸ 他在布告板上贴了一张公告。 He posted a bulletin on the board ____________.

1. It seemed like an answer to a prayer! 这似乎像是对祈祷的回报。(P22)
句型: it seems like sth./that + clause 看 来/看上去似乎……

仿写 根据汉语意思完成英文 句子。 ⑴ 这似乎是个绝好的机会。 _____________a perfect It

seems like opportunity.

⑵ 看起来天马上要下雨了。 ______________ it is going to rain soon. It seems that
⑶ 在我的记忆里, 你似乎从没有哭过。 In my memories, ______________ you it seems that never cry.

2. It is regarded as an offence if we sit at the front of a bus and if we break this law, we receive a heavy punishment. 如 果我们坐在公交车前面的座位上, 就会 被认为是违规了, 如果我们不遵守这项 法律, 我们会遭到严惩。(P22)

句型: it is regarded as/ that... 人们 认为……
说明: 用于替换people think...之类 表示大众观点的句型。

仿写 根据汉语意思完成英文句子。

⑴ 很多人认为上升的犯罪率与经济不 景气有关。 It is regarded that ____________________there is relation between the rising crime rate and the economic recession.

⑵ 英国内战通常被看作是现代世界 史的开端。 is generally The British Civil War __________ regarded as _______________ the beginning of modern world history.

1. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live up the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”我有一个梦想, 那就是有 一天这个国家会站起, 并实现其信条的 真谛:“我们认为这些真理是不言而喻 的:人人生而平等”。 (P28, para 1)

结构分析:这是一个含有个____从句的复合 2 I have a dream 句, 主干(主语和谓语)是_________________。 that one day this nation will rise up and live up the true meaning of its creed 是dream 的 同位语 _______从句。在直接引语we hold these truths……created equal中, 主干(主语和谓语) we hold these truths 是___________________,that all men are created equal是truths的 同位语 ______从句, 不定式 to be self-evident放在truths后面, 充当它的 宾补 _______(成分)。

2. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.我有一个梦想, 那就是 有一天我的四个孩子将在一个不是以 他们的肤色, 而是以他们的品格优劣来 评价他们的国度里生活。(P28, para 4)

结构分析:这是一个含有____个从句的 2 I have a 复合句。主干(主语和谓语)是________ _______。that my four little children ? dream 同位语 their character是dream的_______从句。 在这个从句当中, where引导的是一个 先行词 定语 ____从句,a nation是这个从句的_____, 地点状语 where在从句当中充当________ (成分)。

1. contribute v. 捐献;贡献 ⑴ contribution n. 捐款;捐资;贡献 ___________
⑵ ___________ n. 捐助人;贡献者 contributor

2. encourage v. 鼓励
⑴ _____________ adj. 被鼓励的 encouraged ⑵ _____________ adj. 给人鼓励的 encouraging

⑶ ______________ adv. 给人鼓励地 encouragingly
⑷ ____________

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