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福建省福州文博中学2012年秋七年级英语上学期期末练习题(无答案) 人教新目标版

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案) 人教新目标版


1. 某人最喜欢的

My favorite food is bananas.=

Fish is my father’s favorite (food).=

2. 想要做某事

They want to go shopping with us.=

She would like to go to the zoo this Sunday.=

What would you like to do?=

Would you like to go with us?=

3. 想要某物

Would you like some fish?=

Do you want some water?=

She wants some hamburgers.=

4. 问姓名的回答

I am Lily.=

She is Mary.=

5. 问职业

What are you?=

What is she?=

What do they do?=

6. 某物是某人的

This is my pencil.=

These are your apples.=

This bag is hers.=

These shoes are his.=

Are these shoes ours?=

Is this shirt theirs?=

7. 问建议

Why not fly a kite with us?=



What about some fish?=

8. 来自 I am from Canada.=

She comes from America.=

Is he from Japan?=

Do you come from China?=

Where is Jane from?=

Where do you come from?=

9. How do you spell it ?=


10. 描述特征

My face is round.=

His hair is short.=

He has big feet.=

They have long arms.=

11. They look the same.=

She has different looks.=

12. Please give this letter to her.=

Please show the photos to him.=

Please tell me your name= She buys some toys for them=

May I try on that shirt?=

13. She likes English very much =

14. What can I do for you?=

15. Not at all.= = =

16. How do you like these pants?=

What does she think of this book?=

17. She is not at home= =

18. What’s the time=

19. It’s five thirty-seven.=

It’s three fifteen=

It’s seven forty-five.=

It’s twelve thirty.=

20. Do you have any time tomorrow?=

21. We aren’t in the same class.=


1. My name is Sally? (划线部分提问)

2. Her telephone number is 8888034.(划线部分提问)

3. She is from China?(划线部分提问)

4. I come from Japan?(划线部分提问)

5. My father is fine?(划线部分提问)

6. They are my teachers?(划线部分提问)

7. They are shoes in English?(划线部分提问)

8. I am in Class 1, Grade 7.(划线部分提问)

9. She is twelve ?(划线部分提问)

10. My aunt is a nurse.(划线部分提问)

11. My parents are doctors?(划线部分提问)

12. She works in a hospital.(划线部分提问)

13. They work on a farm.(划线部分提问)

14. He has a wide mouth.(划线部分提问)


15. She is young.划线部分提问)

16. This cap is white?(划线部分提问)

17. They are black and white?(划线部分提问)

18. That coat is hers?(划线部分提问

19. These apples are my mother’s. (划线部分提问)

20. The letter is from my pen pal.(划线部分提问)

21. They are five yuan?(划线部分提问)

22. This bottle of milk is ten yuan.(划线部分提问)

23. I’d like some chicken.(划线部分提问)

24. She would like to drink some milk.(划线部分提问)

25. She would like to go for a picnic.(划线部分提问)

26. I usually have some bread for breakfast.(划线部分提问)

27. We need one bag of rice.(划线部分提问)

28. She would like three eggs.(划线部分提问)

29. It’s one kilo a bag.(划线部分提问)

30. It’s half past six.(划线部分提问)

31. We are good friends.(改成一般疑问句,并做否定回答)

32. He can help you with your English. (改成一般疑问句,并做否定回答)

33. They come from Cuba? (改成一般疑问句,并做否定回答)

34. They have big eyes.(改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答)

35. This is my teacher. (改成否定句)

36. He has a long nose.(改成否定句)

37. They look the same.改成否定句)

38. What’s this in English? (改成复数的形式)

39. This cap is mine.(改成复数的形式)

40. I think it’s Li Ming’s. (改成否定句)

41. She thinks it is right.(改成否定句)

42. We have some bread.(改成一般疑问句)


1 That is an egg. ________________

2 What’s this in English? ________________

3 Your box isn’t in the desks. ________________

4 Is it your schoolbag? ________________

5 Are those rulers? ________________

6 What are these? ________________

7 It’s a toy. ________________


8 I have a Chinese book. ________________ 9 He is a student. ________________

10 We are office workers. ________________

11 My hair is long.________________________________

1.I like it _______ _________ (一点) 2.They often help (彼此).

3.—No. I don’t like them (一点也不). 4.Mr. Green is from England. So he can ___________(说英语)very well.

5.That girl is Rose. She is Jane’s pen pal (笔友). 6.Mr. Li (居住)Beijing?

7.I don’t speak English well. Could you help me with it?

— (没问题) 8. (请随便),Tom!—Thank you.

9.Help (请随便吃) the fish, kids. 10. He often (和---玩) us. 11. (为什么不)drink a glass of milk, Xiaoming?

12.He is very glad _______ _________here. 他很高兴在这。

13.He often ____ Meimei____ her English. 他经常帮梅梅学英语。

14. I’m sorry my father_______ _________ (不在家)now.

15.Why not _______ _________(出去 )for a picnic this afternoon?

16. Li Ming, it’s time to _______ _________ (起床).

17. —Do you have any free time tomorrow?—Yes. _____ _____ (怎么了)?

18. —She often _______ _________(回家) at 6:00 in the evening.

19. The bady can’t find his _______ _________ (回家的路) on Sundays.

20. —___ __ we _____ (到了). This is my home. Come in.

21.Can I ________ _____(试穿) that pair?

22.How about _______ _________(购物) this Sunday.

23.Why not _________ _______ (放风筝)with us?

24.Would you like _______ ______ ______ (一些喝的)?

25.She _______ _________ (有空)tomorrow. 26.He_______ _________ do his homework at home tomorrow. 27.He often (做家庭作业)on Sundays. 28.When do people (吃晚饭)?— (在晚上) 4


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