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1. ______ Gina. This is _____ book. A. I’m, my B. I’m , an C. She’s, his D. He’s, her

2. Please call Jack _____ 386—2115. A. on. B. at C. for D. in 3. How are you, Bill ?

A. I’m fine, thank you. B. How are you? C. Thank you. D. How do you do ? 4. Where are my pens ?

A. It’s on the table. B. Yes, they are. C. They are yellow. D. Sorry, I don’t know.

5. This is ____ eraser. And ____ eraser is green.

A. an, an B. the, an C. an, the D. an, / 6. Kate King is my friend. King is ___ name.

A. her first B. my last name C. her family name D. her full

7. Look ! This is a photo of ____ family. A. Tom B. Tom is C. Tom’s D. / 8. --____________? ---No, I’m Kate. A. Are you Kate ? B. What’s your name ? C. Are you Mona ? D. Who are you? 9. Thanks ____ your help, Alan. A. for B. in C. of D. about 10. Are these Chinese cars ?

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, they are. C. That’s all right. D. Yes, these are. 11. Gary and I ____ good friends. He ____ twelve.

A. are, is B. am, is C. is , are D. are, are 12. What’s this in English ?

A. No, it’s not a watch. B. It’s a watch. C. Yes, it’s a watch. D. No, it isn’t. 13. ---__________? ---It’s here. A. What’s this ? B. How is it ? C. Is it here ? D. Where is it ?

14. Hi, Kate, this is my teacher Miss Yang. --_____________________ A. How are you ? B. Nice to meet you. C. Fine, thank you. D. Oh, good. 15. _________ is my pencil box?

A.Where B. What C. When 16. This is my _________ , and those are my _________ .

A. sister;brother B. sister;brothers C. sisters;brothers

17. This is ____ ruler, and that is ______ ID card. A.an;an B. a, an C. an,a 18. ________, Amy. Is this your schoolbag ? A .Sorry B. I’m sorry C. Excuse me 19.---Is Jack your brother? ---_________. A.Yes, he is B.No, he is C. Yes, he isn’t 20.---Your pen is very nice. ---_________. A. OK B. No, it isn’t C. Thank you 21.This is ____ book, and that is ______ . A. my ; yours B. my ; your C.mine;yours 22.You can find your ID card _____the lost and found case. A.at B、in

C、on D、for

23. Is that Mary Green ? No , it’s Gina Millers . Her ____name is Gina .

A、 one B、 first C、 last D、 family 24. The teacher’s name is John Brown . His students call him ________ .

A、Mr. Brown B、Mr. John C、Mr. Herry D. John Brown

25.Hi!This is _____new teacher._____name is Linda.

A.your;My B.his;Your C.your;Her D.her;His 26. There are many pictures ____ the wall . A、 from B、 on C、 about D、 in 27. Where are the books ? _____ on the desk A、It is B、They are C、There are D、 There is 28.-- ______do you spell ruler? --R-U-L-E-R, ruler.

A. What B. How C. What’s D. Who

29. Is that your _______?

A. a ruler B. pencil C. keys D. books 30. ____ name is Kate._______ is a teacher. A. Her, She B. He’s, He C.His, She D. He, His

31. –Where ___my pens? – ___on the table. A. is, It’s B. is, Its C.are, They’re D. are, It’s

32. The computer is in my _________ room. A. uncle B. sister’ C. brother’s D. cousin 33. –Are you Jim? –____________.I’m Bob. A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I’m.

C. No, he is. D. No, I’m not.

34. –______ your father? –No, he is my uncle.

A.Who’s B. Is he C. What's D. Is she


Look __1__ this photo ! This man __2__Mr. Green. __3_ is Jim’s father. __4_ woman is Mrs. Green. __5__ is Jim’s mother. Who __6__ this boy and __7__ girl ? The boy is Jim, Mr.Green’s __8__. The __9__ is Kate, Mr Green’s _10__. Jim and Kate are brother and sister.

1. A. in B. for C. at D. of 2. A. is B. am C. are D. be 3. A. She B. Her C. He D. His 4. A. A B. An C. These D. The 5. A. She B. He C. His D. Her 6. A. is B. am C. are D. love 7. A. a B. these C. this D. an 8. A. father B. brother C. son D. friend 9. A. girl B. boy C. boys D. girls 10. A. Siste B. friend C. mother D. daughter

三、 完形填空

My name is Jake Hill. My Chinese

teacher from Shanghai. He a son and a daughter. twins(双胞胎). The son is Yang Chen. The is Yang Xi. Mr. Yang and his son in a hospital. Mr Yang’s daughter is in England. She is a college(大学)student.Yang Chen and I the same college. He likes scoccer ball.We are classmates and we are good I teach him English and he teaches me ( )31.A.His B.Him C.He ( )32.A.two B.three C.four ( )33.A.Them B.Their C.They ( )34.A.wife B.son C.daughter ( )35.A.is B.am C.are ( )36.A.teacher B.writer C.doctor ( )37.A.go to B.goes to C.to ( )38.A.playing B.plays C.play ( )39.A.friend B.friends C.student ( )40.A.English B.Chinese C.China 四、完形填空

Hello! I’m Zhang Heping.Zhang is my name.Heping is my .1’m a .I’m. is Paul.I’mOne,Grade Seven.Oh.I in my classroom.It’s .Now it is in the lost found case.658-6535. 41A.first B.family C.one D.middle 42.A.1ast B.two C.first D.too 43.A.Chinese B.English C.America D.China

44.A.3 8.25 C.60 D.1l

45.A.name B.color C.phone D.book 46.A.on B.at C.for D.in 47.A.the B.an C.a

48.A.white B.fine C.your D.my 49.A.but B.am C.and D.of 50.A.meet B.call C.spell D.look

五、 阅读理解

(A).判断对错 对的写 T , 错的写 F。 Hi, my name’s Kate. Look, what’s this in English ? It’s a ruler, and it’s my ruler. What color is it ? It’s yellow. Oh, what’s that in English ? It’s a baseball. It’s not my baseball. It’s Victor’s baseball. Victor is my brother. Is this Victor’s watch ? No, it’s my father’s. His name is Tim. He is a teacher. 1. Victor is Kate’s brother. ( ) 2. Kate has a watch.( ) 3. The baseball is Victor’s.( ) 4. Kay’s ruler is red.( )

5.Kay’s father is a teacher.( )

(B) Look! What’s this in English, do you know ? Ah, it’s a photo. Who’s that in the photo ? It’s Li Yan. Li Yan is my good friend, she is a nice girl . Who’s that, the boy in black ? It’s Jim. He’s an English boy. He is very cool. He is my friend, too. We are all in the same school. I like Jim and Li Yan. 1. What is this ? It’s ____________.

A. a friend B. a school C. a photo D. an English friend 2. Li Yan is _________.

A. a good boy B. a nice boy C. a nice girl D. an English girl 3. What color is Jim in ? _______

A. Red B.Yellow C. Orange D. Black 4. Who’s English ?

A. I B. Jim C. Li Yan D. Jim and Li Yan 5. Who are in the same school ?

A. Jim and Li Yan B. Jim and I C. Li Yan and I D. Jim, Li Yan and I

(C) What’s this? It’s Letter P. It’s green. What’s this and what color is it? This is Letter E. It’s yellow. What’s this letter ? It’s Letter N. It’s red. P—E—N. Is it ―pen’’? Yes, it is. I have a blue pen in my pencil case. My pencil case is orange. This is my book. It’s my Chinese book. It’s in my bag, and my bag is black. Look, the bag is in the brown desk. The chair is yellow. It’s my chair. It’s nice. I like it.

1.Which letter is red ?

A. P B. E C. N. D. C 2.What color is Letter P?

A. Green B. Yellow C. Red D. Blue 3.What’s in the pencil case ?

A. An orange case B. A blue pen C. A black bag D. A yellow chair

4.My Chinese book is ____________.

A. in my bag B. in my desk C. on my chair D. Sorry, I don’t know.

5. ____ is black ? A. My pen B. My desk C. My bag D. My pencil case (D)阅读短文,选择正确的答案

I’m Dale. I’m a green and yellow pencil case. What’s this? Oh, it’s Helen, a pen. And that’s Frank, a ruler. Helen is black and Frank is blue. What’s this in English? It’s a jacket, a white jacket. Its name is Alice. What color is the key? Oh, it’s black. 71. Dale is a ______.

A. pen B. pencil case C. ruler 72. The pencil case is ______.

A. green and yellow B. yellow C. green 73. The ruler is____ and the jacket is ____. A. white; blue B. black; white C. blue; white 74. The ____ and the ______ are black. A. pen; jacket B. key; pen C. jacket; key 75. The jacket is ______.

A. Frank B. Alice C. Helen (E)阅读短文,选择正确的答案

76. ______lost his school ID card.

A. John B. Robert C. Mary D. Steve 77. If you lost your dictionary, you will call John at ______

A. 597-4393 B. 235-0285 C. 685-6034 D. 597-0285

78. You can find a ______in the lost and found


A. dictionary B. computer game C. gold ring D. school ID card 79. 235-0285 is ______ telephone number. A. John’s B. Francisco’s C. Mary’s D. Steve’s

80. ―Lost and found‖ means _____ in Chinese. A. 失物 B. 拾物 C. 失物招领 D. 拾金



A:My name’? B:My name’A: Nice to meet you, too! Are you a student in this school?

A: What’s her name?


A: I know Emma. She is my classmate.

B: Great! Can you take this schoolbag to Emma? A: OK.

. A: You’re welcome.


81.This is Cindy Miller. Her f________ Name is Miller .

82.May I please look at your ID c_______? 83.―What’s your t_________ number?‖ ―It’s 564—1423.‖

84. The shoes are u_______ the bed. 85.My mother's sister is my a_______. 86. Are _________ (this) her teachers?

87. There are three people in ______ (she)

family. 八、情景作文


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