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Unit5 Section B reading八年级上册第五单元阅读课件

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Unit 5
Do you want to watch a game show?

Section B ( 2a-2b) Reading

? cartoons

Teaching aims(教学目标)
1.To use the new words(生词) ? culture famous appear become ? rich successful might main reason ? film unlucky lose ready ? be ready to do sth character simple 2. To use phrases:(短语) ? more than, think of, try to do sth, ? come out be ready to do sth, a pair of ears 3.Reading practice and improve the students’ ? reading ability.(通过阅读提高学生的阅读能力)

2a Discuss the following questions with
a partner.(同伴)
1. Do you like to watch cartoons?

2. What is your favorite cartoon?
3. Why do you like it?

Let’s watch the screen!
? 1.Who are they? ? 2.Do you know what the Mickey Mouse are like?(长相如何) ? 3.Do you know who made(创作) the Mickey Mouse?

complete the time line on the chart.
Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Frame.

2a Read the passage aloud and

Walt Disney made 87 cartons with Mickey.

November 18, 1928

Read again and give these sentences T or F
1.A famous symbol is a cartoon in America.( T ) 2. Mickey Mouse has two large round ears.( T ) 3.More than 80 years ago, Mickey Mouse first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat Willie.( F) 4.The man behind was Minnie.( F ) 5. Steamboat Willie was the first cartoon with sound and music.( T ) 6.Walt Disney made 78 cartoons with Mickey.( T ) 7.In the early films, Mickey Mouse was very lucky.( F ) 8.Today’s cartoons are usually as simple as little Mickey Mouse .( F ) 9.Mickey Mouse has a very famous pair of ears.( T)

language points(知识要点)
1.think of 想起,想到2.over=more than 超出, 多于 3.come out 出版,发表4.become+adj变得,变 成 5.one of+名词复数 …中之一 6.be like像…一样 7.in the 1930s 在20世纪30年代 8.such as=for example 例如 9.be ready to do sth愿意(准备)做某事 10.try/do one’s best to do sth=try to do sth 尽力做某事

language points(知识要点)
11.go to sw to do sth 去某地做某事 12.most of them他们中大部分 13.all of them 他们中所有 14.both of them他们中两个 15.cartoon character卡通人物 16.as+adj/adv原级+as 与…一样 17.not as/so + as+adj/adv原级as与…不一样 18.a pair of ears一双/一对耳朵

Let’s practic Choose the best answers: e 1.____do they____“Animal Word ”?

I can do !

A. What ,think of C. What ,like

B. How ,like C. How ,think

2. The food there is awful , she ____ it . A. liked B. like C. can’t stand D. couldn ’t stand. 3. What____she think___the film ? A. does ,of B. do ,of C. does ,about D. do ,about

Let’s 4. John___Talk show . He___Sports World . practice

A. don’t mind ,likes B. loves, don’t C. can’t stand , love D. doesn’t mind , likes 5. ----What kind of TV shows do you like? -----. A. Sunglasses B. Hot dogs C. Soap operas D. Story books 6.I hope ____a TV reporter

one day. A. is B . to be C. be D. to is 7.I think game shows is_____ than comedies. A. educational B. most educational C. more educational D. educationaler

What do we learn today?
1.超出,多于 more than 2.认为,想到 think of 3.出版,发表 come out 4.例如such as
5.愿意(准备)做某事 be ready to do sth


most of 7.尽力做某事 try to do sth

8.卡通人物 cartoon character
9.一双/一对耳朵 10.与…一样简单

a pair of ears
as simple as

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