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初一英语 unit 9-12

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Unit 9 What does he look like? (Section A ) 学习目标:

1. 学习描述人外貌的词汇;curly, straight, Short, long, tall ,medium, height thin ,heavy, build , brown, hair, be of medium height, be of medium build, a little.

2. 学会描述人的外貌:

--What does he/she look like?

-- He/She is…, and he/she has….


Step 1. 预习检测

一 Words

1. 卷曲的 2.直的 3. 高的 4 中等的 5..身高,高度 6.瘦的 重的 8.身材二 Phrases

1. 中等身高 2.中等身材 Step 2. 自主学习

1. 完成1a部分的配对题,听录音完成1b,学生试画。编对话完成1c。

2. 听录音完成2a,2b;小组活动完成2c。

Step 3合作交流

Group work: 总结归纳本课学的描述人外貌的词汇。



_______________________________________________________ 快乐链接:


short 矮 tall 高

thin 瘦 overweight胖

slim 苗条 plump 丰满

tubby 矮胖 muscular 强壮

skinny太瘦了 medium height 不胖不瘦

Step 4 当堂训练


1. 长发___________________ 2. 短发_____________________

3. 直发___________________ 4. 卷发_____________________

5. 高的___________________ 6. 矮的_____________________

7. 重的___________________ 8. 瘦的

9. 中等个子 10. 中等身材____


1.Sun Dong is very __________ (瘦的).

2. He‘s of _________ (中等的) build.

3. He is short and has __________ (卷的) hair.

4. Mary‘s hair is long and __________ (直的).

5. –What is the __________ (高度) of the tree?

-- About three meters.


( ) 1. She is of ______ medium height and she has ______ long hair.

A. a; a B. a; / C. /; /

( ) 2. -- ______ is your favorite teacher like?

--She is very friendly.

A. How B. What C. Who

( ) 3. He is short, but he looks _______ thin.

A. a little B. a little of C. a lot of


A: Hello, Tom. 1. _____________________________________?

B: Yes. We ?re meeting at six, right?

A: Yeah. 2. __________________________. My friend Bob is going, too. Just meet him in front of the cinema first.

B: Oh, but I don‘t know him. 3. __________________________?

A: Well, he has brown hair and wears glasses.

B: OK. 4. ______________________________?

A: He isn‘t tall or short. He‘s of medium height.

B: OK, sure. 5. __________________________.


书写等级 质量等级 批改日期

Unit 9 What does he look like?(Grammar focus)

主备人:冯峰 审核人:林苑 时间: 月 日


1. 总结归纳Section A 部分知识重点;

2. 学会运用Section A部分所学的知识。


Step 1 预习交流

1.根据Grammar focus 归纳Section A部分知识重点;

2. 自学课文,试看完成3a、3b、3c、3d的练习。

Step 2 温故检测


1. 男演员 2. 女演员 3. 英俊的

4. 漂亮的 5. 某人 6. 人们 Step 3 合作交流

Group work:总结归纳 Section A 部分知识重点



Step 4 自主检测


1. 他长的什么样子?


2. 她长的什么样子?


3. 他们长的什么样子? 他们中等身材。

4. 他们长着直发还是卷发? 他们长着卷发。

5. 他个头是高还是矮?



1. Tom is tall, but his brother is s .

2. Alice is of (中等的)height.

3. The box is very h . The boy can‘t carry it.

4. I‘m free tonight. Let‘s go to the(电影院) 5.Liu Xiang looks( 英俊的) and I like him.


1. What ______ your father ________ like?( )

A. do; look B. do; looks C. does; look D. does; looks

2.He is not very tall, and he is not very short. He is _______.( )

A. heavy B. of medium build C. of medium height D. small

3.Your sister ________ shy.( )

A. looks a little B. like a little C. look a little D. look like

4.She is _______ quiet.( )

A .little bit B.bit little C. a little D. a bit little

5.The garden looks _________.( )

A. well B. young C. beautiful D. nicely

6.Look ________ the girl. She looks ______ her sister.( )

A. at; at B. like; like C. at; like D. like; at

7.I don‘t like _______.( )

A. late

B. be late C. to late D. to be late

8.My uncle _______ tall and he _______ a medium build.( )

A. has; is B. is; has C. is; is D. has; has

9. Jim has _________ curly hair.( )

A. a B. an C. the D./

10.---What does Michael look like?( )

----He has big eyes and ______ wide mouth.

A. a B. an C. the D./


1. He‘s tall. (改为否定句)

He _______tall.

2. She is not too heavy or too light.(改为同义句)

She is _______ _______ _________.

3. Tom is of medium height. (对划线部分提问)

_______ does Tom ________ ________?

4. She wears a blue sweater today. (改为一般疑问句)

_______ she ________ a blue sweater today?

5. Does she have short curly hair? (做否定回答)

______ , she _______.

6. She wears a white uniform. (改为否定句)

She _____ ______ a white uniform.


9. 女演员

10. 人

Step 2 自主学习





Step 3合作交流


2.询问某人外貌的短语: __________________________________________


Step 4 当堂训练


1.黑发 ______________________ 2.金发 _____________________

3.大鼻子_____________________ 4.小嘴巴 ___________________

5.长脸 ______________________ 6.圆脸 _____________________

7.大眼睛 ______________ _____ 8.戴眼镜____________________

9.男演员 ___________________ 10. 女演员 _________________

11. 英俊的 ___________________ 12. 漂亮的 _________________


( ) 1. He is my favorite singer. He

comes from Taiwan, China. He has small eyes and short black hair.

( ) 2. She is a pretty girl. She has big eyes and long straight black hair. She is very

popular in China now.

( ) 3. She is heavy and has short hair. She always wears glasses. She sings well.

Many people like her and her songs.


( )1. She always ______ a red shirt .

A put on B puts on C wears

( )2.Who‘s that boy ___ sunglasses?

A has B wear C with

( )3. I ____ you ____ right .

A . think , aren‘t B not think , are C don‘t think , are

( )4. Nobody ____ this little girl .

A . know B. knows C. is know

( )5. I think I know _____ A he B she C her


I‘m Tom. My best friends are John and Ann. We do many things together. John lives near my house and we are in the same class. He‘s fifteen years old and he‘s tall and slim. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He‘s polite and very clever. He‘s very good at math and he sometimes helps me with my homework. He usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. We also play basketball at a nearby(附近的) park together and sometimes we play video games at my house after school.

Our friend Ann isn‘t in our school. She‘s short and slim with straight brown hair and brown eyes. She‘s a little bit shy. We all have kung fu lesson every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Ann is really good at kung fu. We call her the ―kung fu kid‖. She sometimes plays basketball with us, too. She often wears a dress, a T-shirt and a baseball cap. The three of us have great fun together.

( ) 1. Who is good at math? A. Tom B. Ann C. John

( ) 2. Where do Tom and John play video games?

A. At John‘s house B. At Tom‘s house C. At Ann‘s house

( ) 3. What do the three children do together?

A. Play baseball B. Play basketball C. Play video games

( ) 4. What clothes do John and Ann like to wear?

Unit 10 I’d like some noodles. ( Section A )

主备人:常晓霞 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日




3.句型:(1)I‘d like a large bowl of noodles.

(2)I‘d like meat and tomato noodles.

(3)—What kind of noodles would you like?

—I‘d like beef noodles, please.



一大碗面条______________ 一小碗米饭________________

一中碗粥_________________ 多大尺寸___________________

番茄鸡蛋面_______________ 鸡肉白菜面________________

羊肉土豆面_______________ 萝卜牛肉面________________

想要,愿意_______________ 一些饮料__________________






—What kind of noodles would you like?

—I‘d like beef noodles, please.


2. would like 的用法:

would like(表示意愿)愿意,喜欢,相当于______,但没有人称和数的变化,常见的短语有would like sth.______________,would like to do

sth._________________,would like sb. to do sth._______________.



1.This is a bowl of____________(面条) on the table.

2.There are two _______(土豆) in the basket.

3.How much is the _______(羊肉)?

4.The _____(牛肉) is on sale.


( )1. It‘s 11 o‘clock. Please ________ our lunch.

A. ordering B. order C. to order

( )2. -What kind of noodles would you like? - I'd like ______, please.

A. beefs and tomatoes noodles

B. beef and tomato noodles

C. beef and tomato noodle

( )3. Some tomatoes _____in the bag. Some beef______ on the table.

A, is; is B, are; are C, are; is D, is; are

( )4.I often eat some _______ and _______ on Sunday evenings.

A. tomatoes; fish B. tomato; fish C. tomatoes; fishes

( )5.— Would you like something to eat?

—_______. I‘m not hungry.

A. Yes, I‘d like to B. Yes, I‘d love to

C. No, thanks

( )6. —Do you want a big watermelon(西瓜) or a _______ one?

—A big one, please.

A. thin B. small C. heavy

( )7. He is too hungry and he wants two _______.

A. bowl of noodles B. bowls of noodles

C. bowls of noodle

( )8. —What _______ coat would you like? —A medium one.

A. size B. kind C. color

( )9. —Let‘s do something at the party. What about ___?

—No, I‘d like ___.

A. to sing; to dance B. to sing; dancing

C. singing; to dance

书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 10 I’d like some noodles. (Grammar Focus)

主备人:常晓霞 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日







potato, tomato, beef, juice, mutton, egg, onion, milk, apple , tea, strawberry,



_______________________________________________________ 不可数名词



粥_______ 面条_____ 饺子______ 汤____ 果汁______ 洋葱_______

两碗米饭___________ 三杯橘子汁_____________

五杯绿茶_____________ 一些鸡肉_____________





1. I‘d like some _______(饺子). What would you like?

2. Would you like some _____________(绿茶).

3. I usually have ___________(粥) for breakfast.

4. He‘d like some _______(米饭)and ______(鱼).


1.There ____(be) some beef and eggs in the noodles.

2. Bob _______( want) a small bowl.

3. Alice _____(would) like beef noodles.

4. I‘d like a large bowl of ________(noodle).

5. Would you like some juice _____________(drink)?

6. She _______(have) an egg, a small bowl of _________(chicken) noodles and two _________ (apple)every day.

7. I like ___________(listen) to the pop music and ___________(watch) TV.

8. They would like _________(see) the __________(animal) in the zoo.

9. Let them ____________(help) us with English.

10. I and Jack ____________(do) homework in the classroom now.

11. There __________(be) some _________(beef )and __________(egg) in the noodles.

12. There_________(be) some onions and ______________(mutton) in the bowl.

13. I would like you __________(come) to my house.

14. Look, they __________(buy) fruit and vegetables in the market.

15. I would like something _____________(eat)


本节课,你学会了哪些句型呢?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 10 I’d like some noodles. ( Section B)

主备人:常晓霞 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日 学习目标:






-Do you like bananas ?

-Yes,I do.I like /No, I don‘t. I donStep2.自学指导:


around the world______________ come true_______________ the number of...______________ in one go_______________ 许愿__________________________ 吹灭____________________ 受欢迎________________________ 切碎____________________ 给......带来好运________________






1) 表示选择,意为―或‖―还是‖:

Would you prefer tea or coffee? 你喜欢茶还是咖啡?

2) 表示一种否定的条件,意为―否则‖:

Come on, or we‘ll be late. 快点,否则我们要迟到了。

3) 用于否定句中代替and。

He was not clever or good-looking. 他不聪明,也长得不好看。 比较:

They sing and dance. ( 肯定句) 他们既唱歌又跳舞。

They don't sing or dance.(否定句) 他们既没有唱歌也没有跳舞。

2.order 的用法:

1)作名词,意为―顺序,次序‖。词组:in order 按顺序

The names are in alphabetical order. 名字按字母顺序排列。

2)作名词,意为―命令‖。 This is an order. 这是命令。


I want to order some food ,please. 我想点一些食物。


词组:order sb. to do sth. 意为―命令某人做某事‖

The doctor ordered him to stay there.医生嘱咐他留在那里。

3. Anything else ? 是Would you like anything else ?的省略形式。 你还要点其它的什么吗?

else 是副词,意为―其它的‖,―另外的‖,用在疑问词、不定代词之后。 如:1)我要带你去别处。


3) 屋子里还有谁?


( )1.- What _____ pizza(比萨饼) would you like ?

-I‘d like a medium pizza , please!

A. size B. kind C. cheese

( )2. There are seven people in his family . Mr Wang would like a _____ pizza.

A. large B. small C. medium

( )3.-__________? - I‘d like some onion.

A.Can I help you B. How do you spell onion

C. What‘s your like

( )4.- What size pizza ______ he like?

-He‘d like a small one.

A.is B. does C. would

( )5.- Would you like some ice cream? -Yes,_________

A.please B.I would C. I‘d like

( )6.Jim doesn‘t buy apples, beef _____ broccoli.

A. and B. or C. also

( )7.He ______ some green tea.

A. would likes B.woulds like C. wants

( )8.I often eat some _____ and _____ on Saturday evening.

A. tomato, fish B. tomatoes, fish

C. tomatoes, fishes

( )9.-Would you like ______? -Yes, please.

A. any drink B some drinks C.any drinks

( )10.--What size would you like, small or large?

--Neither. I would like a ______ one.

A. small B. large C. medium

书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 10 I’d like some noodles. (Self check)

主备人:常晓霞 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日


1. 掌握可数名词和不可数名词。

2. 掌握点菜句型。



1.橘子汁 2. 绿茶 3. black tea

4.饺子5. 稀饭,粥 6. 米饭

7. 汤 8.洋葱 9. 饺子店

10. 点些食物 Step2.合作交流:

Write a conversation with the help of the clues.

In a restaurant:

Waiter: Ask for the order

Customer: Ask about what is in the food

Customer: Thank the waiter

Waiter: Ask for the size of the order









1. I‘d like some beef.(改为一般疑问句)

_________ _________ _________ _________ beef?

2. Those boys want four large bowls of rice.(改为同义句)

Those boys _________ _________ four large bowls of rice.


_________ _________ of noodles would Mary like? (对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ Taotao like for breakfast?

5. She‘d like a (对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ bag of apples would she like?


1. I would like you ________ (come) to my house.

2. Would you like some juice ________(drink)?

3. There are some ______________ (tomato) and ________ (porridge)

on the table.

4. There ________ (be) some beef and eggs in the noodles. 5. What about ____________ (swim) in the pool?


条) are

( )1 A. country B. countries C. city

( )2 A. Who B. When C. What

( )3 A. would like B. like C. likes

( )4 A. potato B. potatoes C. potatos

( )5 A. cheap B. large C. popular

( )6 A. cooking B. cook C. cooks

( )7 A. restaurant B. library C. supermarket ( )8 A. in B. on C. under

( )9 A. get B. bring C. take

( )10 A. and B. also C. too

书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 11 How was your school trip (Section A ) 主备人:李萍 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日




--Did you …? – Yes, I did. / No, I didn‘t.



时态大考验 (写出下列动词的过去式)

1. am____________ 2.is_______________ 3. are_______________

4. do ____________ 6. see ______________

7. feed ___________ 8. ride ____________ 9. say_______________

10. talk __________ 11.take_____________ 12. have______________ 认真观察1a的图画,将单词与图中物品搭配,小组讨论并核对答 听录音,完成1b,


Group work: 分析总结一般过去时的肯定句、否定句和一般疑问句,并练习造句。

Notes:_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________



1. school trip_________________ 2. 散步______________________

4. 骑马_____________________ 5. 喂鸡______________________

3. milk a cow ________________ 6. 照相______________________

7.与农夫交谈________________ 8. quite a lot __________________ 听录音,完成2a 2b,


How was Eric’s trip?________________________________

What did Eric do last week?____________________________

7. 当堂训练


( ) 1. --__________.

-- It was pretty good.

A. How did you do it? B. How was your trip? C. What did you do?

( ) 2. ________ you ________ to Lucy‘s birthday party yesterday?

A. Do, go B. Does, go C. Did, go

( ) 3. Cathy and Ruth ________ the classroom every day.

A. clean B .cleans C. cleaned

( ) 4. --________ you at home last night?

-- Yes. But my brother _________ not at home.

A. Were, was B. Were, is C. Are, was

( )5. ____ Emily at her aunt's last night?

A. Is B. Was C. Did


1. Lucy did her homework at home.(改为否定句)

Lucy _____ _____her homework at home.

2. His father worked all day last Monday.(改为一般疑问句)

______his father ________ all day last Monday?

3. I was very busy last week.(为一般疑问句)

_________ you very busy last week?

4. There was some orange in the cup.(变一般疑问句)

_____ there _____ orange in the cup?

【快乐链接】 一般过去时顺口溜

动词一般过去时,表示过去发生的事; be用was或用were,have,has变had;

谓语动词过去式,过去时间作标志; 一般动词加-ed,若是特殊得硬记。 否定句很简单,主语之后didn’t添; 疑问句也不难,did放在主语前; 如果谓语之前有did,谓语动词需还原;动词若是was,were,否定就把not添。


通过本节课的学习,我最大的收获是 . 感到自己有待加强的___________________________________________. 书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________ Unit 11 How was your school trip (Grammar Focus) 主备人:李萍 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日


2. 运用一般过去时来谈论自己的学校旅行日记



学习任务一: 熟练掌握本节课的词汇.


时态大考验 (写出下列动词的过去式)

1. visit____________ 2.climb_______________ 3. pick_______________

4. grow ___________ 6. ask _______________

7. study ___________ 8.learn ______________ 9. can_______________

10. buy ___________ 11.teach______________ 12. eat_______________


一.Group work: 分析总结如何写出自己的学校旅行日记。

Notes:________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

英语日记的写作格式 :日记的第一行,要写年、月、日与星期,然后要写明当天的气候状况,如果是游记,还要写明地点。日记正文可以是叙事、描述、说明、议论等各种形式。其实,由于日记是非常随便的,因此常与上述文体结合在一起使用。日记内容取自生活,可长可短,有时无事可记,一两句也可以。




1. How ______ your last day off? (be)

2. He usually takes the bus to school, but today he _____________(walk) to school.

3. ________ you ________(see) any sharks in the aquarium yesterday?

4. There ________________ (be) a dolphin show in the aquarium yesterday.

5. On Sundays, we often go (shop) with our parents.

6. Last Sunday, we (climb) Mount Tai.

7. He (put) on his coat and went out quickly.

8. The kids had a lot of fun

(play) football.

3. Jim ___________ last night, because he had an English speech contest this morning.

4. Grandpa often ___________ with his friends in the afternoon.

5. Yesterday I ____________ with my mother at the mall.



记忆的根本在于背诵, 记忆的基础在于理解;

记忆的窍门在于重复, 记忆的措施在于整理;

记忆的助手在于联想, 记忆的动力在于应用。


通过本节课的学习,我最大的收获是 . 感到自己有待加强的___________________________________________.

书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 11 How was your school trip (Section B ) 主备人:李萍 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日

学习目标:1.了解一些关于旅行中的一些户外活动,如 climb a mountain...。

2. 运用形容词来评价自己的旅行



学习任务一: 将1a的图片与短语相匹配.

学习任务二: 默写下列短语

去动物园________________ 爬山________________

参观博物馆________________ 参观消防站________________ 骑马________________ 去钓鱼________________

学习任务三:听录音,完成1b 1c


Group work: 总结归纳形容词(形容好的事情或坏的),小组练习造句。 Describe good things Describe bad things

___________________ ___________________

___________________ ___________________

Key points: (2b)


I think ... is interesting. The things in shop are.... ... I like the trip very much 尝试根据线索复述课文。


( )1. My mother ___________ some cakes for us last night.

A.makes B.maked C.made ( )2. — Did they take any photos? —____________.

A.No,they didn't B.No,they did C.No,they aren't

( )3. We bought ____gifts in Beijing.

A. lots of B. lot of C. much D. a little

( )4. After two hours‘ work, I felt _____tired.

A. kinds of B. kind of

C. a kind of D. a kind

( )5. We had great fun _____our bicycles to the beach last Sunday.

A. to ride B. riding C. ride D. rode

( )6. -- How was your school trip?


A. It‘s good. B. They are boring

C. It was great. D. It was far away.

( )7. I‘m sorry you didn‘t have fun ___ your day off.

A. at B. of C. on D. in

【快乐链接】 一般过去时顺口溜

动词一般过去时,表示过去发生的事; be用was或用were,have,has变had;

谓语动词过去式,过去时间作标志; 一般动词加-ed,若是特殊得硬记。 否定句很简单,主语之后didn’t添; 疑问句也不难,did放在主语前; 如果谓语之前有did,谓语动词需还原;动词若是was,were,否定就把not添。


通过本节课的学习,我最大的收获是 . 感到自己有待加强的___________________________________________.

书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 11 How was your school trip ( Self Check ) 主备人:李萍 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日

学习目标:1.学习看图写小短文(school trip)

2. 运用过去时来描述及评价学习旅行




1. go for a walk 2.milk a cow 3.visitor

4. feed chickens 5.take photos 6.learn about

7.quite a lot 8.in the countryside 9.go fishing

10.luckily 11.at night 12 come out 13 go on a school trip 14. buy sth for sb 15.all in all

16.be interested in…

17.take photos/pictures (of )照相 18.have a good/great/wonderful/time玩得高兴

19. have fun doing sth喜欢做…

20. none of them他们中没有人…


1. --Did Tina buy a car ?

--Yes, she did./ No, she didn‘t.

2. --Were there any cows?

-- Yes, there were./No, there weren‘t.

3. --How was your school trip?

--It was great.

4. -- I visited the science museum.

–That sounds interesting.



动词短语:_____________________________________________________ 形容词:________________________________________________________ 一般过去时的用法:_______________________________________________

F. 当堂训练


( )1.--Who cleaned the blackboard yesterday, Dick?

-- John_________.

A. cleaned B. does C. did D. is

( )2.--______there any seals in the zoo last year?

--No, there _____, but there ____some now.

A. Are, aren‘t, are B. Were, wasn‘t, are

C. Were, weren‘t, is D. Were, weren‘t, are

( )3.--When did Kate buy the books?


A. For two weeks B. Two weeks before

C. In two weeks D. Two weeks ago

( )4. Tony often helps his parents _________ the garden after school.

A. watches B. clean C. tidying D. to see

( )5. Peter _____a famous actor this morning, but he didn‘t _______his autograph.

A. meets ; gets B .met ; got

C. met ; get D. meet ; get

( )6 I felt tired ________happy after the hike.

A. but B. and C. also D. or.

( )7. Thank you for _______me.

A. writing B. write to C. write D. writing to


通过本节课的学习,我最大的收获是 . 感到自己有待加强的___________________________________________. 书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 12 What did you do last week? (Section A) 主备人:李萍 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日


-- What did you do last weekend?

-- Well, on Saturday morning, I played badminton.





1. 熬夜__________________ 2. 去海滩______________________

3. go boating________________ 4. 打羽毛球____________________

5. 去电影院 ________________ 6. camp by the lake_______________

7.备考 _____________________ 8. work as a guide_________________

9. How interesting! _____________10.living habit_________________


1. Learn the phrases in 1a.

2. Finish 1a, then check the answers. 3. Look at the conversation, and learn the drills:

-- What did you do last weekend?

-- Well, on Saturday morning, I played badminton.


Groupwork: 小组讨论尝一般过去时的用法,总结表过去的时间状语。 Notes:_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________



1. camp____________ 2.work_______________ 3. feed_______________

6. study ______________

7. tell ____________8. lose _______________ 9. hear_______________

10. run ____________ 11.shout______________ 12. answer_____________


( ) 1. -- Did you have a ___________ at school last week?

-- Yes, we did. I got an A.

A. test B. look C. walk

( ) 2. -- How long did Helen __________ in Changsha?

-- For a week.

A. sit B. stay C. feel

( ) 3. Lucy __________ go to the movies. She watched TV at home.

A. isn‘t B. didn‘t C. wasn‘t


通过本节课的学习,我最大的收获是 .


书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 12 What did you do last week? (Grammar Focus) 主备人:李萍 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日

教师寄语:If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.

想要懂得今天,就必须研究昨天。 学习目标:学会谈论上周末是如何度过的。

-- What did you do last weekend?

-- Well, on Saturday morning, I played badminton.

掌握五个重要疑问词:who, what , when, where and how



1.复习section A课文,总结出重点和疑惑。


A: Hi, Mike! 1. _______________

B: It was pretty good.

A: 2._________________

B: I went to the Summer Palace last weekend.

A: 3. ____________________

B: I went with my parents.

A: 4. ___________________

B: It was cloudy and cool.

A: 5.___________________

B: The people there were very friendly. We had so much fun.


学生交流3a 3b.合作编写一个新对话。你的上周末去哪儿?和谁去的?你们做什么了?周末过的如何?(围绕who where when what and how) A: How was your last week, Bob?

B: It was...


( )1.-I went to Hainan last week.

-It ________ fun.

A. sound B. look C. sounds

( ) 2.Last night, we _____ the cartoon called Mickey Mouse.

A. sees B. see C. saw

( ) 3.It‘s important for us ______English well.

A. learn B. to learn C. learnt

( ) 4.I‘m afraid ______ the dog.

A. to B. of C. at

( ) 5.Sally_______ her keys at home.

A. forget B. forgot C. left


通过本节课的学习,我最大的收获是 感到自己有待加强的___________________________________________.

Unit 12 What did you do last weekend? ( Section B) 主备人:常晓霞 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日 学习目标:






Did you do your homework yesterday?

What did you do last weekend?



play the guitar______________ go to the library_______________ study for a test_____________ fly a kite______________________

high school__________________ put up_________________________ 吃惊________________________ 对...大声喊叫__________________ 上上下下____________________ 把...弄醒______________________




1. 根据图片和文章标题,预测文章内容;

2. 根据所给问题,预测文章内容。



动词一般过去时,表示过去发生的事; be用was或用were,have,has变had; 谓语动词过去式,过去时间作标志; 一般动词加-ed,若是特殊得硬记。

否定句很简单,主语之后didn‘t添; 疑问句也不难,did放在主语前;

如果谓语之前有did,谓语动词需还原;动词若是was,were,否定就把not添。 Step4.当堂训练:

Tony’s Sunday

Tony got up at eight o‘clock and then had his breakfast. His mother cooked his

favorite food---chicken noodles for him. After breakfast, Tony began to do his

homework. He didn‘t have too much homework, because teachers wanted them to

have a good rest during weekends.

At thirty past nine, Tony read his favorite book Harry Potter. It was really a

great book. After that, he listened to Jay‘s songs. At eleven, he went to his friend

Mike‘s party at KFC. They were very happy because they ate their favorite food-


Lunch was over at about one thirty in the afternoon. Then they all went to see a

new movie.

This was Tony‘s Sunday. He really had a good time.

( ) 1. What food did Tony like best?

A. Milk and eggs. B. Egg noodles. C. Chicken noodles

( ) 2. When did Tony read his favorite book?

A. At 9:30 am. B. At 9:00 am. C. At 8:30 am.

( ) 3. Tony and all his friends all liked _______ best.

A. vegetables B. fruit C. hamburgers

( ) 4. What did Tony and his best friend do after lunch?

A. They went to KFC.

B. They listened to Jay‘s songs.

C. They watched a movie.

( ) 5. Which of the following is true?

A. Tony had too much homework.

B. Tony‘s favorite book is Harry Potter.

C. Tony went to Mike‘s party at 9:00.

书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

Unit 12 What did you do last weekend? (Self check)

主备人:常晓霞 审核人: 林苑 时间: 月 日


1. 继续复习一般过去时 。

2. 学习用一般过去时写作,提高写作能力。



3a. Look at the pictures and complete the passage.


完成Self Check.


一.阅读理解。 Love, sometimes we can’t see it!

This is an old story. One day, a man was not happy when his 7-year-old

daughter made a box with some paper. The family didn‘t have much money. So the father thought his daughter wasted(浪费)the paper. The next day, the little girl gave the box to her father and said,―Dad, today is your birthday. This box is for you.‖

The man was happy. But he was not happy again when he found there was nothing in the box. ―Why didn‘t you put anything for me in the box?‖ He asked his daughter. The little girl looked at him and cried, ―Dad, I put my love in the box. It‘s all for you!‖

The man felt sad and said sorry to his daughter. Sometimes, we can‘t see love with our eyes.

( ) 1. How old was the daughter?

A. Six years old. B. Seven years old. C. Eight years old.

( ) 2. What did the daughter do the next day?

A. She gave the box to her father.

B. She put some money in the box.

C. She gave some paper to her father.

( ) 3. Why was the father was not happy again when he opened the box?

A. Because he didn‘t like the box.

B. Because there was nothing in the box.

C. Because he thought his daughter wasted paper.

( ) 4. How did the father feel at last?

A. Happy. B. Sorry. C. Bored.

( ) 5. Which of the following is true?

A. The family had lots of money.

B. The daughter loved her father.

C. The father didn‘t like his daughter.


Write about what you did last weekend.

书写等级:_______ 质量等级:________ 批改日期:__________

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