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广东省中山市纪中雅居乐凯茵中学七年级英语上册 Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball(第二课时)学案

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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball(第二课时)学案


1. 语言目标:

(1)词汇:let’s=let us,interesting,fun,relaxing,boring,difficult,exciting…

(2)交际用语:Let’s do sth. That sounds…

Do you like…? What do you think of…?

2. 能力目标:


3. 重点难点:



1. 课堂导入:

(1) Do you like computer games ?

(2) What do you think of it ? Interesting or boring ? 2. List all the sports you know. Write what you think of them.

Sports Your opinion ______________________ ________________________

______________________ ________________________

______________________ ________________________ ______________________ ________________________ ______________________ ________________________

3. Listening practice. P.28

A: Hi, Paul! _________ play computer games!

B: __________________, Jenny, but I don’t have a computer. A: Well, Do you have a ___________ ?

B: Yes.

A: Then let’s play volleyball.

B: Oh, volleyball is so ____________.

A: OK, let’s watch TV.

B: That sounds _________. Hmm…Let’s play ________! Do you have a soccer ball?A: No, I don’t.

B: Oh.Well, do you have a __________ ? A: Yes, I do. Let’s ______ basketball ! B: ____________ !

4. 总结归纳语法知识。 P.27



( )1. ---Let’s do some cleaning.



A. Yes, t hat’s boring B. That’s a good idea C. No, thanks D. I don’t know

( )2.Let’s ____ the park.

A. goes to B. going to C. to go to D. go to

( )3.- --Let’s play tennis this afternoon.

---__________. I will take my tennis racket.

A. That sounds great B. No, I don’t like tennis

C. That’s all right D. Sorry, I don’t know ( ) 4.---The music sounds _____.

---Yes. I don’t like it at all.

A. boring B. interesting C. fun D. relaxing

( ) 5. My grandparents ____sports in the park every morning. A plays B play C plays the D play the

( ) 6. Our school has many ____ for students.

A. sport club B sports club C. sport clubs D. sports clubs

( ) 7. I don’t have any sports collection____ I often play sports.

A. and B. but C. so D. because

( ) 8. Here is _____basketball. Do you play________ basketball?

A. my; my B./:/ C. my;/ D. /; my

( ) 9. They ________ a nice picture.

A. has B. don’t have C. don’t has D. doesn’t have

( ) 10. Basketball is difficult, _____ it is interesting.

A. and B. but C. only D. has


1. I have a happy family.(改为否定句)______________________________________________________.

2. My father has four basketballs.(改为否定句)_________________________________________________.

3. He has breakfast at 7:00. (改为一般疑问句)_________________________________________________?

4. She has a ping-pong ball.(改为复数形式) __________ _______ some ping-pong ____________.

5. This is an orang schoolbag.(改为复数形式)_______________________________________________.


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