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Review15We're tyying to save the manatees.

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Review Unit15

We're trying to save the manatees

We’re trying to save the manatees!



2. 复习各种时态的基本结构

3. 了解并懂得如何保护环境

New Words

/'m?n?ti:/ n. 海牛manatee

/'f?:ri/ a. 毛皮的;似毛皮的;长有毛皮的furry/i'n?:m?s/ a. 巨大的,庞大的enormous/'pleiful/ a. 顽皮的;爱玩耍的playful/?'ɡresiv/ a. 侵略性的;挑衅的aggressive/grei/ a. 灰色的;苍白的gray/'sp?tid/ a. 有斑点的;有点子的spotted/,k?nɡ?'ru:/ n. 袋鼠kangaroo/,t?imp?n'zi:/ n. 黑猩猩chimpanzee/'t?i:t?/ n. 猎豹cheetah

/'m??ɡr?uv/ n. 红树林mangrove/sw?mp/ n. 沼泽;沼泽地swamp/'h?bit?t/ n. 栖息地;生长环境habitat/?'kw?tik/ a. 水生的;水栖的aquatic/fi:d/ n.动物的食物;饲料feed

/‘?nd?’w?:t?/ a. 在水下的;在水中的


/,ved?i'tei??n/ n. 植被;植物vegetation/wei/ vt. 称…的重量;称weigh

pound/paund/ n. 磅

/p?'lju:tid/ a. 被污染的polluted

/‘preznt pr?ugresiv/现在进行时present progressive/simpl/ 一般现在时present simple

infinitive/in'finitiv/ n. 原形动词;不定式

/'p?siv v?is/ 被动语态passive voice/'preznt p?:fikt/现在完成时present perfect/'sju:t?bl/ a. 合适的;适宜的suitable/'taini/ a. 极小的,微小的tiny/keid?/ n. 笼子cage

/dis'ɡ?stid/ a. 厌恶的;憎恶的disgusted/'edju:keit/ v. 教育;培养educate

care for照顾;关心;喜欢urge/?:d?/ v. 强烈要求;竭力主张expression/ik'spre??n/ n. 表达;表情recycle/,ri:'saikl/ vt. 回收;使再循环

/bilt/ v. 建造(build的过去式和过去分词built/st?f/n. 材料;原料stuff

/pul/ v. 拉;拖;拔pull

/ɡlu:/ n. 胶水;v.粘贴;粘合glue/ru:f/ n. 屋顶;顶roof

/dis'kɑ:d/ v. 丢弃;抛弃discard/tail/ n. 瓦片;瓷砖tile

fence/'fens/ n. 栅栏;围栏;篱笆can/k?n/ aux. 能,可以recently/recentli/ adv. 最近planet/'pl?nit/ n. 行星

/s?'sai?ti/ n. 社会;社团societypresident/'prezidnt/n.总统;总裁;会长

/,insp?‘rei??n/ n. 鼓舞人心的人;灵感

inspiration/spe?/ a. 空闲的;多余的spare/'m?d?l/ n. 模型model









Key phrases1 现在进行时2 一般现在时3 被动时态4 现在完成时5 关怀

6 斑点动物/狗7 在红树林沼泽地8 重100磅9 减肥present progressivepresent simplepassive voicespresent perfectcare forspotted animals/dogin the mangrove swampweigh 100 pounds

lose one’s weigh

10 被污染11 被污染的水12 对某人适合13 微小的细菌14 在笼子中

15. 在某人生命中

16. 活生生的教材be pollutedpolluted waterbe suitable for sbtiny germsin the cagein one’s lifeliving textbook

urge sb to do sth17 强烈要求某人做某事

18 循环使用纸/某物19 被胶粘

20 被丢弃的瓦片/孩子21 可乐/汽水罐头22 一听啤酒recycle sth/paperbe glueddiscarded tile/kidcola/soda can

a can of beer

23 帮助拯救我们星球的社团

the Help Save Our Planet

24 对某人是一个灵感be an inspiration to sb25 在某人空闲时间in one’s spare/free time26 模型玩具/飞机model plan/toy27 为慈善机构筹钱raise money for charity28 经商on businessbe proud of29 对…感到自豪in the pond30 在池塘中

31 过去常常有…There used to be…32 濒临灭绝be endangered33 濒临灭绝的动物endangered animals

39 在某人生命中40 停止做…停下来做…41 洗(某人的)头42 纸巾

沙滩毛巾in one’s lifestop doing…stop to do …wash one’s hairpaper towels/napkinsbeach towels

43 活生生的教材living textbook44 听说hear of

45 她是一个非常不寻常的女士She is a most/very unusual woman. 46 赢得一个奖项win an award47 用垃圾制造…make/build out of trash

Key points

1. 照顾好某人

take good care of sb=look after sb well=care for sb well

be built out of sth2. 由…改制/造

由…制成be made of/from对…感到自豪

be proud of=take pride in

34 通过法律做某事pass laws to do35 保护某物36 正如你所见protect sthas you can see37 水下生物aquatic feed38 保护某物protect sth

3. 许多a number of =a lot of =many

ten feet long4. 十英尺长

eight meters high八米高twenty meters wide20米宽

5. 反对做某事be against doing赞成做某事be for doing你赞成还是反对?

Are you for or against?

6.. be surprised to do 惊奇做sthbe surprised at 吃惊于…

to one’s surprise 使某人吃惊的是…

7.. in a hurry 匆匆忙忙hurry up=quickly=be quick快点

8.. be interested in

=take an interest in 对…感趣

interest sb 引起某人的兴趣/注意力

9. live close to 住得离……很近

close the door 关门

The door is closed. 门是关着的be closed to sb 与某人亲密come very close 来得紧迫

10. save electricity 省电save money 省钱

use up all of his savings 用光他的储蓄

15.be made in…

be made out of…(改制)be made into…

be made up of…由…组成be made of…

be made from…

16.pull down

pull back


17. in society 在社会上

18. raise money

raise your handraise many pigsrise

The sun rises in the east.She rose from her seat.

19. be duitable for …

20. 惊奇做sth


使某人吃惊的是…be surprised to dobe surprised atto one’s surprise

11. offer sb sth.

sth. to sb.

12. provide sth. for sb.

sb. with. sth.13. ruge sb. to do…

that sb. should do…14. He is the most careful student in the class.


She is a most/very unusual woman. 她是一个非常不寻常的女士

a most +adj. +n. (most=very)

Unit 15 ┃能力提升训练┃


( )1. He's never got a new bike,C

________ he?A.isB.isn't

C.has D.hasn't

( )2.___they ____ to school by bike?CA.Are; used to goB.Do; use to go

C.Used; to goD.Did; use to going

(Unit 15 )3.Most manatees are about10____long. B

A.foot B.feetC.foots D.feets( B)4.Great changes____in my hometownsince1980.A.havehappenedB.have taken place

C.have been happenedD.have been taken place( C)5.Are you for or____our plan for

the vacation?A.oppositeB.refuseC.against


( )6.You should _____the gas after you D

finish cooking dinner. A.close B.turn down

C.shut down D.turn off ( )7.It's kind ____you ____so..Afor; saying B.of;to say B

C.with;sayD.to;to say

( )8.He has___many friends that he doesn't C

feel__at all.Asuch;loneB.so; alone

C.so; lonely D.such; alone

( )9.Jim with his parents ____many places in C


A.visited B.are visited

C.has visited D.have visited

( )10.____you practice,____you will be at D

your Englishspeaking.

A.The more;the more B.More; better

C.Very much;the morD.The more;the better

Unit 15 ( )11.You________ to the meeting this afternoon if you haveD

something else to do.

A.needn't to come

B.don't need come

C.don't need coming

D.needn't come

( )12.My jacket has ________ color ________ yours, but mine is bigger A

than yours.

A.the same; as B.same; as

C.different; from D.the same; to


Unit 15 ( )13. At last, Lucy made the baby ________ and the baby began to A


A.stop crying B.to stop crying

C.stop to say D.to stop to cry

( )14. Mrs Green ________ to Lin Tao, “You ______ very goodD


A.say; speak B.talk; say

C.speak; talk D.said; speak

( )15. We can ________ hear the teacher.It is so noisy outside.B

A.almost B.hardly

C.nearly D.never


Unit 15 Ⅱ.完形填空

On January 18, 1993, the United Nations make March 22 as the water resources and water pollution.

Water is human's important resources, people cannot live without 英语·

Unit 15 ,and water is the resources which can be recycled, but polluted water can water pollution problem is more and more serious. In the past 100 years, from polluting is very necessary. It is not only a country's task but all human's thing.

We don't hope to see “The last drop of water in the world is people's tear.”


Unit 15 ( )1. A. now B.thenB

C.this year D.next year

( )2. A. air BD

C.food D

( )3. A. development BA

C.science D

( )4. A. change BC

C.produce D

( )5. A. grow BB

C.lead D.sound.water.progress.making money.keep.give out.cause.produce


Unit 15 ( )6. A . wastewater B.waterA

C.clean water D

( )7. A. dirty BB

C.river D

( )8. A . not be used up BD

C.be found D

( )9. A .the same as before BC

C.fewer and fewer D

( )10. A. got BB

C.thought D.trash.clean.lake.be produced.never be used again.more and more.better and better.lost.done


Unit 15 Ⅲ. [2010·天津]阅读理解

The panda is one of the animals most in danger. There are about 1,000 pandas living in nature reserves today. Zoos and

research centers look after about 160 pandas. Scientists are studying how they live and more baby pandas are born in the zoos.

Pandas live in the forests and mountains of Southwest China. They mainly live on bamboo, and each panda needs to eat a lot of bamboo every day. The area of bamboo is becoming smaller and smaller for many different reasons, so pandas have less and less land to live on. Pandas don't have many babies, and baby pandas often die. The situation is becoming very serious.


Unit 15 Our government is working hard to save pandas. There are more than 30 nature reserves to protect pandas but these are not enough .The government has made a new plan to help pandas. The nature reserves will be bigger and the bamboo will grow better. Then the pandas will have enough food to eat and enough places to live in. Pandas born in the zoos may go back to live in the nature reserves.

Most people love pandas. The panda is one of the best-known

animals in the world. It is the symbol for the World Wide Fund For Nature. The WWF works to protect all animals in danger, so the panda has

become the symbol of all animals in danger. There is still a long way to go to save the panda. Think of other animals in danger such as tigers,

whales, turtles and elephants—we need to save the panda, and we need to save them, too.


Unit 15 ( )1.There are about ________ pandas living in nature reservesD


A.30 B.160

C.300 D.1,000

( )2. Paragraph 2 is mainly about ________.A

A.why pandas are in danger

B.why baby pandas often die

C.how to protect all animals

D.how to plant more bamboo


Unit 15 ( )3. The government is trying ________ to help the pandas.C

A.to build more zoos

B.to send scientists

C.to make bigger nature reserves

D.to ask the WWF to work in China

( )4. ________ is the symbol for the World Wide Fund For Nature.B

A.The tiger B.The panda

C.The elephant D.The whale


Unit 15 Ⅳ.根据汉语意思完成句子


weighsThis fish is about 30cm long,and _________ about 4


2.汤姆从树上摔下来,腿伤了。他几乎不能动了。Tom fell off the tree and hurt his legs. He could



Unit 15 3.丹尼认为动物园为濒临灭绝的动物提供了干净、安全的地方住。Danny thinks that zoos _________clean and safe places ________ providefor

toliveendangered animals _______________in.


The tower ________________________ice. isbuiltoutof


This wine _______________________grapes. ismadefrom


Unit 15 Ⅴ.书面表达

现在学生进网吧上网(get on-line)成风,你班班主任在下周班会时,将谈论有关问题。假设你是班主任,请你根据表格中提供的内容用英语写一篇80词左右的讲话稿,要点必须齐全。讲话稿的开头已给出。









Unit 15 Boys and girls,

Good afternoon. Today Let's talk about getting on-line.

Many students like getting on-line very much. They can learn how to use the modern machine—computer. They can learn some more knowledge. It can make them clever to play different kinds of games.

But some students spent too much time in playing games. Some even make friends on line though they're young. They write too many letters to each other. It takes them too much time. So they do worse and worse in their lessons.

I think they mustn't get on-line when they are studying at school. They can do it in summer or winter holidays.


Unit 15 ┃易错点针对训练┃

( )1. The more you smile, the ________ you will feel.B

A. happyB. happier

C. happily D. more happily

[解析] 考查比较级的用法。“The+比较级,the+比较级”意为“越??,就越??”。feel为连系动词,可接形容词作表语,不能接副词。句意为:你笑的越多,你感觉越快乐。故选B。


Unit 15 ( )2. Funtawild Adventure is very popular and ________ tourists visit itA

year by year.

A. more and more B. fewer and fewer

C. less and less D. more or less

[解析] 考查形容词比较级。“比较级+and+比较级”结构意为“越来越??”;可排除D; tourists是可数名词,可排除C;根据句中的Funtawild Adventure is very popular可判断出A为正确答案。


Unit 15 ( )3. It's very nice ________ you to help me carry the heavy box. A

A. ofB. forC. toD. at

[解析] “be+形容词+of sb.+to do”是固定句型,of前的形容词多表示人的品质、性格等。



( )1. We should never________till tomorrow what we can do today.B

A. put on

C. give up B. put off D. give away

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。put on 意为“穿上”;put off 意为“推迟”;give up 意为“放弃”;give away 意为“捐赠”。由题意“我们不应该把今天能干的事情推迟到明天”可知选B。


阶段综合测试卷三( )2. C—Do you know ________?

—Next Sunday.

A. what they will do

B. where they will do

C. when they will come here

D. who they will meet

[解析] 考查宾语从句。由答语“Next Sunday.”可判断问句中的宾语从句的引导词应当是对时间进行提问的,排除A、B、D三个选项。故选C。


阶段综合测试卷三( )3. —Can you guess ________the new schoolbag yesterday? C

—Sorry, I've no idea.

A. how much did he pay for

B. how much he spent

C. how much he paid for

D. how much did he spend

[解析] 考查宾语从句。主句是一般现在时态的宾语从句,从句的时态根据实际情况确定,宾语从句的语序为陈述语序。由于后面存在名词,要用pay for或spend on的形式,故选C。


阶段综合测试卷三( )4. Franklin told them all________to be in Britain again.B

A. he was how happy

B. how happy he was

C. how was he happy

D. he was happy how

[解析] 考查宾语从句。宾语从句关系词在从句句首,其语序为陈述语序。故选B。


阶段综合测试卷三( )5. I can't understand ________Apple's iPad 2. B

A. why are they so mad about.

B. why they are so mad about

C. how are they so mad about

D. how they are so mad about

[解析] 考查宾语从句的用法。宾语从句要用陈述语序,所以首先排除A和C;句意为“我不能明白为什么他们对苹果(公司)的iPad 2如此疯狂”。故选B。


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