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英语:Unit8 Integrated skills课件(译林八年级上2013秋季版)

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Integrated skills

Objectives ? To learn to know dial some

important telephone numbers for

?To know how to protect yourself
when there is a disaster or an accident

Words and expression review as…as possible towel rule railway burn 尽可能 n. 毛巾;浴巾 n. 规则 n. 铁路 n. 烧伤,烫伤,灼伤

A. Away from danger
Many people like snow because it looks really beautiful, but sometimes it can cause problems. What problems can it cause? Please take a look at the pictures on page 99. Which one is about a traffic in a snowstorm? What happened to them? What should they do?

A snowstorm can cause traffic accidents. When they are in danger, they should stay calm and dial 122 for help. Now please talk about the other three pictures in groups of four. Please describe each picture and find out which number they should dial.



119-Fire —————

__________ 122-Traffic

120-Hospital ___________

110-Police ___________

A2. It is important to know how to protect ourselves when there’s a disaster or an accident. The students

are attending a talk called “Away
from danger” at Sunshine Hall. Listen to the talk and help Simon complete his


Danger Tips Fires : Try to get out as soon as possible Cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel to protect yourself thick smoke from ___________ Stay ____ to the ground low go back Never ________ into the building on fire high Floods: Get to _____ ground and stay here walk Do not _______ through the flood water

Earthquake: ______ under a strong desk Hide or table to protect yourself Do not stand near a window ________. Traffic : Always ________ traffic rules. follow accidents Look ______, right and then left left when you cross the road Do not sit, ______or ride walk your bicycle on railways.

A3. Simon’s cousin Annie is asking Simon about the talk. Help him answer Annie’s questions. Listen to the talk again and check your answers. Annie: What did you learn from yesterday’s talk, Simon? Simon: We learnt a lot about keeping ourselves safe from fires, floods, earthquakes and traffic accidents. _____________

Annie: Really? What should we do if our building is on fire? Simon: We should try to ______ as soon get out as possible. Annie: How can we protect ourselves from the thick smoke? Simon: We should use a _________ to wet towel cover our mouth and nose and stay ____ to the ground. low

Annie: Well, what should we do when
there’s a flood? high ground Simon: We should get to ____________. Remember that we shouldn’t walk ______ through the flood water.

Annie: I see. What should we do when
an earthquake happens?

strong Simon: Hide under a _______ desk or table. Stay away from a ________. window Annie: What should we do to protect ourselves from traffic accidents? Simon: We should always follow ___________. Moreover, it’s traffic rules dangerous to sit, walk or ride a bicycle on __________. railways

Speak up:

What should we do first? It is important to know how to stay away from danger, but sometimes people do get hurt. Do you know what should you do first? Millie and Daniel are talking about first aid. Listen to their conversation and answer the following questions.

1. What to do first when people burn their hands?
They should keep their hand in cold water for about ten minutes. 2. What should they do after that? Cover the burn with a clean towel. 3. Should they put any cream on it? No, they shouldn’t. They should go and see the doctor.

Work in pairs. Tell your partner about first aid. Use Millie and Daniel’s conversation as a model.

根据所给的汉语意思,完成句子。 1. 因为大雪,他的车抛锚了。 His car _______________the heavy snow. 2. 我们正在谈论汤姆,这时他走了进来。 We were talking about Tom ___ the room. 3. 我在拍照的时候,一个雪球击中了我。 A snowball _________________________ 4. 在他跑向大门的时候,我们拦住了他。 We stopped him _____________ the door.

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