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杭州中考选词填空专项练习[117篇] 2014.01

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选词填空 专项练习

Students in the United States are still enjoying their holidays. Christmas is over, but not

begin again for they return, these is still another important holiday—the first of the New Year. It is the last night of the old year, however, that people celebrate the most.

The people at the and singing. Most of them . They are wearing paper exactly midnight everyone cheers. A new year is beginning. Everyone is very good new Year.

For many young son and daughter, this is a time of the year to think

money or to do something else that is good. They call these promises resolutions (决心做的事). Some people remember their resolutions all year long, many others forget them.


Villagers are more healthy than people who live in towns. One reason for this is that country air is fresh clean air all day in the fields, but the air the from what unpleasant feelings we will get if we stay a long time in a shut, crowded room. After the longer we stay the worse we feel. How nice it is when we get into the fresh air outside!

as the open air. For people who breathe bad air for a long time often get very ill and die of lung diseases.

2005 The United States is known for its fast food. A lot of people don‖t have the time to shop and cook and clean a meal. Today, fast food which makes it even more attractive. And it is everywhere- so much fast food. These people belong to the Slow Food Movement.

The Slow Food Movement started in Italy in 1986. It by Carlo Petrini, a food critic who owned a restaurant. He and his friends wanted to encourage more people to slow and learn to local farmers to go back to the old ways of growing food and .


78,000 members in 100 countries. There is also magazine, printed in six languages, including Japanese.

The life of American women changed a lot during 1920s. More working outside the 投票选举).Women’s look also hair. Instead of long, heavy arms and legs. They started wearing a hat from the 1920s.

the 1960s,young people started wearing was completely their parents’ clothes. They didn’t want to look dressy or be in style(尚).They wanted to Jeans were people. They were called ―granny glasses‖,they looked like glasses a grandmother would wear.

Do you to school by bus or by bike? If you bike, you are doing for the Earth. Buses, cars, trains and planes produce a lot of carbon dioxide (二氧化碳). If you live near to your school, not bike there on warm spring mornings? Or, you can walk to school to save energy.

Wash the green way

Do you help your mom and dad wash clothes? Then wash them an energy-saving way. A recent study by Cambridge University found 60 percent of the energy used on a piece of clothing

is in washing and drying it. Over ita lifetime, a T-ahirt can send up to 4 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the air.

you wash your own clothes, wash them in cold or warm water to save energy, but not hot water. Wash your clothes when fill up the machine. Use the most energy-saving machine you can find. Some new ones use as as one-fourth of the energy of older machines. When they're clean, dry clothes the natural way, by hanging them a line rather than putting them in a dryer. In all, you can cut the carbon dioxide used in washing by 90 percent.

If you’re tired, you’d better not stay up late. Sleep is lovely—enjoy it!

Have a fixed bedtime

the window and go to bed. Your mind will take in all the cue(提示) that it’s time to go the land of dreams and you’ll be sleepingGo to bed when you’re tired!

If you’re feeling really tired, go to bed. Don’t stay up towork, and don’t plan to stay at your friend’s placeSay yes to milk

If you want a bedtime snack, have something calming and sleepy. A glass of warm milk will help to Turn off the TV

TV programmes make you excited. Don’t watch anything for an hour! It will send you to sleep in no time at all.


What does it mean to be green? ―Green‖ is more than just a . It also means taking special steps to protect the environmee land, and the air we breathe. Why green? Plants are green, and them the Earth wouldn't be such a lovely human beings. Here’s a four-step guide to being green:

Reduce It!

water and less fuel (燃料) your house uses fuel to run the water heater that warms up the water.

Reuse It!

Sometimes we’re a little too willing to things and buy new things. Many times, if you no need something, someone else just might need it. For example, if your baby brother grows out of why not give them to another has a little kid?

Recycle It!

Recycling has never been easier. Many people will it up right in front of your house and they will need it. Tell your mom or dad become ―Head of Recycling‖ for your house. That means you’ll take the recyclable things in dustbins tell others things can be recycled.

Enjoy It!

It’s that pollution is a proble remains a huge and beautiful place for you to go and study. You

can start by the naturally beautiful places in your hometown. Go for a hike, visit local nature centers and gardens, climb up mountains and so on.


Parents always think their babies are very special. They want others to their children. For this reason, they sometimes give their children unusual They may choose names such as Chelma, Ukiah, Brianna, or Elvira. There are some advantages to this practice. A child who is an uncommon name may feel special from childhood. than we remember people with ordinary names.

can also be hard to spell, computers may automatically(自动地) change them. For example, Jule may become July. Some people may have a bad impression on an unusual name they even meet the person. of all, other children sometimes don’t like kids with uncommon names. The message for parents is, ―Think

before you give your child an unusual name.‖

1953 he climbed and measured 61)__________ highest mountain then known to man—29,000 feet straight up. He was spoken

62)__________ of for his efforts when he came back. He even made advertisements for big companies. However, 63)__________ we read his book, High Adventure, we don't understand that Hillary had to grow into this success.

You see, in 1952 he tried to climb Mount Everest, but 64)__________. A few weeks later a group in England asked him to give a 65)__________ to its members. Hillary was given a warm welcome

66)__________ walking on stage. People there thought him as a hero, but Edmund Hillary saw

67)__________ as a failure. He moved away from the microphone and walked to the side of the stage.

He lifted one hand and pointed at a picture of the mountain. He said in a 68)__________voice, ―Mount Everest, you beat me the 69)__________ time, but I’ll beat you the next time because you’ve

70)__________all you are going to grow, but I'm still growing!‖

learn to tell the common fallacies(谬误) of logic. These we will take up tonight.‖

―Wow!‖ she cried, clapping her hands happily.

I went bravely on. ―First let us examine the fallacy of Unqualified Generalization(绝对判断).Foe example, Exercise is good,_____62______ everybody should exercise.‖

―I agree,‖ said Polly seriously. ―I mean exercise is wonderful. I mean it _____63____the body and everything.‖

―Polly,‖ I said gently,“it is a fallacy. Exercise is good is an Unqualified Generalization. For example,____64____you have heart disease, exercise is bad, not good. Many people are ordered by _____65____ doctors not to exercise. You must say exercise is ____66____ good, or exercise is good for most people. If not, you have made the fallacy of Unqualified Generalization.‖

―_____67____ we take up a fallacy called Hasty Generalization(草率结论).Listen carefully. You can’t speak French. I can’t speak French. Peter can’t speak French. I must therefore conclude that ____68_____ at this school can speak French.‖

―Really?‖ said Polly, surprised.

―Polly,‖ I said calmly,‖ it’s a fallacy. The conclusion is ____69____ too hurriedly. There are too few_____70____ to support such a conclusion.‖


To: Christin

Date: 23rd March

Subject: The Riding for the Disabled Association

Hi Christine,

Sorry I haven’t emailed lately —I’ve been very busy since becoming a volunteer for the Riding for the Disabled Association.

Every Saturday, I help to get the horses 61___________ for the disabled(残疾) riders. Many more disabled people want to ride 62___________ than you’d imagine. It’s a disadvantage that I don’t know how to ride —I’d love to got on long rides with the riders— but I’ll learn soon 63___________. Right now, I’m just happy to be able to lead the horses around for the disabled riders.

I’m 64___________ helping to organize a sale, which will be 65___________ next month. It’s a lot more work than helping the disabled. I need to collect second-hand things to sell at the sale. There are 66___________ things available(获得的) than I thought, but I’m sure we’ll have enough 67___________ next month.

I hope the sale raises more money than last month’s walk. It was rainy, so too few people took part in the event. Last week, we held an auction(拍卖). The auction took much less 68___________ to organize than the walk. 69___________, for some reason, people offered too little money for the things, so we didn’t raise enough money.

I’m 70___________ you some pictures in the letter, as well as a speech I gave last week.


( 1 )

We can’t stop an earthquake(地震), but we can do things to make sure they don’t destroy(毁坏) whole cities. First, it is not a 1 .________ idea to build houses along lines where 2. ________ of the earth’s plates(板块) join together. Second, if you think there 3. ________ be an earthquake, it is better to build houses on rocks , not on 4. ________. Third, you must make the houses as 5. ________ as possible. Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake, but strong ones may 6. ________ . .

Scientists are 7. ________ that one day an even bigger earthquake will hit the part around San Francisco(旧金山) . They call it ― The Big One ‖. However, people today are still building more 8. ________ . The population in and around San Francisco is 9. ________ ten times more than it was in 1906. This means that 10. ________ there is another earthquake, a great many houses and buildings will be destroyed.

1.good 2.two 3. may 4.sand

5.strong 6. stay up 7. afraid 8.houses 9.now 10.if

him broken umbrellas, and then he took them to a big shop in London. They were 2 ________ there.

One day Mr. Brown went to London by train. He 3 ________ to take an umbrella with him that day. Sitting in front of him was a man with an umbrella standing 4 _______ the seat. When the train arrived in London, Mr. Brown 5 ________ up the umbrella as he often did during his journey by train. Just as he was getting off,

he was 6 ________ by the man. He said angrily, ―That’s 7________ !‖ Mr. Brown’ s face turned red and he gave it back to the man at once.

When Mr Brown got to the big shop, the shopkeeper had got his six umbrellas ready. After a good look

at 8 ________ of them, he said, ―You’ve mended them very well.‖

In the afternoon he got into the train again. The 9 ________ man was in the same seat. He looked at Mr Brown and his six umbrellas, ―You’ve had a 10 ________ day,‖ he said.

1.brought 2.mended 3. forgot 4. beside 5.picked 6. stopped 7. mine 8.each 9. same 10. lucky

him, ― What are you growing , Grandpa? ‖ The old man 2 . ________ for a moment, then said, ―Swim over

3. ________ I’ll tell you.‖ The farmer didn’t like the 4. ________ of swimming across the river. But he wanted to know 5. ________ the old man was doing. He swam over. The old man said very 6. ________ in his ear, ― I’m planting peas in my 7. ________ .‖ ― You should have shouted. I would have 8. ________ quite clearly on that side.‖ Said the farmer. ― Oh, no, I wouldn’t 9. ________ that . The sparrows would have heard me and 10. ________ my peas.‖

1. called 2.didn’t speak 3. and 4.idea 5. what 6.quietly 7.garden 8.heard 9.do 10. eaten

( 4 )

1.________ when it began to snow heavily. Mrs Andrews looked 2. ________it everywhere and shouted its name, but she did not find it, 3. ________ she telephone the police and said, ― I have 4. ________ a small black cat. Has 5. ________ found one? ‖ ― No,madam, ‖ said the policeman at the other end, ― But cats are really very 6. ________ animals. They sometimes live for days in the snow, and when it melts (融化) or somebody finds them, they are quite 7. ________ .‖

Mrs Andrews felt 8. ________ when she heard this. ― And ,‖ she said, ― Our cat is very 9. ________. She almost talks. ‖ The policeman was getting tired, ―Well then, ‖ he said ― Why don’t you put your

10.________ down? Maybe she is trying to telephone you now. ‖

1.outside 2.for 3. so 4. lost 5. anybody 6.strong 7. well 9. clever 8. happier 10. telephone

An Egyptian(埃及人) put his ear to the ground. He 1 . ________ the horses coming this way. He ran to

2. ________ his people . He was a 3. ________ . That was one way for Egyptians to send messages. People in 4.________ countries sent message, too. When enemies came, one man beat his drum. In the next village people heard the drum and beat their drums, too. The messages went from village to village by

5.________ . Much 6. ________ , some armies (军队) kept many pigeons(鸽子) . These pigeons always 7. ________ back. When a soldier was sent far away from his own 8. ________ , he might take a pigeon along. He could tie a message to the bird’s leg. It would fly back 9. ________ the soldier’s message. These are shown ways to send messages. Can you think of more 10. ________?

1 heard 2. tell 3. guard 4. other 5. drum 6. more 7 . flew 8. army 9. with 10.ways

that of sound. 2. ________ one second, light travels about 300,000 kilometers, but sound travels only 340 meters. You can get some idea of this difference by 3. ________ the start of a running match. If you stand far away from the starter(发令员), you can see smoke 4.________ from his gun 5.________ the sound reaches your ears. The fast speed of light produces some strange facts. The nearest star is 6. ________ far away that light which you can see from it tonight started to travel to you four years 7. ________ at a speed of nearly two million kilometers every minute. The light from some of tonight’s started on 8. ________ journey towards you even before you were born.

So, if we want to be honest(诚实), we 9. ________ say , ― The stars are shining brightly tonight.‖ We have to say, ― The stars look nice. They were 10. ________ four years ago but their light has just reached our earth. ‖

1.faster 2.In 3. watching 4. come 5. before 6. so 7. ago

8. its 9. cannot 10. shining

________ . ―I like football, Doctor.‖ He said, ― Please help me. My life has 2. ________ been a good one since I became 3. ________ in football and it is getting worse and worse. I can’t even 4.________ from it in my sleep. When I close my 5.________, I’m out there in the football field and 6. ________ after a flying ball. When I wake up, I’m more 7. ________than I was before I went to bed. What am I going to do? ‖ The doctor sat back and said, ― First of all, you 8. ________ to do your best not to dream(做梦) about football. Before you fall asleep, try to 9. ________about something else. Try to think that you are at a party and someone is going to give you several million dollars.‖ ― Are you crazy (疯了) ?‖ the man shouted, ― I’ll 10. ________ the ball !‖

1.problem 2.never 3. interested 4.get away 5.eyes 6. running 7.tired 8.have 9.think 10.miss

1._______ stones. We can see hills, too. There is a little rain in the 2.________, but it is not 3. ______ for most plants. The animals are 4. _______ to the desert people in many ways. The desert people eat the meat and drink the milk of the animals. They use their skins to 5. ________ shoes, water bags and even tents(帐篷). They use the camels(骆驼) for 6. _______ things. The people of the desert have to keep 7. _______ from places to place. They must always look for grass or desert plants for their animals. They usually live in the tents. When there is mo more food for their animals, they take down their tents, put them on the camels and move to 8. _______ place. The desert people are very 9. _______. No man in the desert would ever refuse to help the people in 10._______ and give them food and water.

1.find 2.desert 3.enough 4.useful 5.make 6. carrying 7. moving 8. another 9.friendly 10.trouble

( 9 )

that quite a lot of people are busy studying them. All around us are birds, animals, trees and flowers. The facts about

2.________ they live and grow are as interesting as anything could be. Do you know that one of the great presidents of the United States 3 ________ hours and hours studying birds? A businessman who lives near New York City became so interested in insects(昆虫) that he began to collect them. He now has more than one thousand different kinds 4. ________ kept in the glass boxes. Come then with me, and I will help you find some of Nature’s secrets. Let us go quietly through the woods and fields. Here we shall find how a rabbit tells the other rabbits that there is danger. We shall follow a mother bear and her young ones as they search for food and get ready for 5. ________ sleep. We shall watch bees 6. ________ in the air to let other bees know where they can find food. I will 7.________ you many other interesting things, but the 8. ________ thing that I can teach you is to keep your eyes and ears 9.________ when you go out of doors. Nature tells her secrets 10.________ to people who look and listen carefully.


they 2. how 3. spent 4. carefully 5. winter 6. dancing 7. show 8. best 9. open 10. only

a beard(蓄着胡须). Since it has been 2.________ there, he has taken it off (剃掉). But his passport photo shows him with his 3. ________. An officer looks at the 4. ________for a moment, and says,"Will you excuse me? Please sit down. I shan't keep you long." With this, he walks away, shows the photo to a second

5.________, and says: "I know that face." The second officer looks at the 6. ________ and asks where Mr Hill has come from. When he hears that Mr Hill has arrived back from Paris, the 7.________ officer smiles and says: "An Englishman with a beard stole a painting in Paris on Friday, And that man looks just the kind of man..." 8.________ it comes to the first officer who Mr Hill is. He returns to him, and asks: "Did you 9. ________ at the No.2. High School?" When Mr Hill answers, 10. ________, that he did, the first officer smiles and says: "I thought so. I'm Jack Smith. You taught me French. You haven't changed a bit."

1.France 2.hot 3. beard 4. photo 5. office 6. passport 7. second 8. Suddenly 9. teach 10. in surprise

he was always

2.________ questions and trying out new ideas. No matter 3.________ hard it was, he never gave up. Young Tom was in school for only three months. His teacher didn’t understand why he had 4.________ many strange questions. Most of them were not about his lessons. The teacher didn’t want to teach Tom any

5.________ . He asked Tom’s mother to take the boy home. Tom’s mother taught him to read and write, and she found him 6.________ a very good pupil. He learnt very fast and became very 7.________ in science. One day , he saw a little boy 8.________ on the railway tracks at a station. A train was coming near quiclly, and the boy was too frightened to move. Edison rushed out and carried the boy to 9 .________. The boy’s father was so 10.________ that he taught Edison to send messages by telegraph.

1.inventor 2. asking 3.how 4.so 5. more 6.to be 7.interested 8.playing 9. safety 10.thankful

Dreams take up about one quarter of our 1 .________ time. People have several 2. ________each night. Dreams are like short films. They are usually in colour. Some dreams are 3. ________ old films. They come to us over and over 4. ________. That may be because the dreamer is worrying about something. Dreaming may be a way of trying to find an answer. Some people get new ideas 5. ________ their work from dreams. They may have been 6. ________ about their work all day. These thoughts can carry over into dreams. Sometimes we 7. ________ with a good feeling from a dream. But often we can't remember the dream. Dreams can disappear (消失) 8. ________ from memory (记忆). Too much dreaming can be harmful (有害的). The 9. ________ we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at work when we dream. That is

10. ________ we may have a long sleep and still wake up tired.

1 .sleeping 2.dreams 3.like 4. again 5. about 6. thinking 7. wake up 8. quickly 9. more 10. why

One day the Prince wanted to go 1. ________ with his men. He told his 2. ________ to stay at home and look after his baby son. The baby was in a wooden cradle (摇篮), which was like a small bed. When the Prince came back from hunting, Gelert ran out to meet his master. He wagged his tail and jumped up to put his paws (前爪)on the Prince's chest. Then the Prince saw the blood on Gelert's jaws and head. "What have you done?" the Prince said. He rushed into his house and 3. ________his baby son. The cradle was lying on its side on the floor. The clothes were torn and there was blood on them. "So you have killed my son?" the Prince said angrily. "You unfaithful dog!" He took out his sword(剑) and 4. ________ the dog. Just as Gelert was 5. ________ , he managed to bark. Then the Prince heard a baby call to the dog. The Prince ran out of the house and saw his son lying on the ground unhurt. Near him was a dead 6. ________. Then the Prince knew that Gelert had defended(保卫) the baby and killed the wolf.

The Prince ran 7. ________ into the house but he was too late. Gelert was dead. The Prince was very sad indeed. 8. ________ ran down his face when he realized 'he had killed 9. ________faithful friend. The Prince carried the body of his brave dog to the top of a mountain and buried him there. After this, the Prince never smiled again. Every morning at dawn, he walked up the mountain and stood by the dog's grave for a few minutes. If you go to Mount Snowdon in Wales, people will show you where Gelert is buried. There is a sign by his grave. It 10. ________people of a brave and faithful dog.

1.hunting 2. dog 3. looked for 4,killed 5. dying 6. wolf. 7. back 8.Tears 9. his10. reminds

Now satellites are helping to forecast (预报) the weather. They are in space, and they can reach any part of the world. The 1.________ take pictures of the atmosphere (大气), because this is where the weather forms (形成). They send these pictures to the 2. ________ station. So the scientists there can see the weather of any part of the world and tell how the weather will change.

Today, nearly five hundred weather stations in sixty countries can 3. ________ satellite pictures. 4. ________they receive the new pictures, they compare (比较) them with the earlier ones. Perhaps they may

find that the clouds have 5. ________ during the last few hours. This may mean that the weather on the ground may soon change, too. In their next weather 6. ________, they can tell people about it. So the weather satellites are of a great 7. ________ to the scientists at the station. In the past they could forecast the weather for about 24 or 48 hours 8. ________. Now they can make good forecasts for three 9 ________ five days. Soon, perhaps, they may be able to forecast the weather 10. ________ a week or more ahead.

1.satellites 2.weather 3.receive 4.When 5.changed 6. forecast 7. help 8.earlier 9. or 10. for

had tried to teach how to use a computer. And now she typed(打字)all her stories on her computer. But sometimes she had to house to get some books from the library or have a meeting. She didn't like being away because she was worried about burglar(盗贼).So she was very careful. Just before leaving, she always put a full cup of coffee on the writing desk, and left the radio playing to make a burglar think someone One day she came back after a day out, and found that there was something different in her house. There was only a little 5. lift in the cup, and the radio was off. But when she looked at her computer, she saw it was 6. , and someone had typed in a new story. She had no idea who had got in, or how, because none of the doors or windows was broken. Then she sat down to read the story. To her book!" she said 8 .

The next month she had to go to London. She put a cup of coffee and a plate of sandwiches on the desk. When she returned, the coffee and the sandwiches had 9. .She ran to the computer. This time there was only a 10. on the screen(屏幕)."IT'S NOT YOUR STORY.IT'S MINE!" it said.

1. study 2. herself 3. leave 4. must 5. coffee 6. on 7. next 8. happily 9. gone 10. message

bought 1. ________ he wanted, he went into a restaurant and sat 2 . ________ at the table. When he looked round, he saw some old people 3. ________ eyeglasses on before 4. ________ their books, so after lunch he went to a shop to buy 5. ________, too. He walked along the road, and soon found a 6. ________. The man in the shop made him 7. ________ on a lot of glasses, but each time Tom said, ― No, I can’t read with these. ‖ The man became 8 . ________ and more puzzled (困惑) . At last he said, ― Excuse me, but 9. ________ you read at all?‖ ― No, I can’t! ‖ Tom said, ―10. ________ I can read, do you think I will come here to buy glasses? ‖

1. what 2.down 3.put 4.reading 5.glasses 6. shop 7.try 8.more 9.can 10. If

for my birthday present. The shop wanted $ 20 for a special design a T-shirt, so I decided to do it

. I bought a white cotton T-shirt $6 and some paints, and I painted a lion on the front. My brother loved it! Painting T-shirts is great fun. You be a great artist, you can just paint shapes and lines. The T-shirts are the expensive part of my hobby. Also you have to use special fabric paints and you need to buy good quality brushes. I love my hobby I can make T-shirts that no-one else has. I give a lot of them away presents to my family and friends. Sometimes, I sell them. Since I started, I’ve about 60 T-shirts and each one is different.

1.ago 2. brother’s 3. on 4. myself 5.for 6. needn’t 7. most 8. because 9. as 10. made

the world, this park is a fantastic place for them to have fun. When we young, we all have heard Mickey Mouse, Sleeping beauty, Snow White and many Disney characters. Some of us have seen them in cartoons. Actually, you can go to see them all in a theme park. Now, there are four Disneyland amusement parks all over the world. Two are in the United States, one is in Tokyo, and the is in France. There are not only some amusement attractions there , also many specials with Disney characters. In Disneyland, you can have a lot of fun watching Disney in Disney restaurants, and buying Disney .

1. around 2. amusement 3. were 4. of 5. probably 6. different 7. other 8. but

9. eating 10.gifts


1) Eat all kinds of foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

You may have a favourite kind of food, but the best is to eat as many kinds as possible. If you eat you’re more likely to get the nutrients your body needs . Taste new foods that you tried before. Some foods, such as green vegetables, are very important. Have five servings(份) of fruits and three vegetables.

2) Drink water and milk often.

When you are really , cold water is the No. 1 choice. Kids need calcium(钙) to grow strong, and milk is a great source of this mineral (矿物质) . How much do children ? About three glasses of milk every day.

3) Limit screen time. What’s screen time? It’s the for watching TVcomputer games, and using the computer. If you spend much time have less time left to take , such as playing basketball, bicycling, and swimming.

1. through 2. choice 3. different 4. never 5. thirsty 6. need 7. time 8. playing 9. on 10. exercise

A good place to camp for the whole night. We make a campfire so that we can cook our . We

roasted some hot dogs and potatoes and some lemonade. When it got , we told ghost stories by sitting the campfire. Later when we lay down to go to ,

we listened to the sounds of crickets(蟋蟀) and some moving around in the grass. We there were some ghosts nearby. ― What?‖ we asked. ― I think I hear someone walking in the woods. ‖ Kathy said. Soon we all footsteps and we were all so that we couldn’t go to sleep. Of course, there was no one there, but we have very active imagination(想象).

1. found 2. dinner 3. drank 4 . dark 5. around 6. sleep 7. animals 8. thought 9. heard 10. scared

Christmas Day is particularly enjoyed by children, who get very excited because 2__ the presents they know they are going to receive. Small children believe that 3___ presents are brought by Father Christmas. Father Christmas is a kind old man who, the children are told, lives at the North Pole. He 4___ through the sky on a sledge(雪橇) which is pulled by deer and loaded with presents. Stopping on the roofs the houses, he enters by 5___ down the chimney(烟囱)。 When small children go to bed on Christmas Eve, they 6___ a stocking at the end of their beds. Their parents order them not 7_ to look at Father Christmas or he will not leave them _8_ . When they wake up, they find their stockings ____9__with presents. Children __10___ very excited on Christmas morning and always wake up early. Christmas is a family celebration. As 11___ of the family as possible gather together to eat, play party games and, these days, watch the special Christmas programmes on TV.

Everyone 12__ two or three days off work for Christmas. In Britain the day after Christmas is __13 Boxing Day. This is a great day for ___14 , and many go out to watch football matches, etc. 15__ most people stay at home and have a lazy day.

1. biggest, 2.of, 3. their, 4.travels, 5.climbing, 6.hang, 7.to try, 8.anything, 9.filled, 10.are, 11.many,

12.gets, 13.called, 14.sports, 15.though

the 2________body. Every spring 3_________of whales swim hundreds of kilometers to warm places to have their babies. Each mother whales 4_________to the same place every year. The mothers take very good care of 5_______. The whales 6_______ to each other with a high noise, it sounds like 7______. This ―talking‖ can 8_________ for 9_________ than 300 kilometres.

10_____ people kill over a hundred whales a day. They kill them 11_____ many things. 12_______ them is a modern business. The whales dies very 13________ in great pain. More and more whales are killed by people , even the mothers and babies. 14___________ the things goes on like this, there will be no young whales to grow up and no mother whales to 15________ more babies.

1. aren’t 2. mothers’ 3. groups 4. goes 5. their 6. talk

7. singing 8. be heard 9. more 10. Yet

11. to make 12 Killing 13. slowly 14. If 15. have

all firsts are happy 2__________. Few people enjoy the firsts that 3_____________ bad.

One of history’s bad but important firsts was the first car accident. Cars were still young 4____________it happened. It 5__________place in New York in May 1896. A man from Massachusetts was 6___________the city in his new car. At that time, bicycle 7_____________ were still trying to get used to the new set of wheels on the road. No one was sure who was at fault(过错). Any way, a bike and the car collided(相撞). The man on the bike was 8__________. The driver of the car had to stay in prison(监狱) and wait for the hospital report 9___________ the bike rider. It was 10___________that the bike rider was not killed.

Three years 11_______, another car accident took place. It was again in New York City. A man 12_________Henry Bliss got off a street car. He was hit by a 13___________car. Again no one was sure just how it happened or who was at fault. The 14 __________ of the car was put in prison. Poor Mr Bliss became the first person 15____________in a car accident.

1.their 2.ones 3.are 4.when 5.took 6.visiting 7.riders 8.hurt 9.on 10lucky 11.later 12.named 13.passing 14.driver 15 to die


If you wish to become a better reader, here are four important of

First, knowing why you are reading- what you are reading to find out –to know whether to read fast or .

Second, some things should something; math problems, science and history books, which are full of important information. You must read such things slowly to remember each important thing and each important idea.

, some things should be fast all the time. Examples are easy stories for enjoyment, news, letters At last, in some of your readings, you must change your speed from fast to slow and slow to fast, as you you come to important ideas

61.points 62. reading 63.you 64.slowly 65. be

66. understand 67. Third 68. from 69.along 70. which


"I only knew that AIDS was before I took the class," said 14-year-old Lu Caoyin from Shanghai Weiyu Middle School. "Now I know almost about the disease."

Lu's school and many middle schools in Shanghai have been giving junior high students lessons AIDS. Students watch videos and listen to teachers to learn about AIDS.

"We watched videos in the morning about the disease was and how it from people to people," said 15-year-old Cheng Yilu from Weiyu. "Teachers gave lessons after that. They even used cartoons

Many students in Beijing something about AIDS since a few years ago.

"It is necessary (必要的) to help kids know basic facts about the disease," said Li Xiaowei from Beijing No. 65 Middle School. "With the knowledge, kids can stay away from AIDS." Li has been teaching kids about AIDS since the 1990s.

Now many middle schools in our country give juniors six of AIDS classes.

61.yourself/yourselves62.dangerous63.everything64.other65.on 66. what 67. passed 68. to give 69. have learned/learnt 70. hours

I thought that the 影响) from all these bags on our environment was well-known and them but collect them in the dustbin. However, one of the near my home seems to use bags than ever before. Red ones, white ones and blue ones--it no difference. They don’t about the problems of environment. They still use plastic bags to wrap(包装) most of the things every day. When I went shopping the other day, I bought two things, and I . Is it necessary so many bags? Everyone should realize important it is to clean our environment.

61.bad 62.throwing 63.shops 64.more 65.makes 66.care 67.was given 68.them 69.to use


61、found 62、more 63、third 64、their65、between 66、scientists 67、or 68、falling 69、who 70、to have

drinking. His friends didn’t know how That evening Allan drank much. He found it was difficult for him to stand and sat down, then watched others dancing. He saw a girl in beautiful clothes She danced with one man to the girl in beautiful clothes, he asked, ―Who’s the very ugly girl, madam?‖―She’s my sister,‖ the girl said with a red face.―Oh, I’m sorry,‖ said Allan. ―I

61. himself 62.unhappy 63. to stop64.was invited65.ready66.excited67.well 68.after69.Pointing 70.didn’t

wasting their time in useless regrets.

like parents or grandparents. What’s more, life is always giving new things to people they often lose their interest in those things. On the other hand, a child may also have some pains with him. He is not so free to do what he wishes to When a child grows up, he can no

. If he still spends most of his time playing as he to in childhood, he will go hungry. If, however, he works hard and no trouble, he can build up his own position in society with great happiness.

61.what 62 .duties 63.him 64.older 65.something 66.shouted 67.longer 68. comfortably 69. used 70.has

know when it will disappear?

Don’t worry about it (61)______ more, because worrying will only make it worse. A recent study has found that worry plays an important role in your skin disorders. Some British scientists found that the stress

(62) ________from worrying slows the healing process in your skin disorder like acne.

It is true that worry and stress can make acne worse. Students often find that their acne (63)______ before and during the exam. In fact, acne is quite common in teenagers. More than 90% at least have acne

(64) ______ their face. It is the result of an over activity and blocking of the face’s oil glands(腺). And the main cause is increased levels of hormones(激素) (65)________ the early teenage years.

But don’t worry. Acne always disappears at last. It always lasts (66)______ the age of 20 or even25.

And don’t worry about scarring on your face, either. It is rare for acne to leave any sign of its presence. There is no medicine to cure acne. But good skin care can keep (67)_____ control. The following advice is good for you:

Wash your skin twice a day after exercise. The (68)_______ time to wash is bedtime. Use a mild soap. Shampoo your hair daily. Dirt on long hair can make acne worse by (69)______ against your skin.

Avoid(避免) picking and squeezing. (70)_______ stops acne from healing. Squeezing causes bleeding into the skin and red marks that last a month.

61 any; 62 caused; 63 worse; 64 on; 65 during; 66 until; 67 it; 68 most important; 69 rubbing; 70 Picking.

? Here are some steps. First, lie down on the floor, face-down. your legs together. As you lie on the floor, put your hands on the floor next to your shoulders. Your hands should lie on the floor.

Now push your body As you rise, your arms should your body, your toes(脚趾) should support your legs. That’s to say your body by your arms and toes. Keep your back straight. Next, lower your body

61. correctly 62. Keep 63. away 64. that 65. support66. held 67. slowly 68. touches 69. when 70. lowering

. A traveling circus (马戏团) came to our town and my parents took me to see it. When we arrived at the circus, everyone was laughing at the clowns. I didn’t understand why they were laughing, soI laughed too.

While I was laughing, the fat clown came and sat down next to me. ―Shall we dance?‖ he asked, then They make me laugh a lot, although they still make me a bit silly too. laugh at things that frighten us. We often laugh most at people who make us nervous. When we laugh, we relax and . never laugh can become worried and ill. Laughter is like medicine and a clown is like a .

There have always been, and there will always be clowns, because people need to laugh.

is the best kind of medicine in life.

61. earliest 62.thin 63.picked 64.dancing 65.Since 66.sometimes 67.ourselve 68.who 69.doctor70.Laughter


How much should you save? You may be able to save 100% your money. Does that mean you should? is to make saving a regular part of your life, along

with spending.

Here’s the rule you should remember: savehands, take your savings out at once. Once you’ve taken away your savings, your free to spend the rest. suggestions on how to get into the saving habits from some teens. Let’s see! Ben Sheppard, 17: Don’t carrycash, if possible.

Clayton Smalley, 16: In the past, I couldn’t go into a store without buy something. But now I keep a $20 bill in my pocket walking around the mall and not buying anything. Now I don’t have any urge for me.

Tacy Holliday, 14: When you buy something, only use dollar bills. If you buy a magazine for $3.25 and

, you’ll get back $1.25 in change. Put the dollar back into your pocket and the 75 cent alone. Only spend the bills, not the coins. Put all the coins in a jar for savings. That way

61.habits 62. before 63. more 64. any 65. while66. works 67. with 68. keep69. save 70. instead

to cover my body‖. These are basic reasons clothes are worn, people also want to look attractive and appear successful to others.

people only wore clothes for warmth and to cover their bodies, most clothing would be simple and cheap. In many countries, however, clothing is sometimes very expensive. The main reason this is not the cost of the fabric(织物)or the cost of the clothes. The clothes are expensive because of fashion.

businessmen, for example, often wear very expensive suits, shirts and ties. Sometimes they pay ill just a suit and tie but they pay prices of famous names of the designer. A suit costing much would be just as warm and would cover the wearer’s body just as .

Fashion is constantly changing, which means that people who want to be fashionable have to buy new clothes. Some people have closets full of clothes that have hardly been out but are no longer in fashion. Being fashion, therefore, can be a very expensive pastime!

61、why 62、but 63、If 64、for 65、making 66、Successful 67

、thousands 68、less 69、well 70、worn

space. Space is not only

but also dangerous. While working in space, spacemen are Scientists have found out that radiation(辐射) is the greatest danger to spacemen in space. When spacemen are working in space, they are in danger of radiation from the sun and other stars, which is bad for their health. The damage(危害) done by radiation won't be discovered until their children or grandchildren are born. Some special medicine little, but no really effective medicine has been found .

Space is also thought a great danger to spacemen. It's reported that there are 9,000 man-made

things flying in space. About 30% of these are satellites, 10% are spaceships, and the rest are space junk. An explosion(爆炸) in 1996 made a cloud of 300,000.fragments(碎片), each at least 4mm in size, and even a small piece of these knocked against a spaceship window and did some damage. Scientists are watching and reporting any possible danger all the time. They are working on space junk.

is really dangerous, it interests everyone on the earth. In the near future, it may become and live in space in a few years. So we should care for space and do environment.

61. As 62. amazing 63. facing64. even 65. works 66. junk 67. helpful 68. Although 69. usual 70. something

Did you see snow in your hometown last winter? Did you feel it was warmer than before? ―There have 21 warm winters in China since 1986,‖ said scientists. They also said that in the past 100 years , the global temperatures went up by 0.74℃, the temperature in North China has climbed 1.4℃ in only 50 years.

Can you slow Sure! You and your family can take steps to cut the amount of carbon dioxide(二氧化碳) that is sent out into the air.

It’s time for all of us to do something to save the earth.

Wear used clothes

Wearing your brother’s , sister’s or dad’s old Tyou save the energy.

Change your light bulbs.

Use energy-saving light bulbs. And don’t your television and computer when they are not in use!

Ride the bus. Taking a bus a lot of oil every year.

Say no to plastic bags.

to use baskets.

Open a window

Don’t use the air conditioner, and let some When you have to use the air conditioner, set in summer and lower in winter to save energy.

61.been 62.as 63.warming 64.means 65.forget 66.saves 67.them 68.in 69.higher 70.changes


Teenagers live very busy lives now and often forget to think about their diets and exercise. The truth is, healthy eating along with regular exercise is the only way to fit.

During your teenage years, it is important to give your body the energy it needs. Teenage need about 2,200 calories a day and boys need a bit doctors suggest 2,800 for teenage boys. 50% of your calories should come rice, bread, vegetables and fruit. You also need to drink a lot of water, 6 to 8 glasses a day. Drinking water will improve your skin and give you healthy hair.

is something that can help to make you look good, feel good and be healthy. Experts (专家) suggest that at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week. you

exercise, your body produces something that makes you feel . It can even help you better at night and let you pay more attention when your study!

61. keep 62. girls 63. more 64. from 65. enough 66. Exercise 67. spend 68. When 69. relaxed 70. sleep



there are pains all over your body. You don't want to work,you stay in bedus ill? It is germs(细菌find them with your eyes,but you can see them with a microscope. They are very small and there could be of them on a very small thing.

Germs are always the microscope,we

shall see them in it. So your father and mother will not let you drink dirty water.

Germs aren't found 69 in water. They are found in air and dust. If you cut your finger,if some of the dust from the floor goes into the cut(割开处),some of the germs would go into your finger. Your finger would become big and red,and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs would go into all of your body,

61-65unhappy ,feeling, makes, everywhere, can't, 66-70hundreds,found, under , only, pain

Do you go to school by bus or by bike? If you bike, you are doing for the Earth. Buses, cars,

trains and planes produce a lot of carbon dioxide (二氧化碳). If you live near to your school, not bike there on warm spring mornings? Or, you can simply walk to school to save energy.

Wash the green way

Do you help your mom and dad wash clothes? Then wash them an energy-saving way. A

recent study by Cambridge University found that 60 percent of the energy used on a piece of clothing is in washing and drying it. Over its lifetime, a T-shirt can send up to 4 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the air.

you wash your own clothes, wash them in cold or warm water to save energy, but not hot water. Wash your clothes when they fill up the machine. Use the most energy-saving machine you can find. Some new ones use as as one-fourth of the energy of older machines. When they're clean, dry clothes the natural way, by hanging them on a line rather than putting them in a dryer. In all, you can cut the carbon dioxide used in washing by 90 percent.

61 trees 62 not 63 protecting 64. something 65. why 66. in 67.spent 68.If 69. little 70. your

Get support

you need help, turn to your parents and friends for help. It’s to speak the worries out and get some advice from others, then you’ll feel more relaxed.

Do not go mad.

If you find yourself stressed out, find a way to let the feelings out. Doing breathing a walk may help.

Try to solve the problem

When you calm down, it’s time to deal with your problem. You should find out what the problem is and figure out a way to solve it. you can’t solve all of it at once, you may by solving part of it. When you have found out what the problem and started solving it, you will find your stress gone. Always look on the bright side

Every coin has two sides. Looking at the side can make you stressed and it won’t help solve your problem. So not look at the bright side.

Reward yourself

After you have solved the problem or part of the problem, buy a gift, go and your favorite movie or just hang out with your

61. Whenever62. better 63. exercises 64. Taking 65. If 66. is 67. dark 68. why 69. yourself 70. friends

23. He didn’t feel happy at all. His college friends were looking for first didn’t have to. John decided to keep living a simple life like everyone else . He didn’t tell MYM100,000 of his money to a charity that helped poor children to live a better each. The child does not receive the money in cash. The money pays the child’s school expense, food,medical care and clothing. John receives a report each year the child’s progress. They can write to each other, but usually the children don’t speak English.

― I want to do everything I can. I will go on helping those children in need. ‖ he said.

61. their 62. but 63. any 64. gave 65. life 66 wears 67. happier 68. countries 69. for 70. on

___61___ my shopping bags. They were so heavy that I decided to stop ____62___ a rest in the park. I walked towards the gate of the park. I noticed a poor man ___63__ out of the restaurant in front of me. He was holding a paper bag. He walked to a nearby dustbin (垃圾箱) and started looking through it.

I suddenly felt sad. I knew this man ___64____ all that he could get, so I went up to him and gave him some fruit. The man with wrinkles on his face, looked up in surprise and took what I gave him.

A big smile____65____ on his face and I felt very happy. Then he said, ―Wow! First someone gave me this sandwich, then this drink, and now some delicious fruit. This is my daughter’s lucky day. Thank you, boy.‖ Then he went away, singing a song.

Just then, I understood what the saying ―____66_____ is getting‖ really meant. Everyone in the world ___67___help, everyone can ___68___ help and everyone will be helped by


Giving sometimes doesn’t cost much, but it means a lot to the people who you help. The man’s

happiness at that moment comes into my mind every time I have the chance __70____ others.

61was carrying 62. to have 63.walking 64. will take 65. appeared 66. giving 67 needs 68.offer 69. showing 70. to help

earth move suddenly, earthquakes begin under the sea. They often happen the mountain, too.

During an earthquake, the shakings make rocks rise suddenly and even crack(断裂. Houses fall,

or hurt, and sometimes the whole villages or cities are destroyed.

Can we do something ourselves safe from earthquakes? Scientists have studied earthquakes and make maps show the ―earthquake belts‖. In areas in these belts, it’s possibleto happen. In these areas we should build strong houses to fight against earthquakes.

61. may 62. plates 63. and 64. many 65. near 66. open 67. killed 68. keep 69.that 70. for

61. different 62. noisier 63.much 64. his 65. be 66. But 67. brother’s 68. what 69. In 70. any

61. skills 62.willing 63. where 64. easier 65. talking66.uncomfortable 67.ourselves

68. don’t 69. directly

70. meeting

Mildred would forget to dinner, or Bert would show up for work on Sunday thinking it was Monday. One summer they were to a long plane trip. What do you suppose happened? Well, they got to the airport only ten minutes left. So time was short. In that situation anyone would board the plane right away. not Mr and Mrs Bumbridge. They just had to buy some flight insurance first. After all, who knows will happen on a plane flight? They put some coins into a machine and out came their insurance card. ―Who should get the moneywe die? ―Mildred. ―My mother, of course,‖ her husband replied. ―We’ll post the card to her .Now quick, give me a stamp, will you?‖ he said. ―The plane is going to take off inBert put the stamp on the envelope, dropped it in the mailbox, and suddenly began to cry. What happened, do you know?

He had posted their plane to his mother.

61.who 62.cook 63.take 64.with 65.But66.what 67.quickly68.if 69.another70.tickets

sandy beach. There were __61__ people there. Behind them was a small tower. There was a man at the __62___. ―That’s the lookout tower,‖ the Australian said. ―There’s a man up there all the __63__. He never takes his eyes __64__the sea. When he sees a shark, he will __65__a warning(警告). People will leave water when they __66__ the warning.‖ The beach was full of people. A few__67 __ were a long way from the beach. ―Those people right out there have to be__68__,‖ the Australian said. ―Sharks seldom hurt crowds.‖ ―Can the man in the tower really see sharks from far away?‖ ―Oh, yes, he can. It’s not __69__ surprising. Some sharks are very big. They’re at least three meters__70__. And the water is clear on these beaches. Of course, it is very dangerous to swim when it is dark, or when the water is not clear.‖

61.many 62. top 63. time 64. off 65. send 66. hear 67. swimmer 68. careful 69.really 70. long

your friends—let them find you by staying in one place.

shouting or whistling three times. Stop. Then shout or white three times. Any signal

Keep up the shouting or whistling always three times together. When people hear you, they will know your signal. They will give you two shouts, two whistles or two gun shots. When someone gives a signal, it is an call for help.

If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a little house……

a soft bed with leaves and grass.

What should yo do if you get hungry or need drinking water? You would have to leave your little something. Don’t just walk away. Pick off small branches and drop them as you walk so that you can find your way back.

—stay in one place.

61. lost 62. to find 63. by 64. given 65. noise66. hear 67. answer 68. yourself 69. for 70. important


People now are hearing more anout the environment problems .The world is not only hungry ,but ____61___ for water. Our need for water is inceasing rapidly every year,but many rivers and lakes ____62___.Maybe years later,a limited water would have a bad effect on our life .So one useful step to save water is to stop __63___it.Now cities are growing so __64____, and more people are driving cars,,so many cities have bad air pollution problems. People living in these cities can improve the air quality by__65__bikes ,or using buses and driving ___66___.They can also use clener gasoline .Animals are our friends ,but lots of them are facing the __67____of dying out.Their living environment __68___worse and worse because of the pollution .So people should realized ___69___serious the problems. Something should____70__to protect them .We should set up some nature reserves so that the animals can live freely.

It seems fresh air ,clean water and good living environment are important to all the aimals on this planet now.

61 thirsty 62are polluted 63wasting 64qulickly 65 riding66 less 67danger 68 is becoming 69 how70 be done

tourists. And even more people will come in 2008 the Bijing Olympics. When they come to China, we should do something to help them enjoy and like China and the Chinese people. But there are some things they not like:

1. Traffic problems: Cars park on sidewalks. Bus drivers drive so fast that they make people who are trying

to cross the street .

2. Queue jumping: At the post office, or even at McDonald’s, people push to the of the line instead

of waiting.

3. Bumping: Too many people are onto buses and trains. This makes people feel terrible, and it is

not safe, either. On a bus in North America, people try to make themselves and they will say ―Excuse me‖ or ―Sorry‖ if they knock into someone. In China, people make themselves bigger with ―Sorry‖ or ―Excuse me‖.

4. Lettering: I notice this everywhere. Some people throw rubbish onto the ground even there is a

rubbish bin right next to them.

Most Chinese people are just as with these kinds of things as I am. And, certainly, the government has known the problems and is trying to do something about them.

61.coming 62.for 63.themselves 64.afraid 65.front 66.crowded 67.smaller 68.no 69.when 70.unhappy

children din’t them right respect(尊敬) and obedience, children complained that parents didn’t understand them at all.

One reason for the generation gap is the opportunity that young people have to choose their own life.in our society, people often out of the home at an early age, marry or live with people their parents have never met, and choose jobs that are different from their parents.

In our society, parents often expect their children to be than them. reason for the division(分歧) Finally, the speed of change in our society is another reason for it. In a culture, people are valued for their knowledge, but in our society the knowledge of a lifetime has to become out of date.

The young and the old seem to live in two very different


For sure, the generation gap will continue to be a feature our life for some time to come.

61.show 62.while 63.move 64.rather 65better 66.However 67.between 68.little 69.traditional 70.worlds

. I told my mother all about it, hoping for some pity. Instead, she said, "I heard Jamie was having a difficult day too. don't you make her some cookies7"

the cookies in a box. Then I made a card with on it and wrote a small note.

That afternoon I went to my When Jamie came to the door, she looked at me . Before she could say anything, I said, "I heard you were having a hard day and decided to bring you . I hope your day goes better. " The look on Jamie's face was one that I could never put into words. It also keel), it for themselves.

61. sad 62. Why63. really 64. put 65. flowers 66. house 67. in surprise 68 something69. as if70. got back

animals may want to study to be animal doctors. They’re often ____63____ vets. Many of them work in animal hospitals. ______64___may work on farms or at a zoo. Some study animal diseases and try to find _____65___to keep the animals from _____66____ ill. They do ____67____ in medicine for animals.

Vets listen

to an animal’s heart. They check its ears, eyes, mouth, and blood. They operate ______68____ animals when they need to have operations. They may give the animals injections and tell the pet _______69____ what food is _____70_____.

61. interested 62. who 63. called 64.others 65.ways66. getting 67.studies 68.on 69.owners70. best


in France. His mother him up to tell him that he had won the Best Actor.

―I’m very happy, I such a big award, I feel a bit strange.‖ The Junior 3 student said.

Yagira won for his great acting in the Japanese film Nobody Knows.

The film tells us a real-life story, but there are some -1, to live alone in Tokyo. Yagira plays the who has to take care of the others.

The fourteen-year-old Yagira became the Japanese to win Best Actor at Cannes, and the youngest ever won of that award. He was just 12 when the film was Yagira was at the Cannes festival that week, but back to Japan for exams before Saturday’s awards ceremony.

He said the reward helped him to make a big life decision.

―I wasn’t sure to try and become a soccer player or an actor, but now the choice is easier. is a lot of fun, I will go on with it now.‖ he said.

61.Woke / waked 62. have won 63. differences 64. oldest 65. first

66. made 67. flew 68. whether 69. acting 70. so

Milk is the natural food from mammalian(哺乳动物)babies. It helps them grow strong because it is _____62______--in protein(蛋白质),(calcium) and vitamins.

Milk can also help you sleep better because it calms you ____63______.

But remember to drink milk with___64_______. Find out how old the milk is .Make sure it’s fresh and hasn’t gone_____65_______.

Don’t ____66_ milk when your stomach is empty. Eat some bread at the same time . This will help you take in more protein and vitamins.

______67______say teens need at least 500 ml of milk a day .That’s two _68__________three cups .

Is milk just a good drink ? Not at all. People can use it to do lots of things .Can you think what they are ? If your white clothes get dirty _____69_______ink ,don’t worry .Wash it with clean water first. Then wash it with old milk .After you wash it with detergent(洗涤剂) the third time ,you’ll find it’s as white as ever.

But for fruit stains(污点), you need to take care of them in another way .Firstly ,put some milk to the dirty place ,____70______several hours , wash it with clean water .Then the stains will be gone.

61. work 62. rich 63. down 64. care 65. bad 66. drink 67. Doctors 68. to 69. with 70. After

___61____. If a policeman ____62____you, you’ll have to pay a fine.

New traffic laws say that if people cross the street when the light is red, they can be fined as much as 100 yuan.

Traffic accidents ____63____ more than 114,000 people in China last year. Chinese cities have more cars than ever. Drivers and pedestrians (行人) must work together to make the streets safer. The law has new rules for drivers and pedestrians. Drivers have to slow down when they are close to crosswalks. If people are in a crosswalk, cars must stop to let them pass by.

There are rules for bus drivers, too. If bus drivers smoke, drink or make phone calls while driving, they can be fined. ____64__ that carry too many people are also against the law.

Pedestrians will have to walk more ____65____ under the new law. They must cross streets at crosswalks. Also, they shouldn’t climb over the fences along streets.

Do you ____66____ to school? It’s not a good idea to carry classmates on the backs. You could be fined 50 yuan.

And stay in the bike lane when you’re riding. The big roads are for cars and buses. Do you like to ride your uncle’s motorbike? When you put on your helmet(头盔), ask him to put one on, too. People on motorbikes must wear helmets, the new law says. If they don’t, they’ll have to pay 200 yuan .

Do you ride in cars often? Don’t forget to put on your seat belt, even if you’re going for a short taxi ride. It could ____67____ your life. If you see a hit-and-run, tell the police. ____68____ may give you a reward (奖赏). And don’t be afraid to help people to the hospital if they are ____69____ in an accident. Don’t worry about money. The new law says that doctors must take care of them even if they can’t ____70 ____ right away.

61.not 62. sees 63. killed 64. Buses 65. safely 66. bike 67. save68. They 69. hurt 70. pay

few dangerous places where Americans can’t go. These places are ____61______ countries or countries at war. There, the travelers might not be safe. These countries are listed in a small book _____62____ a passport.

This passport is a government request for the _____63_____ of its travelling people. It is also a government’s pledge (保证)_____64_____ the people will obey the rules of the host country.

To receive a passport from the ____65______, a traveler must prove that he is an American citizen(公民). An American can not go abroad _____66_____ a passport. Only certain ___67____ countries such as Canada and Mexico do not ask for passports.

Stuck inside the passport is the traveler’s picture. Children _____68____ with their parents are included in one parent’s book.

____69______ of people from the United States visit other countries every year. An American traveler might carry plane tickets, money, ____70_____ and many other things. But the most important that he

carries in another country is his passport.

61、unfriendly 62、called 63、safety 64、that 65、government 66、without 67、close 68、travelling

69、Thousands 70、clothing


The changing Face of Mars

Long ago, Mars was alive with action. Today Mars seems quieter .Not much else seems to happen on Mars. At least that’s what astronomers, scientists __61__ study space, used to think. Today they know that the ___62__ of Mars is changing constantly(连续).

Mars: From Top to Bottom

Mars is the ___63_ planet from the sun. Much of its surface is covered by rocks and sand. As a result, people often call Mars the red planet. Even though Mars is ___64__ than Earth, it has the largest known valley(山谷).

Rocky rain

Then there are the craters(环形山). _65_ of craters scar the surface of Mars. About 43000 of them are at least five kilometers (three miles) _66_. There are smaller rocks flying through space.

Red-Hot planet

Perhaps one of the biggest changes happening on the red planet is global warming. Astronomers say Mars’s temperature has _67_ by 0.6 degree(度)in the past 30 years. No one knows _68__ the warming will cause all the ice to melt.

One thing is _69_: The face of Mars is changing. It changed in the _70___ and is changing today. What will it look in the future?

61 who, 62 face, 63 fourth, 64 smaller, 65 thousands,

66 wide, 67 risen, 68 whether, 69 known, 70 past


of sound. one second, light travels about 300,000 kilometers, but sound travels only 340 meters. You can get some ideas from his gun before the sound your ears.

The fast speed of light produces some strange facts. The nearest star away that light which you can see from it started to travel to you four years ago at a speed of nearly two journey towards you even before you were born.

So, if we want to be We have to say, ―The stars look nice. They werefour years ago but their light has just reached our earth. ‖

61. faster 62. In 63. watching 64. coming 65. reaches

66. so 67. tonight 68. its 69. honest 70. shining


with your parents, don’t worry about it. Here are some .

▲Don’t argue with your parents. Your parents probably think about your ideas if you are shouting at them. And you can’t express _ about what you want to say to your parents.

▲Try to reach a compromise (和解). Perhaps you and your parents don’t agree

anything. You can keep your disagreement and try your to accept each other. Michael’s mother didn’t agree with him about buying a motorcycle. They argued over it. But they finally came to a ▲it is especially important to show love and respect to them. respect will keep your relationship strong.

▲of your own. Tell your parents you care about, and why. Understanding your values might help them see your purposes in life.

A good relationship with your parents can make you a better and happier person. Let’s have a try!

61.advice 62.won’t 63.yourself/yourselves 64.to think 65.on 66.best 67.but

68.Showing 69.those 70.what

and acts well. So of people all over the world like her. Many of her series were very popular in China, for example, Full House. Almost every young person in China has watched the TV series. Some girls have watched it for two for three times. Even now , we can watch the TV series in China. It’s the work makes people remember Song Huiqiao well.

Song Huiqiao is good at swimming ,playing the piano and skating. When

she studied in a senior high school , she used crazy about sports, such as and swimming, but she also could play the piano quietly like a fairlady. Song Huiqiao wanted to be a dress when she was young, and she would like to wear all kinds of clothes designed by .

Song Huiqiao is successful . We can say that she is a girl , but

we should also see her hard work . So , friends , work hard. Maybe you are the

next lucky .

61 hard 62 thousands 62 even 64 that 65 to be

66 skiing 67

designer 68 herself 69 lucky 70 dog


A terrible the classroom

her feet, and many of her pupils made panic cries. Mrs Li realized at once that it must be a powerful earthquake hitting the area. Though scared, to make the children calm down, opened the door right away and the children to leave the classroom and get down to the playground as as possible.

When all the children had left, she followed them to the first floor. The earth still kept moving violently (巨烈地). Some of the nearby were falling down, and a great number of falling stones were rolling down from the hills behind the school. Suddenly, she found a little boy right on his body. She forgot the she was facing and ran over, trying to push the stone away. The stone was so big it was not easy for her to move it. She kept pushing until the boy was out, carrying him to the center of the playground. The boy was later to hospital and saved.

61 who 62 herself 63 managed 64 told 65 quickly

66 buildings 67 danger 68 that 69 pulled 70 sent

―Life is speeding up. Everyone is getting unwell.‖

This may sound like something someone would say today. But in fact, a(n) person who lived in Rome in AD53 wrote it.

We all love new inventions. They are exciting, amazing, and can even change our life. But did all these message from your friend appears on the screen, the noise from the television is getting louder and louder. Suddenly the computer goes blank and you lose all your work. Now you have to stay up all night to get it One family in the UK went ―back in time‖ to see what life have today. The grandparents, with their daughter, and grandsons Benjamin, 10, and Thomas, 7, spent nine The grandmother, Lyn said, ― The more things we have, the more difficult life becomes.‖ The boys said they fought less. Probably, they said, because there was less to fight over, such as their computer. Benjamin also noticed that his from being a ―trendy, beer-drinking granny, to one who cooked things.‖

61.unknown 62.really 63.rings 64.done 65.stressed

66.noisy 67.simpler 68.was 69.washing 70.changed

(引语) the Italian poet Dante as a kind of motto. The study of Fudan University, one of China’s that 82 had chosen Dante’s ―Follow your own path and don’t worry

about what others say‖by ―Believe yourself‖ and ―Self-improvement without stop.‖

always ready to give a hand to those in need.

61 from 62 top 63 found 64 as 65 who

66 follow 67 also 68 were 69 children’s 70 better

61. grows 62. are made 63. knew

64. inventions 65. history

66. radio 67. have forgotten 68. other 69. to 70.and

London. We both some new clothes and were hoping to find a television. When we arrived in Oxford street, it was again at the ground station. So I left my husband and started around the shops. Unfortunately (不幸)all the clothes were in very large with myself. When I arrived at the station, my husband was not there, so coffee house to have a cup of tea. I . Then I saw he

we had two TV sets."

61.needed 62. crowded 63. own 64. looking 65. size

66. price 67. pleased 68. nearby 69. happy 70. but

how to use a computer.And she didn’t like being , she always put a full cup of coffee on the writing desk, and left the radio playing a thief think someone must be at home. One day she came back after a day out, and found that there was something

only a little left in the cup, and the radio was off. But when she looked at the computer, she saw it was on and someone had typed in a new story. She had no idea who had got in, or how, because none of the door and windows . Then she sat down to read the story. To her surprise, it was a very good one. ―I will use it in my .

61.house 62.herself 63.because 64.leaving 65.to make

66.different 67.coffee 68.was broken 69.next 70.happily


. Life belongs to us ever thought about the question that how one__61__ life should be spent? Make money, get power or do anything one really wants to do. In my opinion I think we should learn to __62__life. __63___ in the world around us there are many people who are busy all the time looking for things that seem very important to them. Though they feel tired and unhappy, they still don’t _64__to stop to have a good time for a while. Why not take some time to watch the white __65__ in the sky or listen to the birds singing in the forest or have a walk in the fresh air __66__the weekend? ―Why not do everything in __67__easy way to improve both your health and your mind?‖ All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.‖ Once you have learned to enjoy life, you will get more money and confidence in _68_, and live more _69__. Your work will be __70__ better and you will succeed in the end.

61. person’s 62. enjoy 63. But 64. want 65.clouds

66. at 67. an 68. yourself 69. happily 70.done

In the past 25 years, the number of the people with obesity(肥胖症) in Europe doubled. Experts say that it has a lot to do with our eating habits.

Our eating habits are very important for good and a strong body. Most of like eating sweets and ice cream better than meat and rice. Sweets and ice cream are not bad for us if we eat them at the end of a meal. If we eat them 食欲)。

It’s important for us to eat our meal at the same time each day. When we feel or excited, we may not want to eat. A long time ago, in England, some judges(法官) often decided a man was telling the truth by giving him some dry bread. If the man could not swallow that he wasn’t telling the truth. A man has difficulty in swallowing anything dry, because he his appetite.

61. getting 62. has 63. health 64. us 65. before

66. worried 67. whether 68.meant 69. who 70. loses

Communication is a problem for parents and children of all with your parents, don’t worry about it. Here are some advice for you to bridge the generation gap(消除代


Don’t argue with your parents. Don’t get to your parents when you are angry. Your parents probably won’t consider your ideas if you are shouting at them. And you can’t express well if you are angry. Go someplace to cool off. Make sure you understand why you are unhappy. Then think about what you want to to your parents. If you don’t think you can speak to them at the moment, try writing a letter.

Try to reach a compromise (和解). Perhaps you and your parents disagree on something. You can keep your disagreement and try your best to accept other. Michael’s mother didn’t agree with him about a motorcycle. They argued over it. But they finally came to a compromise. Michael bought the motorcycle, but only drove it on days.

Of course, your parents might refuse to compromise on something. In these situations, it is especially important to show love and respect to them. Showing respect will keep your relationship strong.

Talk about your values. The values of your parents are probably different from of your own. Tell your parents you care about and why. Understanding your values might help them see your purposes in life.

A good relationship with your parents can make you a better and person. It is worth having a try!

61.however 62.ages 63.yourself 64.say 65.each 66.buying 67.certain 68.those 69.what


in the sixth century B.C. At that time, men could be in the races. Women had no right to take part in the Olympic Games ________(62) 1912. The __________(63) Olympics started in Athens in 1896. Since then we hold the Olympic Games every four years.

The IOC make rules for ___________(64). So they have the same chance to win. Winning at the Olympics is a great honor. Those _________(65) win at the Olympics are the best in the world. ―Faster, higher, __________(66)‖ is the slogan of the Olympics. China has won many gold medals ________(67) Xu Haifeng got China’s first Olympic medal. Many excellent players such as Liu Guoliang and Guo Jingjing have given good examples to us. When Liu Xiang passed the finishing line, all the Chinese people jumped up and down, cheering. Everyone in China felt __________(68) and proud.

As we know, China will be the host country to hold the 29th Olympic Games in the year 2008. The Five Friendlies have been chosen as the official Mascots of the Olympics. ___________(69) of athletes will come to Beijing to compete for medals.

We hope our country can hold the Olympics ____________(70). We also hope all the athletes can work hard and set more world records.

61 held 62 until 63 modern 64 athletes 65 who 66 stronger 67 since 68 excited 69 Thousands 70 successfully

mountains. It can (62)______suddenly in a very short time, and that has( 63)____a few times in the past

days. Yesterday when we woke up at 8:00,it was cloudy but dry. Soon after it started to rain a bit at around 10:00. In 20 minutes it became(64)_____, and it was freezing cold outside. Then at around 12:00,when we just finished our (65)____to the Potala, the snow stopped and the clouds became thick(厚的). In an hour the temperature(66)___up to over 20 degrees and it became sunny! Later in the afternoon it became even(67)____and we had (68)____at an open air tea-house in the old town. At night after dinner it suddenly was very cold again and it started raining at 6:30. the whole day there was (69)____any wind, but while we were (70)___for the taxi at 7:00,the wind suddenly picked up.

61.high 62.change63.happened64. snow 65.visit66.wen 67.warmer68.drinks 69hardly 70.waiting

most families make the cross-country trip to their hometowns for the Lunar(阴历)New Year, which in late January or February. As in the West, this day sends off the past year and leads in the new. For children, the most popular custom is dressing up in colorful silk hanbok and performing the seba e(New Year Bow) before all the elders of the family and them pok (good luck) for the coming year. In turn, they are given pocket money. This is one custom that is in no of dying out (消灭). Some of the other games that make this day are a tug-of-war, kite-flying, see-sawing, and yut-nori, a kind of board game with sticks. Traditionally for girls over seven, the see-saw was window to the world. New Year's Day to be the only time of the year that girls could see over the courtyard walls. Nowadays, the see-saw is a test of balance than the social event girls looked forward to all year.

61. twice 62.falls 63.early 64.wishing 65.danger 66. special 67.played 68.their 69.used 70.more

hurry and looking at their got a television. People think that we are very strange. ―But what do you do in the evenings?‖ We by some people. The answer is simple. Both my wife and I have a lot of things to do. We certainly don’t spend cooking and painting. She often goes to evening classes foreign languages. This is very as we always go to foreign countries our holidays. I like stamps and I am always busy with my collection. Both of us enjoy listening to music and playing cards together.

Sometimes there are power cuts we have no electricity in the house. This does not worry us as we just light candles and carry on with what we before. Our friends are no television! So they don’t know what to do. On such evenings our house is very full they all come to us. They all have a good time. Instead of sitting in front of the television, everybody talks and plays games. Yes, life is possible without television! I think our life is than our

56. telling 57. watches 58. haven’t 59. are asked 60. enjoys 61. to learn 62. useful 63. for

64. and 65. are doing 66. lost 67. as 68. quietly 69. more interesting 70. friends’

(75) 2003年杭十中中考模拟

day by reading the paper. In this they learn what is on in the world. Sometimes, however, they have time to read the news at the front page, at other times they may be in such a hurry they have time only to look at the headlines.

There are newspapers to meet the needs of every reader. In big there are many kinds of papers, but in small towns there are newspapers. In some places the paper is once a week. Most newspapers many pages besides the front page with the important news.

Today, as a group. English language newspapers enjoy the largest number of . With the development of the world, some new newspapers will be printed in the years to

56—60:an, their, way, going, don’t 61

—65:carefully, look, that, cities, fewer

66—70:printed, have, most, readers, come

1,093 inventions. Many of his inventions have changed life. Why Edison was able to make so inventions. That is because he was the man never gave up. He always thought no matter how difficult something seemed, he could find the he believed that nothing difficult if you put your heart into it. When he was a child, he was always asking strange questions and

out new ideas. Many of his questions made his teacher or angry, because the strange questions had nothing to do with his in science and learned very fast.

61.made 62.our 63.many 64.who 65.that 66.answer 67.was 68.trying 69.unhappy 70.lessons

Washington was created in 1700, when Congress ( the highest lawmaking body of the U. S. A.)decided the nation’s new capital in the east of the country. It the United States.

Building. world-famous building in Washington is the White House. This is the Washington is also a great culture city. The Library of Congress contains() one of the largest library collections of cultural musical and theatre performances throughout the year.

56. population 57. city 58. to place 59. was built 60. northern 61. first 62. most 63. Another

64. home 65. however 66. is 67. world 68. nation’s 69. the 70. And


The beginning of a new year finds many people making New Year’s resolutions. Though they are easy to make, few people stay true to them. , it’s a new year and many want to turn over a leaf. If you’re one of , you’ll be more successful if you make SMART goals! Each goal should be: Specific. Don’t say you want to lose some lose, how many books to read, or how many times a to exercise.

Measurable(可衡量的). Weigh yourself daily, count the number of books you read notes of how many times you exercise each week.

Attainable(可达成的). Don’t set impossible goals. For example, don’t make promise to lose 10 kilograms in a week. Or if you have just running, realize you won’t be running a long-distance race in a month.

Relevant(相关的). If you love history, you probably read eight books a month about science. You won’t stick with it if the subject isn’t

Timely. Set deadlines. How long will you to read a book?

A new year is about starting over--- so start now!

61. However 62. new 63. them 64.weight 65. Week 66. monthly 67. started

68. will

69. interesting 70. Take

(79) 启正 2012.03

We often hear that children wish they were grown-ups, and that old people wish they were young. Each wasting their time in useless regrets.

. A child is fed, looked after and loved by all grown-ups like parents or grandparents. What’s more, life is always giving new things to people they often lose their interest in those things.

On the other hand, a child may also have some pains with him. He is not so free to do what he wishes to When a child grows up, he can no . If he still spends most of his time playing as he to in childhood, he will go hungry. If, however, he works hard and no trouble, he can build up his own position in society with great happiness.

61.what 62.duties 63.him 64.older 65.something 66.shouted 67.longer 68.comfortably 69. used 70.has


Louis Braille was born in Coupvray, France. He was a very smart child. years old.

Three years later, Louis and his father traveled to Paris. There, he went to a school for blind children. One day a French soldier, Charles Barbier, visited the school. Barbier invented a system of night-reading. This small dots for the letters. Soldiers used this system in time of Barbier thought this system could help the blind to read.

Soon Braille discovered that there were some shortcomings in Barbier's system, but it gave Louis a Now he wanted try his system. Luck went The school refused to use his system. Louis died in 1852 in Paris at the age of forty-three.

this system Braille in honour of Louis Braille. His system is used for all languages, and for maths, science,

61--70. Unluckily, his , used , war, fifteen, blind, against, after, call, for


a stamp on it? you can send e-mails quickly and easily. The post is much . An e-mail is easy o use and it time and money. The differences in time in different parts of the world do not matter the day time or night. one has to be there to receive e-mails. It doesn’t matter if your friends in bed when you send e-mails to them, or you are a movie at the cinema when they send e-mails back.

61. putting 62. With 63. computer 64. slower 65. Seconds 66. saves 67. when 68. No 69. are 70. seeing


Since the Year of the Dragon is coming, it’s time for us to know about this mysterious creature. it is the only animal that is not real among the Chinese zodiac signs(生肖), the dragon is rooted in the Chinese culture. Some people think that the dragon comes from a mixed description of some animals, such as snakes, fish and crocodiles. By the Han Dynasty, the appearance was described to have parts from nine animals, such as the tail of a whale; the face of a camel and the of a tiger.

In China, dragons are said to have great powers. Chinese emperors they were the real dragons and the sons of heaven. In ancient China, people great respect for any dragon in pictures, carvings(雕刻) and writings, and a result, the dragon became the symbol of the Chinese nation. All people, including the emperors, prostrated(拜倒) in front of the image of a dragon.

The dragon plays an important part in Chinese festivals. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated every year all over China.

Though the dragon is legendary, the Chinese people, with great respect for this powerful creature, are of that---―the descendants of the dragon‖.

61. Though 62. deeply 63. creature’s 64. feet 65. thought 66. showed 67. as 68. themselves 69. also 70. proud

(83) 萧山瓜沥片

by the advertisements on the Internet. Something is said to be a bargain, but it isn’t always __62___. And some so-called new things just have a new outside.

___63__, shopping online is a kind of fashionable thing today. I __64___ to buy things of __65___ use, so I often get lots of information about __66___ on websites online. For example, if I want an MP3, I can choose my favorite one, and look for what the __67___ like or don’t like about it, then decide whether to buy or not. And at the same time, you don’t have to go to a shop or walk around a crowded ___68__ area, so you don’t have to waste much time. The Internet is __69___ useful for shopping, but __70___ careful not to spend too much.

61. fooled 62. cheap 63. however 64. love 65. everyday 66. them 67. users 68. shopping 69. really 70. be

(84) 树兰实验 2012.02

“Boys and girls, tomorrow I want you to bring a cup of macaroni(通心粉)for our craft class, OK?” These my teacher rang in my mind all evening. I was afraid of the next day because I knew we had no macaroni at home. Living in an alcoholic(嗜酒的)family, we never had too much of anything beer bottles.

I went home after school. Where could I find macaroni? I knew that the local bottle shop gave ten cents for a beer bottle, so I decided to sell some bottles to get money for macaroni. I started to

the bottles. After selling those bottles, I earned eighty cents. Although I did my had no macaroni for my craft class.

“Weren’t you ”my teacher asked.

I went red in the face. I didn’t know what to say and other children started laughing. Then a little girl, Rosalyn, who sat beside me turned to me and said, “You can have some of .”She offered a bag in her eyes made me cry and I ran out of the room. I took her macaroni or thanked her for her bag of kindness. However, I often think about Rosalyn and the way she turned to save me t hat day. I used to spend a great deal of my life complaining and keep kind people like Rosalyn a ,After that class, I .I am grateful to all the people like Rosalyn that made this world a better place to live in.

61、words 62、except 63、collect 64、best 65、listenning

66、mine 67、kindness 68、never 69、angry 70、changed


artists . The king looked at all the pictures. But there were only two he really liked, and he had to choose them.

One picture was of a calm lake. The lake was a perfect mirror (镜子) for peace because of the high mountains around it. Overhead a blue sky with fluffy (蓬松的) white clouds. Anyone who saw this picture thought that it was a perfect picture of peace.

The other picture had , too. But they were rugged (高低不平的). Above was from which rain fell and in which lightening A waterfall was down the side of the mountain. This did not look peaceful at all.

But when the king looked of the rock. In the bush, a mother bird had built her nest. There, in the midst of the angry water, sat the mother bird on the nest - in perfect . Which picture do you think won the prize? The king chose the second one. Do you know why? ―Because,‖ explained the king, ―peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace in the midst of all those things, you’re still calm in your heart.‖

61-65: tried, between, was, mountains, an. 66-70:played, rushing, closer, peace, means

No one can go through his whole life without experiencing any hard time. When something troubles __61__, do we look on the dark side or the __62__ side? Here is a story that can speak for it. Two salespersons, Jimmy and Harry, were __63__ to a poor country in Africa, where only __64__ people wore shoes. After they got there, they had to __65__ something back to their boss. Jimmy said, ―It’s a pity that people here don’t wear shoes. Nobody is in __66__ of shoes. I see no promising(有希望的) future for our products.‖ How about Harry? He said, ―What a __67__ chance for us! People around the country don’t have shoes. I can say it for sure that we’ll sell a lot of shoes here.‖ __68__, isn’t it? They went to the same country, sold the same products, but they had different __69__ in their minds, and the results surely would be __70__. If you were the salesperson, which one would you like to be?

61. us 62.bright 63.sent 64.few 65.report 66. need 67. wonderful 68.Interesting

69.thoughts 70.different

young millionaires when they opened a chain of American-style coffee shops in the U.K. One evening, in a Thai restaurant, Sahar told Bobby she wished she could buy American-style coffee in London. Bobby suggested they start their own coffee shop. Sahar fell in love with the idea.

Doing the Research: Back in London, she spent a whole day on the London subway, getting the train at different stations to taste the coffee. ―It was terrible, and I knew there was a gap in the market.‖ In November 1995, they opened their 316431 Coffee Republic shop in central London.

Making it work: The first British people were not to the names of American coffees, like latte and macchiato. But successful was their dream and they were not going to give up. Today, there are over 100 Coffee Republic

shops all over the country and the company has revenues(收入) of £30 million a year.

Advice for others: Sahar has now written a best-selling book about their experience, called your dream."

61. started 62.how 63.off 64.first 65.problems

66. used 67.being 68.Anyone 69.other 70.If

(88) 余杭星桥 2012.03

came to a hotel and

prepared to put up for the night (投宿)there. A young man___62__ them with open arms, but said ―I’m sorry! Our guest rooms here are all full and the hotels nearby are all full, too, __63___there will be an important meeting to be held here tomorrow.‖

Hearing the young man’s words, the old couple ____64___very disappointed, and turned around to leave.

Just as they were____65__, the young man came up to them and stopped them: ―Madam and sir, if you don’t___66___, you can sleep in my bedroom for a night…….‖

The next evening, the old couple took out lots of money to give it to the young man, but he refused to ___67___it.

―No!You needn’t pay me ___68__money, for I only lend my room to you.‖ said the young man with a

smile on his face.

―You’re great, young man! It’s very ___69___of you. Maybe one day, I’ll build a hotel for you!‖ said the old man thankfully.

__70____these words, the old couple left.

61. rainy 62. received 63. for 64. felt 65. leaving 66. mind 67. take 68. any

69. kind 70. With


In the past, when we needed something, we went to a place, bought it, and then Some people spent much time on streets and looking at all the shopping windows. At last, they carried a lot of things home or had none of them. They got very tired after for so long.

Now, you have another way easier to do — TV shopping. Just turn on the TV, switch (转换)to

the shopping channel, get a Coke for and the only thing you have to do is to sit comfortably and

watch TV. You don’t need to worry it’s cold or hot outside, whether you get a friend to go with you, whether you have enough money with you. After you order the products you see on TV, they will be to your house within only a few days. What if you don’t like the things you’ve bought? Don’t worry! You can just give them back. More importantly, you pay for that.

TV shopping is now the most common and way for shopping. Try it next time when you need

to buy something.

61. left 62. walking 63. back 64. much 65.yourself

66. whether 67. or 68. sent 69. nothing 70. easiest


Do you ever find yourself longing for some time for yourself? Many of us are so busy with work and school and there is little time to do something that we enjoy. What follows are some ways to find to slow down and enjoy life.

1. Evenings with yourself. Try to save certain weeknights just for you. If others ask you to do something exercise.

2. Monthly treat. Schedule a treat for yourself once a month. Maybe you can go to see a movie, have a haircut, play golf whatever treat you’re always thinking about but seldom get to.

3. Book tickets earlier. Sports, theater, concerts or any other event you would plans with a friend later. Having the tickets in hand will force you to make it happen!

4. Join a group. Here are some ideas of groups that can allow you some time from work and study: singing group, book club, biking/walking/running/etc clubs, ski club, etc. What are you in? Look up a club in your area today and join! If you can’t find a club, consider starting one by yourself!

5. Exercise. For people it can be difficult to make time for this. All you have to do is decide today and then make it a reality tomorrow. A new habit is started with just one step. Take that first step tomorrow. Walk for 20 in the morning. And then build on that success daily.

61. left 62. else 63. doing 64. or 65. enjoy

66. already 67. away

68. interested 69. busy 70. minutes

(91) As post-90s students, we have so many advantages. We are usually kind and . When someone is in trouble, we always give him her a hand. We are also energetic. We like to do sports and go travelling. of us can work hard in class and play happily after class. In addition, we are obviously imaginative. We always try something new and do differently.

On the other hand, we also have some disadvantages. To tell the truth, some of us are a little . Sometimes we can’t express our opinions a correct way. What’s more, we are so careless that we often make some mistakes in our studies and Overall, as post-90s students will enter senior high school, I think we need to get used to school life as as we can. We should work hard every day and an active part in all kinds of activities to improve our abilities. Boys and girls, the future is up to us to create.

61. helpful 62. or 63. Most 64. everything 65. impolite 66. in 67. lives

68. who 69. quickly 70. take

(92) 桐庐城关 2010.4

her pretty face and her talent(才能) attract many sports fans.

Because Sui is one of the top basketball in Asia(亚洲), she was chosen to play in the WNBA(women’s NBA) in the U.S.A. It’s the time she has worked abroad. She said she was ready for the challenges ahead. She finds friendship and help from her teammates and fans. So she always has confidence in English.

―My best point is that I enjoy speaking—I’m never afraid to my mouth!‖ She likes speaking English to .

Off the sports ground, she is a good writer. She reads , from foreign novels to Chinese Kungfu stories. That makes her love writing very much. She writes for many newspapers, and she enjoys

diaries. She feels free to put her down on paper.

This is Sui Feifei, a popular new star.

61. Both 62. players 63. first 64. herself 65. spoken 66. open 67. others 68. widely 69. keeping 70. thoughts

this is you should do.

Sit down and stay where you are. Don't try to find your friends. Let them you. You can help them to find you by in one place.

There is another way to help your friends or other people to find you. Give them a signal (信号) by shouting or whistling (吹口哨three times is a call for help.

Keep on shouting or whistling, always three times together. When people hear you, they will give two twice, it is an answer to a call for help. If you don't think that you will get help night comes, try to make a small room branches (树枝).

What should you do if you get hungry need to drink water? You would have to leave your little branch room to look for something to eat and drink. Don't just walk away. Drop small branches as you walk so that you can find your way .

The most important thing to do when you are lost —

stay in one place.

61. what 62. find 63. staying 64. stop 65. shouts 66. given 67. before 68. with 69. or 70. back

(94) father decided to call on a monk (修道士) to train child.

The monk said to the boy's father, "You should leave your son alone here, I'll make him into a man within three months. However, you can't come to see him during this period."

Three months . The boy's father came. The monk arranged a box (拳击) match the child and an experienced boxer. Each time the fighter struck the boy, he fell down, but at once the boy stood up, and each time he was knocked down again, then the boy stood up again. After several , the monk asked, "What do you think of your child?"

" a shame (羞愧)!" the boy's father said. "I never thought he would be so easily knocked down. I needn't have him here any longer."

"I am sorry that's all you see. you see that each time he falls down, he stands up again instead of ? That's the kind of courage you wanted him to have.

61. courage 62. his 63. true 64. later 65. between 66. times 67. What 68. stay 69. Don’t 70. crying


Do and thoughts? Or are you afraid your friend would laugh at you, or just can't understand if you are going through?

Anne Frank chose the first kind. She lived in Amsterdam during World War II. Her family was Jewish so they had to hide, or they would be by the German soldiers. She and her family had hidden away for two year before they discovered. During this time the true friend was her diary, which she Kitty.

In a diary dated Thursday 15, June, 1944, she wrote, "Dear Kitty, I wonder it's because I haven't been

to be outdoors for so long that I've grown so mad about everything to do with nature. I can well remember that there was a time when a blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me puzzled. That changed since I was here for a year and a half."

61. that 62. what 63. caught 64. were 65. only 66. called 67. on 68. if 69. able 70. has

(96) space, and they can reach any part of the world. The take pictures of the atmosphere (大气), because this is where the weather forms (形成). They send these pictures to the station. So the scientists there can see the weather of any part of the world and tell how the weather will change.

Today, nearly five hundred weather stations in sixty countries can they receive the new pictures, they compare (比较) them with the earlier ones. Perhaps they may find that the clouds have during the last few hours. This may mean that the weather on the ground may soon change, too. In their next weather , they can tell people about it. So the weather satellites are of a great to the scientists at the station. In the past they could forecast the weather for

about 24 or 48 hours . Now they can make good forecasts for three five days. Soon, perhaps, they may be able to forecast the weather a week or more ahead.

61. satellites 62. weather 63. receive 64. When 65. changed 66. forecast 67. help 68. earlier 69. or 70. for

(97) teenagers, to discover the pleasure of reading. It is also the day to honor great writers, for example, William Shakespeare, was born on that day.

1998. Reading can benefit people in many ways. Reading helps us become more knowledgeable and more intelligent.

Reading helps us to follow the developments of science and technology. information about other cultures and places in the world. When we read, we may find many things that are unfamiliar to a foreign language like English.

―Reading makes a full man‖ (Bacon,1597). Books, magazines, newspapers and other of reading materials can help us to know more about the outside world. Therefore, it is necessary for us to spend time reading every day.

61. especially 62. Take 63. done 64. latest 65. Reading66. or 67. more 68. and 69. ways 70. kinds

the Internet?

Many people are 62 ________ when they find that the Internet was set up in the 1980s. At that time, computers were large and expensive. Computer networks(网络) didn’t work 63_______ . If one computer broke down, then the whole network 64________ .So a new network system had to be set up. This was why computer network system would keep on 65__________ all the time.

At 66_________, the Internet was only used by the government, but in the early 1970s, 67_________ hospitals and banks were allowed to use it, too. However, computers were still very 68________ and the Internet was difficult to use. By the start of 1990s, computers became cheaper and easier to use. Scientists have also 69_________ software (软件)that made ―surfing‖ the Internet more convenient. The Internet has now become one of the most important parts of people’s life.

Today it is easy to get online and it is said that millions of people use the Internet every day. 70________ e-mails is more and more popular among students.

61-65 us surprised well stopped working 66-70 first universities expensive developed sending

Probably you have seen someone reading a book on an electronic reading device. Over the past few years, these small computers have become more popular. For that reason, more companies that make paper books are now making electronic books (ebooks). Most ebooks are the same as paper books, people download a file into a reading device rather than many books.

Books companies are adding special features some ebooks. These extra features might include sound files, picture files, or video files. When the readers click on these files they learn more about the book, the story, or the writer.

The latest electronic readers are smaller and , but they are also much more powerful. They can store much more information, so writers and book companies can do more with ebooks. They do not want to just add files to completed book. They are making the sound, picture, and video files part of the story. Readers need these files to understand the whole story. Readers can change the story.

Readers already have a lot of books to choose from. If they can change the way stories end, they will have more !

61. traditional 62. but 63. buying 64. carry 65. to 66. cheaper 67. their 68. a 69. even 70. choices

(100)杭州余杭区 2013.05

Have you ever had problems in your life and don’t know how to be happy? If so, you will find the book ―Being a Happy Teenager‖ written by Australian writer Andrew Matthews . In his book, Matthews tells us how to have a happy life and the questions of teenagers.

There are many subjects such as parents and friends, and the book says we should stop being and forgive. The book tells us some skills such as how to put you have learned into pictures of your mind to make your memory better.

Many teenagers think that happiness from a good exam result or praise (赞扬) from other people. you can still be happy when there are no such ―good‖ things.

Success comes from a good attitude. If you learn from problems, you will have success in the future. Some school students have problems such as too tall or too short. But Matthews tells us that happiness comes from thinking about things a positive way. If you are tall, people notice you and you can get a view at the movie; if you are short, your clothes and shoes take less in your bedroom! This is Matthews’ most important lesson: you can choose to be happy!

61. useful 62. answers 63. angry 64. what 65. comes 66.But 67. being 68. in 69. better 70. room

(101)杭州市亭趾实验学校 2013.09

Everyone wants to have healthy teeth. When you laugh, you will open your mouth and show your teeth. The healthier your teeth are, the you feel. Why is that?

It’s your teeth are important in many ways. Take care of them, and they'll help to take care of you. Strong, healthy teeth help you grow. They also help you speak . You can take care of your teeth by doing like these:

Brush your teeth twice a day, after getting up and before bedtime. And you brush all of your teeth, not the front ones. Spend some time on the teeth along the sides and in the back. Take your time while . Spend at least three each time you brush. Be sure your toothbrush is soft. Ask your parents to help you get a new toothbrush three months. Clean your teeth with dental floss (牙线). It strange when you do it at first, but soon you'll get used to doing it. Brushing keeps your teeth healthy. You also need to care about you eat and drink. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink water instead of drinks.

Do you want to have white and healthy teeth? Please brush your teeth!

61. happier 62. because 63. clearly 64. just 65. brushing 66. minutes 67. every 68. between 69. feels 70. what


) hills. Of all its streets there is a famous named Lombard Street.

Lombard Street is an east-west street, and it at Presidio Boulevard and runs east through the Cow Hollow neighborhood. For 12 blocks Broderick Street and Van Ness Avenue, it is a main road that is co-signed as US Route 101.

Lombard Street is best for the one-way section on Russian Hill between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets. It is as the crookedest(最曲折的) street with eight sharp in the world. It was first designed by Carl Henry and built in 1922.

With the hill’s natural 27% grade, the street is too steep for most vehicles(车) to 。 So if you travel here, you’d better go on foot, in this way you can enjoy many kinds of flowers along the way. When you are tired, the cable cars can take you up and down. When you get to the

place of the street, you can have fun enjoying the beautiful scenery, Bay Bridge and Coit Tower are just your eyes.

61. one 62. begins 63. between 64. known 65. regarded 66. turns 67. climb 68. and 69. highest 70. before

both can lead to (症状)

So try these ten easy relaxation(放松)tips to feel more relaxed.

1.Take a short break and leave a stressful situation. If you are at work, offer to run or go for a short walk.

A few minutes away can help you think .

2.Take a break from the activity you are working and do something different. Sometimes it helps to come back to a task later when you feel more relaxed .

to classical or nature music has been shown to lower heart rate and slow breathing.

the day. Spend 5-10 minutes to read something uplifting(使人开心的) or humorous, or chat with a friend.

5. Practice mindfulness(警觉). Mindfulness is the to be fully aware of the present moment.

6. Change your focus. As people feel more stressed,their attention focused on what they believe to be the cause of their stress and they ignore(忽视)other information.

7. Have a hot bath or shower. This will help to get rid of the tension in your muscles which is a normal result of stress.

the things that are worrying you. If you are worried, it is very difficult to relax easily.

9. Keep things in a correct way. Ask ―how important is it?‖ ―How important will it be in a year’s time?‖Many of the things that cause stress are not important when we look at the big picture.

10.Slow your breathing and purposefully(有目的地) relax your body for quick results. This will be than before if you have learned easy relaxation methods that you can use when you need them.

61. unpleasant 62. clearly 63. on 64. Listening 65. during 66. ability 67. becomes 68. down 69. yourself 70. easier


help to ____61____those needs.

To get the help you need, think about ___62_____ to family and friends, others who also have trouble, people you meet in support groups and even help ____63______.

No one needs to face big trouble alone. When people in trouble look for and receive help from others , they often find it___64____ to live through.

You may find it hard to ask for or accept help. After all, you are used to taking care of yourself. Maybe you think that asking for help shows___65_____. Or perhaps you do not want to let others know that some things are hard for you to do. All these feelings are not___66_____. As one man with a great difficulty once said:―I had always been the strong one. Now I had to turn to others for help. It wasn’t easy at first,____67_____ the support of others helped me get through a lot of hard times.‖

People feel good when they help others. Your friends may not know what to say or ___68____to act when they are with you. Some people may even avoid you. But they may feel better when you ask them to cook a meal or pick up__69____ child after school. There are many ways that family, friends, other people who have similar troubles and many others can help. ___70____ turn, there are also ways you can help and support them!

61-65. meet , turning, providers , easier, weakness 66-70. unusual, but, how, your , In


after school, you may want to have something to eat before getting to work. Remember to do your before you get too tired. Don’t wait until very late in the evening, or homework will seem much than it really is. Cut your time into some periods. If you have more than an work, give yourself a break after an hour. On the other hand, don’t break it up so much that you can’t do least half hour at a time without stopping.

Don’t put it off until the last minute. If you put off doing your homework, you won’t your free time so much. If you put it off until the end of the week until right before a test, you will have too much to learn. A little bit each night, enough to keep up with what each day at school, will keep you on top.

Do your homework at the same time every day. This will help you make it a -part of your daily routine (日常安排). It will make it easier to do, and it will make your free time more enjoyable as well.

61. do 62. homework 63. harder 64. hour’s 65. anything 66. an 67. enjoy 68. or 69. happens 70. habit

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