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1.We consider our English teacher a good friend. 2.We find our English teacher patient.
3.We call our class teacher Mr. Wang.

consider + sb. + n./adj.
find + sb. + n./adj. call + sb. + n.

用来补充说明宾语所表示的人或 事物所发出来的动作,或者说明

2.句子的基本结构 主语+谓语+宾语+宾语补足语

3. 可以充当宾语补足语的词和词 组有:

1. 名词 2,形容词. 3. 现在分词: 4. 动词不定式:(to do /do) 过去分词:6.副词和介词短语 5.


1. 名词: We made him our monitor. They considered this good advice. They named their daughter Jenny. 常用名词充当宾语补足语的动词有: make, find, call, name, elect, think, appoint, choose, consider, keep, wish, feel等。

The baseball players _______ each other the beat of luck in the match before it began. A

A. wished C. expected

B. hoped D. wanted


注:充当宾语补足语的名词若 表示正式的或独一无二的头衔、 职位时,前面一般不用冠词, 如: They elected John chairman of the committee(委员会).


2. 形容词: You should keep your room clean. We’d better leave the door open. 注:常用形容词充当宾语补足语的 动词有:believe, think, get, keep, make, find, set, like, wish, see, consider, prove, have, leave, 以及 paint, drive, turn, cut 等。


3. 现在分词: ?I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. ?I could feel the cold wind blowing on my face. ?At this moment she noticed the teacher coming in.

V-ing形式作宾语补足语表示的是一 个正在进行的主动动作。常见的可 以接V-ing形式作宾语补足语的动词 有两类: (1)感官动词,如:see, hear, watch, find, feel, smell, observe, notice, look at, listen to ... (2)部分使役动词,如:have, keep, get, leave ...


4. 动词不定式:(to do /do) Nobody could make him change
his mind. Would you like me to come

along with you?

动词不定式作宾语补足语表示动作 的全过程或即将发生的主动动作, 常分为两种: (1)带to的不定式,常见的跟带to的不 定式作宾补的动词有 advise, cause, allow, ask, invite, teach, tell, want, like, ask for, order, wait for ...

to的不定式作宾补的动词包括感官 动词,如see, hear, watch,

notice, feel ... 和使役动词,如let,
make, have ... (注:在被动语态 中,动词不定式前要加上to)


5. 过去分词: He watched the TV set carried

out of the room.
When you speak E

nglish, be sure to make yourself understood.

个已经完成或被动的动作。能 接V-ed形式作宾语补足语的动 词也分为两类:感官动词和部




When do you want it back?

Why didn’t you invite them in?

We could hear the children at
play outside.

with + 宾语 + 宾补

(1). with + 宾语 + 介词短语 She said goodbye to us with
tears in her eyes. (2). with+ 宾语 + 形容词/副词

It is bad manners to speak with
your mouth full.

(3). with + 宾语 + 不定式(将来的动作)
With so much work to do, we can’t go playing. With a boy leading the way, they

(4). with + 宾语 + -ing形式 (动作正在进行 started off.
(5). with + 宾语 + 过去分词 (被动或完成) With the problems settled we all felt

very happy.

More examples with an object complement

(1) We made him ________(主席) chairman of our Students’ Union. (2) I find the novel(有趣和神奇) interesting and amazing ______________________.

(3) Please keep the cat ____(出去). out

(4) I am often kept at home _______(在家) all day long on Sunday.


1. It’s difficult to get a car
____________ (go) on a cold going / to go morning.

2. His failing the exam got his parents ________ (worry). worried

repaired 3. I have had my bike ________

(repair), and I’m going to
have my brother ______ repair (repair) my radio tomorrow.

4. Don’t leave the water

_______ (run) while you running brush your teeth.
5. Homework is left ________ undone (undo) and daily games lost.

6. She was found ______ (lie) lying

at the corner, dead. 7. He raised his voice to make
himself _______ (hear). heard

8. A: I often hear this song _____ (sing), but I have sung
never heard him ______ sing (sing) it.

B: Listen! I can hear him
singing _______ (sing) it now.

11. I can’t sleep well with the
noise ______ (go) on. going

12. With a lot of problems _________ (settle), he will to settle
have a hard time.

1. The teacher asked us ______ so much noise. A. don’t make B. not make

C. not making

D. D not to make

3. We are trying our best to attract(吸引) visitors and

keep them ______. A. Interested B. interesting A C. interest D. to interest

4. After a knock at the door, the child heard his mother’s
voice ______ him. A. calling A C. being called B. called

D. to call

5.Though he had often made his little sister ____, today he was made ____ by his little sister. A

A. cry; to cry
C. cry; cry

B. crying; crying
D. to cry; cry

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