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Unit 7 How much are these pants?
联办2班 刘 冰

I. 翻译下列短语或句子

1. (价钱)多少______________________________ how much
2. 以合适的价格___________________________ at a good price

two red sweaters 3. 两件红毛衣_____________________________
4. 我将买下它/他们________________________ I’ll take it/them

twenty-five dollars 5. 25美元_________________________________ Here you are. 6. 给你___________________________________ Can I help you? 7. 你想要点什么?__________________________

8. 只要20美元__________________ for only 20 dollars
high/low price 9. 价格高、低__________________ You’re welcome. 10. 不客气_____________________ for boys/girls 11.对男孩/女孩_________________ at great sale/on sale 12.特价销售_________________ 13.一双___________________ a pair of clothes store 14.服装店_______________

1.询问价格的句型: -How much is the/this/that +单数商品? -It’s… -How much are the/these/those+复数商品? -They’re… What’s the price of+商品? 2.购物用语: ①.Can I help you? Yes,please.I need…/No,thanks. ②.What color do you want? 你要什么颜色? ③.I’ll take it/them. 我将买下它/他们。 ④.Here you are. 给你

⑤.For girls,we have skirts in purple for only ﹩20. ⑥.-Thank you. -That‘s OK/That’s all right/Not at all /My pleasure/You're welcome.

重点短语: 1.how much 多少 问价格 或问不可数名词的量 how many 多少 问可数名词的量 How much milk do you have? How many apples do you have? many 许多 ,many+可数名词复数。 He has many books. much 许多 ,much+不可数名词。 He eat much chicken. a lot of=lots of 许多,大量 既可修饰可数名词复数又 可修饰不可数名词 2.look +形容词 看起来… The sweater looks nice.

3.buy 动词 买 buy sb sth=buy sth for sb buy sth from… 从…买… sell 动词 卖 sell sb sth=sell sth to sb sale 名词 on sale/at great sale 4.at a good /high/low price 以合理的、高的、 低的价格 5.skirts in purple=purple skirts in many colors 各种颜色; in+颜色 穿…色的衣服 6.for boys/girls 对于男孩/女孩

7. a pair of 一双… a pair of shoes , three pairs of shorts There______(be)a pair of shoes on the table. I like this pair of trousers,I’ll take______(they).

注意:名词socks,shoes,shorts,trousers都是由不可分割 的两部分构成的物品,通常以复数的形式出现。当上 述词做主语时谓语动词要用复数。 但是:a pair of trousers 做主语时… How much_____(be)the socks? This pair of shoes______(be)only 2dollars. The green socks______(be) very nice.


1、0到12单独记 one 一 two 二 three 三 four 四 five 五 six 六 seven 七 eight 八 nine 九 ten 十 eleven 十一 twelve 十二

2、13到19,teen跟着走: thirteen 十三 fourteen 十四 fifteen 十五 sixteen 十六 seventeen 十七 eighteen 十八 nineteen 十九 它们在

结构上有两个特点:一是在发音方面都 有两个重音;二是在拼法上都有后缀-teen。

3、20到90更简单ty跟后边: twenty 二十 thirty 三十 forty 四十 fifty 五十 sixty 六十 seventy 七十 eighty 八十 ninety 九十 十位的整数,均以后缀-ty结尾。

4、若是拼写几十几,几十之后连字符莫丢 弃: twenty-one 二十一 forty-six 四十六 seventy-eight 七十八 ninety-five 九十五 结构:十位数+个位数,其间用连字符号“”连接,表示“几十几”。

1. —这件T恤多少钱? —5美元。 It’s dollars -How much is this T-shirt? -_____ five______. _____ 2. –这条短裤多少钱? -10 元。

-______ much _____the shorts?They’re yuan. ______ten How _____ are
3. 我们有价格合理的包只要15元。 We have bags_____very good_____ _____only 15 at prices for yuan .

4.我们有蓝色、紫色的短裙只要10元。 We have skirts____blue,white and in purple_______only 10 yuan . for 5.对于男孩,我们有黑色的裤子只要22元。 ______boys,we have black trousers____only For for 22 yuan. 6.我需要一双上学穿的黑色鞋子。 I need____ ____ ____black_____ _____school. a pair of shoes for 7.欢迎来到我的服装店。 Welcome to clothes store ______ ______my ______ ______.


1.What about_______(play) tennis? playing 2.Thanks for_______(help) me. helping 3.Jack likes_________(watch)TV and watching ________(read) books. reading 4.I don't like ice-cream.I don't want_____(be) fat. to be 5.He thinks watching TV is boring.He doesn't want________(watch)TV. to watch 6.Tom ___________(not play)sports,he doesn’t play only________them on TV. watches 7.Gina is tidy.She always helps her mother______________(clean)room. clean/to clean

8.Let's______(play) sports. play 9.Let_________(not help )you with your English. not help 10.My mom wants____(I) to have milk and eggs. me eating 11.I have a good_______(eat) habit.I only eat_______(health) food. healthy 12.It's easy for me______(play) soccer. to play These them 13.______(this)are my parents. I love_____(they). 14.This is not _______(I) pencil.It's_______(she). my hers 15._______(he) ruler is red._______(we) are blue. His Ours

三、单项选择 ( C ) 1. — ____ is the T-shirt? — It’s ten dollars.

A. How B. How old C. How much D. Where
( D ) 2. — How much is your backpack? — _____.

A. Eight dollar
C. Two dollar A. That’s all right C. Thank you

B. In the shop
D. Five dollars B. OK D. Very good

( C ) 3. — This is your watch. Here you are. —____.

( B ) 4. — ____ I help you? — Yes, please. I want some eggs. A. Must B. Can C. Do D. Am ( D ) 5. — ____ Dale ____ any aunts? — Sorry, I don’t know. A. Do; have C. Is; have B. Does; has D. Does; have

( B) 6. How much ____ the new pants?
A. is B. are C. be D. was ( ) 7. Come down to Huaxing and see ___ yourself.


A. to

B. for C. on

D. in

( ) 8. Look! These yellow shorts are on ___ for $12. A. sell B. sale C. sells D. selling ( B) 9. They have T-shirts ____ green and black for only $13 ____ the shop. A. at; at B. in; in C. with; with D. at;in

( C) 10. Huaxing’s fantastic sale! You name it, we have it, ____ a very good price. A. in B. on C. at D. / ( B ) 11. ____ you like hamburgers? A. Are B. Do C. Does D. Can ( C) 12. — What color are his pants? — ____ are green. A. It B. Its C. They D. Them ( B ) 13. — ____ are the tomatoes? — Ten yuan. A. How B. How much C. What D. How many

( D) 14. What does Joy usually have ___ breakfast?

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. for

( ) 15. _____ shirt is Ann’s?


A. What

B. Where

C. How

D. Which

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