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联办2班 刘 冰

Oral Practice 1
A: Hello! What’s your name? B: My name’s ... Are you Jack? A: Yes,I am./No,I'm not.I'm... B: Nice to meet you! A: Nice to meet you,too.What’s his name? B: His name is ... A: What’s her name? B: Her name is ...

Oral Practice 2
- What’s your name? - My name’s Gina Brown. -What's your first name? -My first name is Gina. -What's your last name? -My last name is Brown. - What’s your telephone number? - It’s 281-9176.

一、 重点短语

根据汉语或英语提示翻译下列短语 1.我的名字 _______ 2.电话号码 _______ 3.他的电话 _______ 4.早上好 _______ 5.我的朋友 ________6.first name______ 7.family name _______8.his name ______ 9.last name _______ 10.middle school _______

二、 重点句型

根据汉语意思完成英语句子 name What's 1. 你叫什么名字?______your________? I'm 2. 我是玛丽。_______ Mary. 3. 遇见你很高兴。 meet Nice _______ to _______ you. 4. 她的电话号码是多少? What's telephone/phone _________ her ___________ number? 5. 她姓什么? family _________ her _________ name? What's

Pairwork 1: Role play
A:What’s your name? B:My name’s Alan./I’m Alan./Alan. A:What’s his / her name? B:His / Her name’s... A:Is he Jack? B:Yes, he is./No, he isn’t. His name’s Mike. A:Are you Helen? B:Yes, I am./No, I’m not. I’m Gina.


Hello! My name is … This is my friend. His name is … Her name is …


人称代词: I; you; he;she;it; you;we;they
me; you ; him ; her; it; you ; us; them


你们 我们 他们



your ; his ;her; its;

your; our;


mine; yours; his; hers ; its ; yours; ours; theirs

我的 你的 他的 她的 它的 你们的 我们的 他/她/它们的


1. ___ am a girl. ___ name’s Jenny.The books are_____ (I ) 2. - What’s ___ name? -Jack. (he) 3. - Is ___ Linda? -No. ____ name’s Grace. (she) 4. -Are ____ Eric? (you) - Yes, ____ am. (I) 5. _____ name’s Gina and we like_____very much.This ruler is_____.(she)


English name first name last name family name 姓

Chinese name

last name
family name 姓

first name given name

given name

English name
Gina Alan Brown

fisrt name 名字

middle name last/family name 中间名 姓

注意:Mr/ Mrs / Miss / Ms + last name

1.His name is Jack Smith.His_____name is Smith.

A.family A.Mr Cindy A:Mr John



D.full C.Miss White C.Mrs Smith

2.Mary Green is a good girl.Her______name is Mary. 3.Her name is Cindy White. We call her ______. B.Miss Cindy B.Mr Smith

4.The old man is John Smith. We can call him___.

五、拓展: 1.-What’s two and/plus

two? -It’s four. 2.-What’s five minus two? -It’s three.

一. 单项选择 1. —What is this? —________. A. This is “F” B. That is “F” C. This is a “F” D. It's “F” 2. —Good morning! —________! A. Good morning to you B. Good morning C. Hello D. My name is Tom 3.—How are you? —Fine, thank you.________? A. You,too B. How do you do C. How are you D. How old are you 4. —What's your name? —________. A.My name is Jim Green B. My name is Green Jim C. Jim Green is I D. This is Green Jim

5.—Good afternoon, Miss Wang.________. —Nice to meet you, too. A. OK to see you B. How are you C. Nice to meet you D. Fine, thank you 6.当别人夸你英语说得好时,你应说:______. A. Hello! B. Thank you! C. No. D. Yes.
7. 当你不知道对方的名字时,你应该问:_____ A. Good morning! B. My name? C. What's your name? D. Excuse me! 8. —Sit down, please. —________. A. Fine, thank you B. Thanks C. No, thank D. Morning

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