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Unit8 When is your birthday?
联办2班 刘 冰

A:When is your birthday? B:My birthday is June 4th. A:How old are you?/What’s your age? B:I’m thirteen years old. A:When is her birthday? B:Her birthday is February 2nd. A:How old is she?/What’s her age? B:She is eleven years old.

? 排球/篮球比赛 volleyball/basketball game
? 学校郊游

? 英语测试
? 英语晚会

? 学校庆祝日
? 音乐节

? 举办艺术节

school trip English test English party School Day music festival have an Art Festival

一月 二月 三月 四月 January 六月 七月 June July August

February March
April May



September October 十月 十一月 November 十二月 December



八去t,九去e 十二f替ve.


six one two three four five first second third fourth fifth seven eight

sixth seventh eighth






twenty thirty forty fifty twenty-one thirty-two

twentieth thirtieth fortieth fiftieth twenty – first thirty-second

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th

14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th
20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th
th 26 th 27 th 29th 28 th 30 st 31

1.When(什么时候)用来提问日期。 When is your/his/her birthday? ? My/His/Her birthday is on January 2nd. ? When is the English test? ? It’s on November 21st. 2. ①.How old are you=What’s your age? I’m ten years old. ②.How old is he/she/your sister? = What’s his/her age?

? 3.What’s the date? 今天几号? It’s June 4th. ? What day is it? 今天星期几? It’s Monday! ? What’s the time?=What time is it? 几点了? It’s ten fifty.

英语考试 学校旅行 篮球比赛 校庆日 艺术节 打折销售 生日派对 和某人玩耍 玩得开心 English test school trip basketball game School Day art festival on sale birthday party play sth with sb have a good time

1.Thank you for doing sth 2.want to do sth 3.Let's do sth 4.finish doing sth 5.like to do/doing sth 6.what /how about doing sth 7.be busy doing sth 1.谢谢某人做某事 2.想做某事 3.让我们做...... 4.完成做某事 5.喜欢做某事 6.做........怎么样 7.忙于做某事

New Year's Day Spring's Festival Women's Day April Fool's Day National Day Christmas Day Children's Day Teachers' Day 元旦节 春节 妇女节 愚人节 国庆节 圣诞节 儿童节 教师节

in,on, at 表示时间介词的用法(考点一)
in: 年; 月; 一日中的上午,下午和晚上 in 2013, in January, in the morning/afternoon/evening

on December 1st, on Sunday, on Saturday afternoon on the morning of January at:点钟 at nine (o'clock)

Exercise:用on、in、at 填空
on 1.My daughter's birt

hday is ________May 12th. in 2.He wants to come here _______February. 3.We go to school _____seven _____ the morning. at in in 4.My birthday is _____Januray and Peter's birthday is_____March 26th. on 5. They come to China _____the afternoon of on August 5th.

名词所有格的构成: ―的‖ 1. 单数名词词尾加 ’s, 如: your father’s pen 你爸爸的钢笔 Mike’s book 迈克的书 2. 复数名词加s变成的复数,只加 ’ 如: my parents’ room 我父母亲的房间 the teachers’ office 教师的办公室 注意: 复数名词不是加s变成的复数,也要加 ’s, 如: Children’s Day 儿童节 Women’s Day 妇女节 men’s room 男厕所 women’s room 女厕所

请用名词所有格填空。 1. The boy is Tina’s (Tina) brother. ______ 2. September tenth is________ (teacher) Teachers’ Day. 3. This is _____________ (John and Jeff) John and Jeff’s bedroom. 4. He is a friend of Leila’s (Leila). ______ 5. Vera’s and Emma’s __________________(Vera and Emma) books are new.

一、单选题。 ( )1.How many days are there in May? . A .Twenty-eight B. Twenty-nine C. Thirty D. Thirty-one ( )2. is the eighth month of a year. A. May B. April C. August D. July ( )3.Our school has ___ art festival each year. A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )4.How much ___the shirt? ___Thirty yuan. A. is ;It’s B. are ; They’re C.is ;They’re D. are; It’s ( )5. The yellow shorts 15yuan. A. is on sale B. are on sale C. are on sell for D. are on sale for

( ) 6. My school trip is _______ May. A. In B. on C. at ( ) 7. —When is his birthday? —It’s _______ A. February B. February second C. 2008 ( ) 8. His _______T—shirt is white. A. brother B. brothers C. brother’s ( ) 9. —____ is your mother? — She is fifty. A. How old B. How age C. How ( ) 10. The baby is _______. A. ten month old B. ten months old C. ten month’s old ( ) 11. _______ is between December and October. A. November B. August C. September ( ) 12. He is_____ student to school. A. on B. the first C. two ( ) 13. My aunt meets me_____ 9 o’clock A. at B. in C. on ( ) 14. The shop ______a lot of present A. sell B. sells C. sell’s

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.Sunday is the_____(one) day of a week. first fifth 2.May is the _____(five) month of a year. twentieth 3.June 8th is his_________ (twenty) birthday. second 4.Bob is the ________(two) boy to come here. twelfth 5.December is the ______(twelve)month of a year. 6.My sister’s birthday is March__________(nine) ninth reading 7.I want to finish_______(read) the book this morning. 8.I am______years old.My birthday is on May____(ten). ten tenth play tenth 9.Let’s______(play)soccer!That_______(sound) good. 10.______(Jack) room is big and nice. Jack’s

三、根据汉语提示完成下列句子,每空词数 不限
English test 1.When is your__________(英语考试). school trip 2.Our ___________ (学校旅行) is in April.

basketball game 3.I like the________________(篮球比赛). 4.Do you have the School Day ___________(校庆日) at your school? art Festival ? 5.I think the ____________(艺术节) is very interesting. on sale ? 6.The books in that store are ______(打折销售).
? ? ? ?

helping 1.Thank you for _______(help) me. to be 2.I want __________(be) a teacher. play 3.Let's _________(play) basketball after school. playing 4.The girl is busy _________(play) computer games. watching 5.What about __________(watch) TV? to play/playing 6.He likes_________(play) soccer.

五、根据汉语或首字母提示完成句子。(10分) 1. January is the first m_______ of a year. 2. My friend’s b______ is in October. 3. Teachers’ Day is on S_______ 10th. 4. We have an Art F______ each year. 5. I like go to the c_______. 6. _______ (二月) is the second month of a year. 7. When is your _______(聚会) ? 8. _______ (妇女) Day is on March 8th. 9. The fourth month of a year is_______(四月). 10. They have a speech _______(比赛).

六、翻译下列句子 1. 一年中有几个月? ______ ______ _______ are there in a year? 2. 我们每年五月份办一次艺术节? We have ______ Art______ ______ May every year. 3. 请读第二课。 Please read ______ _______ ______. 4. 我的生日聚会在八月五号。 My birthday _____ is _______ _______ . 5. 这个孩子一岁了。 The boy is ______ _______ _____.

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