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Unit 9

My favorite subject is science


刘 冰

teacher teach 1 教师__________(动词)___________ subject subjects 2 学科__________(复数形式)__________ 3 困难的_________(反义词)_________ easy difficult 4 无聊的__________(反义词)_________ boring interesting 5 我最喜欢的科目____________________ my favorite subject 6 在星期五_________ on Friday your art teacher 7 你的美术老师________________ 8 他最喜欢的颜色__________________ his favorite color 9 for sure ________________ 那是当然 10 the next day _______________ 第二天

Tuesday 1 结束_________ 2 星期二_________ finish Wednesday 4 星期四_________ Thursday 3 星期三_________ 5忙碌的__________ 6 空闲的_________ busy free cool geography 7 酷的________ 8 地理学_________ have lunch 10 午饭后________ 9 吃午饭_______ after lunch after school 11 放学后________ 我的最后一节课 12 my last class______________ 打两个小时的排球 13 have volleyball for 2 hours________________ 14 from 8:00 to 9:00 ________________ 从8:00 到9:00

1.? favorite 形容词,“最喜欢的,最喜爱的”。 相当于like … best。 Her favorite fruit is strawberries.= She likes strawberries best. Their favorite day is Sunday. = They like Sunday best. 2、why 疑问副词,“为什么”,询问原因或理由。 答语:Because … --Why do you like math? -- Because they are useful. 注意:在英语中because和so不能同时连用。 3、useful 形容词 “有用的” →useless “没用的” a useful book 4、finish 动词 “完成” finish doing “完成做某事” He finishes________(read) this book for two days.

5.free 形容词 ?空闲的 be free 有空 ; in my/his/her free time 在…空闲时间里 Are you free this Monday? ?免费的 Here is free lunch. 6、for sure adv. 无疑;肯定 That?s for sure ! 确实如此! 7.China 名词 “中国” I love China! Chinese ①名词 汉语,中国人 I have Chinese class from Monday to Friday. I am a Chinese. ②形容词 汉语的,中国的 a Chinese dictionary a Chinese boy 8、hour 名词 “小时” an hour two hours He plays soccer for two hours.

9.busy 形容词 忙碌的 My mother is busy on Monday. Mr Wang is a busy man. 10. On Monday, on Sunday morning 表示在星期几用on 注意:但当星期名称前有 this, that, next, last 等词修 饰时,其前不能再用介词 on。 We have a basketball game this Sunday 11.play with … 和…一起玩. Kate likes to play with her dog after school. 12.from...to... 从...到... from Monday to Friday from Panzhihua to Chengdu

1、--“What?s your/his/her/Bob?s favorite …?” “某人最喜欢的是什么?” --My/his/her(形代/名词所有格) favorite… 2、--Why….? --Because… 3、That?s for sure! 确实如此 4、I have an art lesson for two hours. 我上了一节两小时的美术课。 5.-How?s your day? 今天过得怎么样? -It?s OK/great! 很好!

6、Who?s your P.E teacher? 谁是你的体育老师? 7、When is your history class? 你的历史课是什么时候?

一、单选题。 ( )1.______ does he like science? —Because it?s interesting. A. What B. Why C. When D. Where ( )2.—What?s Tom?s favorite city? —______ favorite city is New York. A. Its B. It?s C. His D. He ( )3.—____ does your music teacher come? —At nine o?clock. A . When B. What C. Who D. Why ( )4.I like math _______it?s difficult for me. A. but B. and C. or D. Because ( )5.—___ does he have P.E ? —He has P.E. at 3:00 in the afternoon . A. When. B. What C. Where D. Why


)6.We have P.E ______ Tuesday. A. on B. in C. at D. / ( )10. Can you play ? A.the basketball B. the football C. piano D. the piano ( )11. Music very relaxing. A. sound B. sounds C. look D. looks ( )12.—What do you eat for breakfast ? —_______. A.At 6:30 B. Usually C. Bread and eggs D. At home ( )13.—What?s your favorite color ? — ______. A. baseball B. science C. hamburger D. white ( )14.After class, I have math . A.At two hours B. for two hours C. for a hour D. at an hour

二、用所给词的正确形式填空。 1.All his_______(class) finish at five in the afternoon. 2.We______(China) people are interesting. 3.We all like_______(play)computer games. 4.Miss Liu is our English teacher.We all like______(she) very much. 5.The______(five)day of a week is Thursday. 6.______Gina_______(play) sports on Sunday? 7.January is_________(one) day of a year. 8.The socks_____(be) only 2 yuan,I?ll take______(it). 9.The books are at great_______(sell) for only 12 yuan. 10.This is my ________(parent) room,it?s big and nice.

三、根据所给汉语完成英语句子。 1.你最喜欢的颜色是什么? ______your favorite color? 2.他最喜欢的学科是数学。 _______ ______subject is math. 3.这学期我忙但是快乐。 I?m ______but______this term. 4.我上了一节两小时的体育课。I have a P.E. class______two_____. 5.你哥哥多大了? -十五岁了。 _____ ______is your brother? He?s_____. 6.-你为什么喜欢历史? --因为它很放松。 ______do you like ______? -_______it?s________.

7.这条裤子多少钱? --10美元。 _______ ______ ______the trousers? --_______ten dollars. 8.对于女孩,我们有价格非常合理的裙子,只要20元。 ______ ______,we have shirts_____ _____good______for only 20 yuan. 9.对于早餐,我喜欢吃鸡蛋和牛奶。 ______ ______,I like______eggs and milk. 10.我妈妈喜欢运动,但是她只在电视上看运动。 My mother______ ______,but she only______ _____ _____TV.

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