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Natural disasters 课件

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By Wang Xiaoping

Words review slight shake loud shake fear bomb direction adj. 轻微的 n. 摇动;震动 adj. 响亮的 vi. & vt. 摇动;震动 n. 害怕,恐惧 n. 炸弹 n. 方向

Words and expression review

in all directions while brick come down shaking silent

四面八方 conj. 当…的时候 n. 砖;砖块 崩塌;坍塌 n. 摇动,晃动 adj. 寂静的

Words review

not…at all if nervous heart beat trapped mind

一点也不 conj. 是否 adj. 紧张不安的 n. 心脏 vi. & vt. 使规律作响 adj. 困住的 n. 头脑

Words review calm calm down since still alive dark find one’s

vi. & vt.(使) 平静 冷静 conj. 由于,既然 adv. 仍然 adj. 活着的 n. 黑暗 找到出路

Words review shout

at last daylight safe asleep after

n. 呼喊,喊叫声 最后,终于 n. 日光 adj. 安全的 adj. 睡着的 conj. 在…之后的

What is an earthquake? An earthquake is what happens when two blocks of the earth

suddenly slip past one another.

1999年台湾9· 21大地震

公里左右,重灾区在日月潭地区。该区 有许多活断层,开始是“双冬断层”发 生活动,同时牵动相邻的车笼埔断层的 大规模滑动,导致断层沿岸的丰原、大 境、务峰、中兴新村、南投和名间、竹 川



重破坏7575栋,受灾人口250万,灾 民32万,财产损失92亿美元。

An earthquake
There was an earthquake in Taiwan in 1999. Many people lost their lives in the earthquake, but a boy called Timmy survived. Let’s listen to the story to see what happened to him. Then answer the questions below.

Questions 1. What was Timmy doing when the earthquake started?

He was sleeping. 2. How did people feel ? People screamed in fear and ran in all directions.

3. What happened to the building? Pieces of glass and bricks fell down. Then the walls began to come down.
4. Where was Timmy when the shaking stopped? It was dark and silent around him and he didn’t know where he was. He was trapped.

5. How did Timmy feel? When he found that he was trapped, a moment of fear went through his mind but he told himself to calm down. 6. What did Timmy do while he was waiting for help? He started to pull himself slowly through the dark. 7. How was he saved? People quickly moved away the bricks and and saved him.

B. Timmy and the earthquake Match the words on the left with the meanings on the right. shake finally fall to the ground scream give a loud high cry come down not in danger silent move quickly from side at last to side,up and down,etc. safe quiet

1. Timmy was asleep when the
earthquake started. 2. At first, Timmy heard a loud noise like thunder. 3. People ran in the same direction in

the street.

4. Timmy was trapped in a dark place after the earthquake stopped.
5. There was not enough space for Timmy to pull himself through.

6. People found Timmy soon after he
was trapped.

B2. Matching the pictures with the captions. Then put the pictures into the correct order. I saw the bright daylight. I was trapped. The walls came down. I screamed for help. Some people ran out of the building. The earth started to shake.

I screamed for help.

Some people ran out of the building.

I saw the bright daylight.

The earth started to shake.

I was trapped.

The walls came down.







Fill in the blanks with the words below.

beating bricks calm fear mind nervous pulled safe saved sleeping thunder trapped
When the earthquake hit Taiwan in 1999, Timmy was ________. He heard sleeping a loud noise like________. Then the thunder noise became lounder, like bombs under the ground. People screamed in

______.Then pieces of glass and fear _______ fell down. bricks When the noise and shaking stopped, Timmy was ________ and could not get trapped out. He felt _________ and his heart nervous was__________. A moment of fear went beating through his _____.mind he tried to Then ____ down and _________ himself calm pulled slowly through the dark. Finally, people came and heard his cryfor help. They moved away the bricks and saved ____ him. Timmy was ______ at last. safe

(Group work)

Suppose there would
be an earthquake, what should we do to keep ourselves safe?

If an earthquake happened, what shall we do?

If at school: 1. Hide under a desk or table. 2. Follow teachers’ advice.

If at home: Hide under a heavy table or bed.

If on a road: 1. Use something hard (硬的) to protect your head. 2. Avoid the buildings.

If we are in a high building

Never try to use the lift. Don’t rush out without order. Stay calm!

1. At first, I felt a slight shake. shake n. 摇动; 晃动 We felt a slight shake before the earthquake started.

2. People screamed in fear.

in fear 害怕地,恐惧地 相似的结构还有: in trouble 有麻烦的 in need 需要帮助的 in danger 处于危险之中 in hunger 饥饿的
They got lost in the forest. They had to try different ways in fear.

3. People were running in all directions… in all directions 向各个方向 The crowd disappeared in all directions. 人群朝四处散去。 When the fire broke out in the cinema, the people lost their heads and ran in all directions. 当电影院失火时,人们惊慌失措四处乱跑。

in all directions

4. I tried my best to run out too, but I could not. try one’s best 竭尽全力 I am not sure, but I’ll try my best. 我没把握,不过我将尽力而为。 We’ll try our best to help you. 我们将尽量帮助你。 We will try our best to satisfy you. 我们将尽力使您满意。

5. A moment of fear went through my mind, but I told myself to calm down since I was still alive. calm down 平静下来,冷静下来 I won’t talk to you un

til you calm down. 等你冷静下来的时候我再和你谈。 I told myself to calm down. 我告诫自己要冷静下来。 The sea calmed down. 海上已风平浪静了。

6. “I’m trapped,” I said to myself.

be trapped 被困住,受困
He was trapped on that island for a long time. 他曾被困在那个岛上很长时间。 Someone was trapped in the lift the other day. 那天有人被困在电梯里。

Can you translate the following sentences? calm 1) 动词, 使平静,使镇静。 calm down 平静下来,镇静下来 Mother soon calmed the baby. 母亲很快让孩子平静下来。 We waited inside until things calmed down. 我们一直在里面等待,直到事情平息。

2)形容词,平静的,镇定的 You should keep calm even in face of danger. 即使遇到危险你也应该保持镇定。 3)名词,平静,宁静 I like the calm of the summer evening. 我喜欢夏日黄昏的宁静。

根据提示,完成句子。 1. 他很快使吠叫的狗安静下来。 calmed He soon _________the barking dog. 2. 让孩子们静一静,他们太兴奋了。 Try to make the children ______ ______. calm down They are too excited. 3. 平静的湖水像一面镜子。 ______ ______ water in the lake looks The calm ______ like a mirror.

Game Time
Now I will divide you into several groups. Make up sentences with your partners with the words and phrases

above. Then speak them out to us.
Let’s see which group is the most



I. Fill in the blanks. 1. Frightened by the loud noise, the children looked at each other in fear ________ (害怕地). 2. The small animals in the forest __________________ (四处逃窜) ran in all directions when they saw a tiger coming.

are trying our best 3. We _________________ (正在尽全力) to protect wild animals. screamed 4. The fans ________ (尖叫) all the time during the concert. calmed down 5. I _____________ (平静下来) after listening to the beautiful music. were trapped 6. Five workers ____________ (被困) in the mine for 10 hours last month.

7. Traffic ________ (事故) killed many accidents people every year. 8. The little girl ________ (尖叫) when she screamed saw the snake. 9. People in Tibet build their homes with bricks wood and stones instead of _______ (砖头). 10. There was a flood in the _________ southern (南方) part of China because of the heavy ________ (大) rain.

II. Translation. 1. 地震开始的时候,她正在睡觉。 When the earthquake _______ , she started ____________. was sleeping 2. 人们在疯狂奔逃时,一块块的玻璃 和砖块直往下掉。 People were running wildly while ___________________ pieces of glass and bricks __________________ . were falling down

3. 我正在努力找出路时,这时突然听到 我的上方有声音。 I was trying to find my way out when _______________ I suddenly heard some noise above me. 4. 我听到了兴奋的人们的呼喊声。 shouts from excited people I

heard ________________________.
5. 我感到一阵轻微的颤动传遍我全身。 slight shake through I felt a _________________________ my body.

1. in fear 2. in all directions 3. try one’s best 竭尽全力 4. calm down 5. be trapped 6. go through

书面表达 请根据下面信息,写一篇介绍四川 雅安地震的短文。 发生时间:2013年4月20日早晨 发生地点:雅安地震 地震损失:200多人遇难,1万多人受伤, 成千上万的房屋倒塌。 救灾情况:成千上万的士兵前来援助, 救援队日夜搜寻幸存人员。人们纷纷 捐款捐物帮助当地人们走出困境。

要求:1. 条理清楚,语句通顺。 2. 70词左右。 参考词汇:受伤 get hurt; 救援队 rescue team; 幸存者 survivor __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________

1. To preview Grammar about past

continuous tense from P97 to P98
2. To preview Integrated skills about

danger from Page 99 to 100

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