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Unit 9
Can you come to my party?


On Saturday, October 21st, it’s my birthday.

Sure , I’d love to. Sorry , I can’t.

Unit 5 课程 又一的;再一的 音乐会 (who的宾格)谁;什么人 lesson another concert whom 日历;日程表 明天 后天 calendar tomorrow the day after tomorrow 周一至周五的任一天 邀请;邀请书 训练 weekday invitation training 化学 美国的 课题;作业;项目 比赛 chemistry American project match 整个的;完整的 从一边至另一边 顺便来访 空闲的 whole over come over free 直到……之时 till 特德(男名) 凯(女名) 利萨 伊丽莎 文斯 Ted Kay Lisa Eliza Vince

Unit 5 课程 又一的;再一的 音乐会 (who的宾格)谁;什么人 lesson another concert whom 日历;日程表 明天 后天 calendar tomorrow the day after tomorrow 周一至周五的任一天 邀请;邀请书 训练 weekday invitation training 化学 美国的 课题;作业;项目 比赛 chemistry American project match 整个的;完整的 从一边至另一边 顺便来访 空闲的 whole come over free over 直到……之时 till 特德(男名) 凯(女名) Kay Ted 利萨 Lisa 伊丽莎 文斯 Eliza Vince

补全对话 Can A: Hey, Dave, ______ you go to the movies on Saturday? sorry much B: I’m _____ I can’t. I have too _____ homework this weekend. A: That’s too _____. Maybe ________ time. bad another B: Sure, Joe. Thanks ______ asking. for

Hi Henry, for can’t Thank you _____ your invitation. I’m sorry I _____ visit you this week. I _____ really busy. This evening am going I’m ______ to my cousin’s birthday party. And have tomorrow, I _____ to go to the dentist. (Yuck!) On training Wednesday, I have tennis ________ with the school team. And I have to study for my chemistry test on ______ Thursday. On Friday evening, I’m going to the with Can movies ______ some friends. _____ you come to the movies with us on Friday? Write soon. Sonia

have a piano lesson 1.有钢琴课 2.举办生日聚会/在聚会上 have a birthday party/ at the party 3.去看病 go to the doctor 4.去看牙医 go to the dentist 5去上我的吉他课 go to my guitar lesson 6太多的孩子/树 too many children / kids too many trees too much milk 7太多的牛奶 (much) too cold 8太冷 9.和校队进行网球训练 have tennis training with the school team visit/see me next vacation 10.下个假期看望我 keep quiet / be quiet 11.保持安静 (2种) finish the geography project 12. 完成地理作业 / 看完这本杂志 finish reading the magazine 13.来我家 come over to my house

14.讨论科学报告 discuss the science report 15.在平日 on weekdays practice playing the piano 16.练习弹钢琴 17.所有的水 all the water 18.一整天 (2种) all day // the whole day the whole city 19.整个城市 20.整整5天 five whole days 21.全班同学 (2种) all the class // the whole class all the workers 22.所有工人 23.给我看另一件上衣 show me another coat 24.真的很忙 be really b

usy /度过繁忙的一周 have a busy week be busy going shopping /忙于购物 /忙着写作业 be busy with one’s homework be busy doing one’s homework

根据句意写出单词 Exercises 1.Today is Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday. 2.There is a football match at 5:00 pm on TV. 3.Would you like to go to aconcert with me tonight? 4. Chemistry is my favorite subject. 5.I go to work on weekdays , but I am free on weekends. 填词组 1.Can you come over to my house Wednesday evening to discuss the report? 2.Please keep quiet ! I’m trying to study. 3.I can’t join you because I have tohelp my mom on weekdays. 4. Thank you for the invitation. 5.I am busy. I have tostudy for my chemistry test on Thursday. 6. I’d love to , but I have to finish my homework first.

译句子 译句子 1.你能来参加我的生日聚会吗?(2种) Can you come to my birthday party? /Would you like to come to my birthday party? 2.当然,愿意来。 Sure, I’d love to. 3./报歉,不能。我要去听音乐会。I’m sorry I can’t. I’m going to the concert. 4.今天是什么日子?What’s today? 3号,周三。 It’s Wednesday the third. 今天星期几? What day is (it) today? 今天几号? What’s the date today? 5.它是在什么时候? When is it? 10月1号周六,4点40分。 It’s on Saturday, October 1st at four-forty. 6.为什么不去看篮球赛? Why not go to the basketball match/ game?

7.不,他不能。 No, he can’t . 他不得不为化学考试而学习。 He has to study for the chemistry test. 8.这周末我有太多的作业要做。 I have too much homework to do this weekend. That’s too bad. Maybe another time. 9.太糟了,也许下次吧。 10.当然,谢谢邀请。 Sure. Thanks for asking. 11.它是生日聚会。 It’s a birthday party. 12.来加入我们吧。 Come and join us! Thanks a lot for your invitation. 13.非常感谢你的邀请。 14.赶快给我写信。 Write to me soon. 15.直到晚上10点我都有空。 I’m free till 10:00 pm.

六月三十号四点半莉萨要在位于15大街的家中举办生 日聚会,替她写一邀请函。

An invitation
原因 为谁 时间 地点 It’s a Birthday Party! For whom: Lisa. Time: Friday, June 30, at four-thirty Place: Lisa’s house, 15th Street


Come and have fun!

According to the invitation.
Then fill in the blanks in the conversation.

Lisa: Hi, Simon, ______you come Can

party to my ________?

When Simon: _______ is it?
on at Lisa: It’s ___ Friday, June 30th ____ fourthirty. Simon: Great! I’d love to.


A. Excuse me, sir. B. I hope they will C. What should

we bring? D. Sure. Let’s go. E. That sounds like a good idea.

Jack: We are invited to our teacher’s house for dinner C. What should we bring? tomorrow.  Lucy: It’s not necessary to bring anything at all. Jack: Really? But we shouldn’t go there without anything. Lucy: If you really want to bring something, we

could bring some candies or toys for the kids. Jack: But I’m not sure whether they’d like them. B. I hope they will. Lucy: I usually bring some flowers when it’s hard to choose a suitable E.That sounds like a good idea.present. Jack: I may also buy a small vase(花瓶). Lucy: Great! Jack: That’s settled. Will you go with me to buy some flowers D. Sure. Let’s go.

Daily Exercises
对于别人的邀请,你可能有不同的原因和理由表示谢 绝,记住下面的原因和理由,并且翻译成汉语。

-- Can you come to my party? -- I’m sorry I can’t. I _________________. ? 1. have to go to my guitar lesson ? 2. have to go to play soccer ? 3. have too much homework ? 4. have to go to the doctor ? 5. have to study for a test ? 6. have a piano lesson ? 7. have to go to my cousin’s birthday party ? 8. am not feeling well

巩固词组(Ask and answer in pairs)

A.Can you come to my party? B.Sorry, I can’t. I have to_________. 1.为考试而学习 study for a test 2.看医生 go to the doctor 3.上钢琴课 have a piano lesson 4.帮助我的父母亲 help my parents 5.拜访我的姑姑 visit my aunt


1、 星期三你能来参加我的生日晚会吗?

Can you come to my birthday party on Wednesday ?
2、当然,我很乐意去。 Sure , I’d love to ./ I’d like to . 3、这个周末我有太多的作业要做。 I have too much homework to do this weekend . 4、很抱歉,我要去看电影。 I’m sorry , I’m going to the movies .

5、来加入到我们当中。 Come and join us .

What are you doing on Thursday afternoon ? 7、我得去上我的吉他课。 I have to go to my guitar lesson .

8、你能在星期日晚上顺便来我家吗? Can you come over to my house on Sunday evening? 9、Jim 不得不完成化学课题。 Jim has to finish the chemistry project .

1、I’m sure he would love to come (come) . 2、Are the boyslistening(listen) to the radio ? 3、I’m sorryto make(make) you cry (cry) . 4、Can you come to Lucy’s (Lucy) birthday party ? 5、We’re really (real) busy this week ? 6、The students are visiting(visit) the Great Wall the day after tomorrow . 7、He is the twentieth (twenty) to get there . 8、We’re discussing where to go (go) . 9、Thanks a lot for giving (give) me the book . 10、Jim began (begin) to learn(learn) Chinese two years ago . 11、The old man asked the policeman to help(help) him. 12、Jack went home after he finished reading (read).

1、There are so many new word in the twenty-ninth (二十九) lesson . It’s hard to understand . 2005.河北
2、If our school team wins the last two matches (比赛), we will be the top . 2005. 江苏南京 3、Cathy isn’t tall , but she sits in the sixth (第六) row . 2005.浙江温州

4、Everyone had a good time at Backy’s twentieth (二十) birthday. 2005. 河北荆门

C 5、--- Do you want

cake ? 2005. 浙江金华 --- Yes , I usually eat a lot when I’m hungry . A、other B、the other C、another D、others

6、--- How about going out for a walk with us ? 2005. 安徽 --- I wish I could , C I have to finish my homework first . A、and B、so C、but D、or 7、The railway station is very need to take a bus .

far (远) from here . You

8、--- When are you leaving (leave) for Beijing ? --- The day after tomorrow . 2005. 山东济南

Write an e-mail to a friend. Say why you can’t visit him or her next week.
Sunday Monday Tuesday go bike riding have tennis training have a piano lesson

Wednesday visit my grandma Thursday Friday Saturday go to a movie see a dentist exercise

Hi __________, Thanks for the invitation. I’m sorry I can’t visit next week. ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ___________________________ ____________________________ __________________________ Write soon. _________

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