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陈述句 疑问句 否定句 一般疑问句 特殊疑问句

1. 句子中有be,在be后加not。 1) I am a student. I am not a student. 2) They are blue . They aren’t blue. 3) He is Kangkang. He isn’t Kangkang .

谓语是动词原形,在动词前加 ? 2. don’t。 1) I have a book . I don’t have a book. 2) They like Chinese . They don’t like Chinese. 3) We come from China. We don’t come from China.

3谓语动词是第三人称单数,在动词前加 doesn’t,动词用原形。

1)She has a small mouth. She doesn’t have a small mouth. 2)Maria likes China. Maria doesn’t like China. 3)Jane comes from the U.S.A. Jane doesn’t come from the U.S.A.

1. I am a teacher. I am not a teacher. 2. We are students. We aren’tstudents. 3. Jane is a girl. Jane isn’ta girl. 4. They like English. They like Chinese 5. I come from China. I come don from China. don’t like 6. He likes Chinese. He doesn’t Chinese. ’t 7. Maria comes from Cuba. Maria doesn’t come from Cuba. 8. We know Maria. We know Maria.

don ’t

1.句子中有be,把be提到句首 1) I am a student. Are you a student? 2) They are blue. Are they blue? 3) He is Kangkang. Is he Kangkang?


1) I have a book . Do you have a book? 2) They like Chinese . Do they like Chinese? 3) We come from China. Do you come from China?


1) She has a small mouth. Does she have a small mouth? 2) Maria likes China. Does Maria like China? 3) Jane comes from the U.S.A. Does Jane come from the U.S.A? 4) She knows Maria. Does she know Maria?

Are you a teacher? 1. I am a teacher. Are they Students? 2. They are students. Is Jane a girl? 3. Jane is a girl. 4. They like English. Do they like English? 5. I come from China. Do you come from China? 6. He likes Chinese. Does he like Chinese? 7. Maria comes from Cuba. Does Maria come from Cuba? 8.We speak Chinese. Do you speak Chinese?

Are you Maria ? 肯定回答:Yes , I am.

否定回答:No,I’m not.
肯定回答: Yes , 主+助/系. 否定回答: No, 主+助/系+not.

2.问句和答语的助动词保持一致. 1) Are you a student? 肯: Yes, I am. 否: No, I’m not. 2) Is he Kangkang? 肯:Yes,he is. 否:No,he isn’t. 3) Do they like Chinese? 肯:Yes, they do.否:No , they don’t. 4) Does she have a small mouth? 肯:Yes, she does.否:No, she doesn’t.


1) Is Jane from the U.S.A? 2) Does Kangkang come from China?
肯:Yes, he does. 否:No, he doesn’t. 3) Do Jane and Maria like China? 肯:Yes, they do.

否:No, they don’t. 4) Is this a ruler?
肯:Yes, it is . 否:No,it isn’t. 肯:Yes, she is. 否:No, she isn’t.

5) Is that a desk?
肯:Yes,it is. 否:No,it isn’t.

6) Are these books?
肯:Yes,they are. 否:No,they aren’t.

7) Are those pencils?
肯:Yes,they are. 否:No,they aren’t.

8) Are these erasers?
肯:Yes , they are. 肯:Yes , it is . 否:No,they aren’t. 否:No,it isn’t.

9) Is that an orange?

练习:给下列句子做肯定回答或否定回答。 1.Are you a student? I am . No, I’m not . Yes, 2. Do they like English? don Yes, they do . No, they . ’t 3.Is Jane a girl? isn’ Yes, she . is . No, she t 4. Does Maria like China? Yes, she does . No, she doesn’t .

5.Is Kangkang a student? isn’ is . Yes , he No , he . t 6.Is that a girl? isn’ is . Yes , it No , it . t 7.Are those telephones? Yes , they are . No , they aren’t . 8.Does Tom know Jane? doesn’ Yes , he does . No , he . t 9.Do they come from the U.S.A? Yes , they do . No , they don’t . 10.Is this an egg? isn’ is . Yes , it No , it . t

四.对划线部分提问. ? 将划线部分去掉,分析句意. What’ 1.My name is Nancy. your name? s Where are you from? 2.I am from China. 3.I am fine . How are you? 4. Miss.Wang is our English teacher. Who is your English teacher? 5.Lucy is ten years old. How old are you? 6.He is in Class One Grade Two. What class is he in?

7.My telephone number is 5805000. What is your telephone number? 8.They are cars. What are these ? 9.This is my cap. Whosecap is this? 10.My favorite movie star is Bruce Lee. Who is your favorite movie star ? What coloris it? 11.It is yellow . 12.She is tall. What does she look like?

1.Please give Jane the book. Please the Jane. to give book 2. Could you please tell me your name? Could you please your name me? to tell 3. He has short hair. His is short. hair My nose 4. I have a big nose. is big. 5. You have a wide mouth. is Your mouth wide.


6.My English teacher is old . My English teacher is not young . 7. Betty is not short. Betty is tall . 8.This is my book. This is mine . 9.This jacket is not new. This jacket is old . 10.My ruler is not long. My ruler is short . 11.She looks like her mom. She and her mom look the same . 12.They come from China. They are from China.


1.将下列句子变成复数. They are boxes . It is a box . These are This is a ruler. rulers. Those are erasers. That is an eraser. They are students. He is a student. These This is a bus. . are buses Those are pens . That is a pen.

2.将下列句子变成单数。 It 1.They are pencils. 2.These are erasers. This 3.They are boys. He is is 4. They are girls . She 5.Those are books. That This 6.These are desks. 7.These are boxes. This That 8.Those are cars. is a pencil.

an eraser. a boy. a girl. is a book. is a desk. a box . is is a car .

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?


下列句子改为复数形式: 1.There is a knife in the box. are some knives There _____ _____ ______ in the box. 2.She's a woman doctor. They're women doctors ______ ______. 3.Our teacher often tells us a story. Our teachersoften ______ us _______. ______ tell stories 4.The sheep is over there. sheep are The ______ ______ over there. 5.Please pass me a piece of bread. pieces bread Please pass me some ______ of ______.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

二、下列句子改为否定句: 1.He does some reading every day. doesn't do any He______ ______ _______ reading every day. 2.I have to wash the dishes. don't have to I ______ _______ ______wash the dishes. 3.Tell him the news. Don't tell _______ _______ him the news. 4.She has brothers and sisters. or no She has_______ brothers _______ sisters. 5.I think she is right. don't think is I _______ _______she _______ right

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

三、下列句子改为一般疑问句: 1.There is some fruit juice in the glass. Is there any _______ _______ _______ fruit juice in the glass? 2.He has to stay here. Does have ______ he ______ to stay there? 3. We do eye exercises every day. ______ you ______ eye exercises every day? Do do 4. She has something to eat. Does have anything ______ she ______ ______ to eat? 5.I am good at singing and dancing. Are and ______ you good at singing ______ dancing?

? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

四、对划线部分提问: 1.My mother goes to work by bike. go How does _______ _______ your mother _______ to work? 2.That is a map of France. What _______ map is that? 3.The bag of rice is ten kilos. How heavy is _______ _______ _______ the bag of rice? 4. I think Chinese food is very nice. What think of _______ do you ______ _______ Chinese food? 5.The students like their teacher very much. How like ______ do the students______ their teacher?

? ?

? ? ?

? ? ?

6.His house is very big. What is like ______ ______ his house _______? 7.There are six kites in the sky. What's ______ in the sky? 8.He lives in Room 306. Which room does live ______ ______ ______ he ______ in? 9.She looks worried because she can't find her dog. Why does look ______ _______ she ______ worried? 10.It takes him half an hour to write the e-mail. How long does take ______ _______ _______ it ______ him to write the e-mail?

11.Classes begin at eight. begin What time do ? ______ _______ _______classes ________? ? 12.I want to buy three kilos of meat. How much meat ? _______ ________ _______ do you want to buy? ? 13.His uncle is a businessman. What does do ? _______ _______ his uncle ________? ? 14.The orange dress is Kate's. Which dress ? _______ _______ is Kate's? ? 15.It's Sunday today. What day ? _______ _______ is it today?

16.The cats are running up the tree. Where running ? ________ are the cats _________? ? 17.Jim's plane is broken. What's wrong with ? ________ ________ ______

_ Jim's plane? ? 18.He would like five cakes. How many cakes ? ________ ________ _______ would he like ? ? 19.They play football every Friday. When do ? ________ ________ they play football? ? 20.The man in brown is Tom's father. Which man ? ________ ________ is Tom's father?

Thank you !

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