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Starters units1—3

1. ---What’s this in English? ---It’s an orange.

(其中 what’s = _______ ____; it’s = ____ ___) the key? --- ---

(其中they’re = _______ _______)

3. ① a或an

a用在以辅音音素开头的词前,如a book;

an用在以元音音素开头的字母前,如an apple.

② the表示某个或某些特定的人或事物,也可以指上文提到过的人或事物。 如:This is a cat. The cat is white.

It's an English book. The book is yellow and green.

注意:一个f ____f (类似的字母还有h, l, m, n, r, s, x) 一个u _____u Unit 1 My name’s Gina.


My last name is Green. _____ _______ _______ _______ Brown?

2. first name 名字 = given name

last name 姓氏 = family name an ID card 一张身份证

3. phone number 电话号码 = telephone number

4. name’s = name is I’m = I am

5. 我____ 你____ 他 _____ 她 ____

我的___ 你的_____ 他的 ____ 她的 ____

6.be动词的用法:口诀:用is,复数一律用are. 练习:

her name Jenny ? 2. What your name ? My name Lily.

you Mrs. Green ? 4. Jim and Eric in Class Five .

your friend a doctor ? 6.This pair of socks mine

7. Some meat on it .

8.There a ruler and two pens in the pencil box .

Unit 2 This is my sister .

1. isn’t = _____ _____ ; aren’t = _______ ______ 不是

2. play computer games玩电脑游戏

3. a photo your family = your family photo 你的全家福照片

4. 比较:这是你的信。 es. 这是那些手表。 5 .Have a nice day != Have a good day ! --- Thanks. You, too .


6. My grandparents are in the first photo .

7. In the next picture are my brothers,Bob and Eric .

Unit 3

1.What about ?? = How about ?? 后加名词,代词或动词ing

1)What about the red jacket ? 2) What about you ?

2. thanks for +名词/动词ing 为?而感谢

Thanks for 感谢你的帮助。

3. call sb.at + 电话号码 拨(某电话号码)找某人 1) Call me at 3456987.

4. excuse me 请原谅,打扰了

5. a set of keys 一串钥匙

6.-- How do you spell (it 为宾格)---M-I-K_E 你怎么拼读它呢?

7. Is this/ that your dictionary? 这/那是你的字典吗? 答:Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

8. Thank you very much. 答:You’re welcome. (不用谢)/That’s OK./That’s all right.

9. ask---for --- 请求,征求 1)You can ask the teacher for it .

10.must(情态动词) +动词原形 1)You must see the doctor .

2) Must I finish it ttoday ? Yes, you must. No, you needn’t Unit 4

1. under the chair /on the floor在椅子下/在地板上 in the room 在房间里

2. take “带走”,从近处带到远处

如:Please take these books to Mary. 请把这些书带给玛丽。

bring “带来”,从远处带来 如:Please 请给我带些书来。

3. need + 某人或某物. “需要…” 如:She needs these books. 她需要这些书。

4. 比较:the baseball? ies?

--- ---5. I know. 我知道。 否定句:I don’t know. 我不知道。

一般疑问句:Do you know? 你知道吗?

6. Can you bring some things to school ? 你能带一些东西来学校吗? 答:Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

7.My pencil is in the schoolbag and my schoolbag is under the desk .

Unit 5

1. 球类运动前不用the,如:play volleyball/ basketball every day 每天打排球/ 篮球

2. play sports做运动,参加体育比赛 = do sports sports collection体育收藏 sports club 体育俱乐部

3. watch TV 看电视 watch them on TV 在电视上观看它们

4. Let + 代词的宾格 + 动词原形 “让某人做??”

如:Let’s ( = ______ _______) go. 让我们走吧。 Let me see. 让我看看。

5. have (第三人称单数形式) _____ do (三单) _____ they (宾格)______ 2


7. good 和well :

That sounds good. 那听起来不错。 He can play chess well. 他下棋下得好。

8. 比较:---Do they have a computer? ---Does he have a soccer ball? ---Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. ---Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.

9.sound(系动词) +形容词 1)The music sounds beautiful .

2)The idea sounds great .

10. interesting, boring , fun, difficult , relaxing 是形容词,可修饰名词,也可作表语,放在系动词之后。 1)This is an interesting book .

2) The book is interesting . 3)That sounds fun .

11. sth is easy/ difficult for sb. 对某人来说某事是容易的/困难的。

1) English is difficult for her . 2)Basketball is easy for me .

12. in the same school 13. go to the same school

14. after school 15. I don’t have a soccer ball, but my brother AlanUnit 6

1. have … for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner 早餐/ 午餐/ 晚餐吃??

2. healthy food健康食品

4. good(adj. 好的)& well(adv. 好)

The 这个优秀的运动员吃得好。

5.think about 考虑,思考 1)Let’s think about the food for dinner .

2) I’ll have to think about it .

6. ask sb. about sth 问某人关于某事 7. eating habits 饮食习惯

8.volleyball star 排球明星 9. Sports star eats well . 运动明星吃得很好

10.What do you like for dinner ? I like chicken for dinner .

12.. 名词所有格:① 一般加 ’s;以 s 结尾的(特别是名词复数),在 s 后加 ’ 如:Sally’s address 莎莉的地址 the teachers’ room 老师们的房间

three hours’ class 三小时的课

② Mary and Linda's desk 玛丽和琳达的课桌 (两个人共有的课桌,desk用单数) Mary's and Linda's birthdays 玛丽的生日和琳达的生日(各自的生日,birthday用复数) ③ …of + 名词(无生命的物体) 如the color of the sweater a photo of your family Unit 7

1. How much is this sweater? =这件毛衣多少钱一件。

2. at a very good price 以优惠的价格

on sale 廉价出售;出售 great sale 大减价

3. T-shirts 黑色的T恤衫 钱的数量钱的数量 以……(具体的)价格 我们以15美元出售黑蓝色的帽子。 3

同义句:We sell black and blue hats at the price of $15.

5. Here you are. 给你。 6. You're welcome. 不客气。

6. buy sth.for sb.= buy sb. sth. 买某物给某人

7. My shoes That Jack’s .

8.How much 6 dollars

How much 2 dollars a kilo.

9.I’ll take/have it /them. 我要把它/它们买下了。

10.How many+复数名词+一般疑问句? How much+不可数名词 +一般疑问句? How many watches can you see ? How much water do you need ?

Unit 8

1. date of birth 出生日期 =birthday

2. how old 几岁,多大年纪 at three this afternoon

3. I’m twelve. = I am twelve years old. 我十二岁。

4. ① on + 具体某一天/节日或具体某一天的早、中、晚

如:on Sunday on January 2nd 在1月2号

on the morning 在十月一号

on Monday evening 在星期一晚上 on Children’s Day

② in + 时间段 如:in the morning / afternoon / evening在早晨/中午/晚上

in a year / month/ week在一年/月/周里 in April在四月里 in 2011 在2011年 ③ at + 几点,例如: at 8:00 at noon/ night在正午/夜里

5. 特殊疑问词:what(什么),how(怎么样,如何),where(在哪里),when(何

时),who(谁),what time (几点),how much(多少+不可数名词;多少钱),how many (多少+可数名词)

6.English test school trip basketball game have a good time art festival have a book sale 举行减价售书活动

Unit 9 她最喜欢的学科是科学。

2. on Wednesday 在星期三 3. after class 课后 after school 放学后

4. play with 和? 玩耍

5. 对星期几提问:What day is it today? 对日期提问: What’s the date today? 否句The students 一般疑问句:Do the students go to school every day?答:Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. 否定句:Mary 一般疑问句:Does Mary do homework at 20:00? 回答:Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.

7.play with sth/sb.玩某物/与某人玩 8.a useful book an uncle /an aunt

9. from 12:00 to 1:00 10. That’s for sure .

11. the next day 12. like sth./ doing sth

(注意:名词复数构成规则,冠词,代词,数词,一般现在时,介词等见书85-93) 4

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