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( were Nanjing’s roads in the past? A. What; / B. What; like C. How; / D. How; like

( ) 22. There a small shop near our school, but now there is a beautiful garden.

A. used to was B. was used to be C. were used to be D. used to be

( ) 23. Maria’s learned Chinese in our school all the time, B. doesn’t she C. didn’t she D. hasn’t she

( ) 24. The world’s population problem will be serious all the countries do something to control it.

A. or B. but C. unless D. and

( of the students boys in our class. A. One fifth; are B. One fifths; are C. First fifths; is D. One five; is

( ) 26.— I have never visited a paper factory. — A. So have I. B. So I have. C. Neither have I. D. I haven’t now.

( ) 27. Miss Gao has taught us English two years. I have been here two years ago.

A. since; for B. since; since C. for; since D. for; for

( ) 28. --What did he say just now? --He asked me _________ in Kunming.

A. when did PPRD open B. when PPRD open C. when PPRD opened D. when does PPRD open

( ) 29. My father told me ________ he would visit the science museum the next day. A. whether B. when C. which D. that

( ) 30.—What did our geography teacher say?—She told us that the earth ___ around the sun.A.moves B.moved C.has moved D.was moving

( ) 31.—Is _____ ready for the trip? —No, we haven’t got a camera.A.nothing B. anything C.something D. everything

( ) 32. We are short energy and water the overpopulation.A. in; because of B. of; because of C. in; because D. of; because

( ) 33.— you your homework yet? — Yes, I it ten minutes ago.

A. Did; do; finished B. Have; done; finished C. Have; done; have finished D. Will; do; finish

( ) 34. I used to doing everything. I’m successful at last.

A. give up; keeping B. giving up; keeping C. giving up; keep D. give up; keep

( ) 35. This is the most beautiful park I have visited. A. ever B. yet C. never D. already

( ) 36. What the animals of China in the last 400 years?A. has happened with B. is happened to C. has happened to D. is happening

( ) 37.I can’t stand _____ for you so long. A.to wait B. waited C.waits D. waiting

( ) 38._____ everybody likes watching TV in my family. My parents like doing outdoor activities.A.No B. None C. Not D.Nobody

( ) 39.—Would you like to have _____? —No, thank you. I’ve had enough.

A.anything more B. more anything C. something more D.more something

( ) 40.Some things we’ve done are good for the earth ______some are bad. A.or B.and C.when D.while

二、完形填空。(每题一分,共10分)In a small town in France, there was a farmer who lived alone. Every day he 41 a pound of butter to his the butter to see if he was getting a pound. After he weighed it, he found that it 法官).

天平). " The judge asked, "Then how do you weigh the butter" The farmer replied, "Before the , I had bought bread from him. So now every time when I bring home the bread from the baker, I put it on the scale and give him the butter of the same weight,"

, "Am I honest(诚实的)?"

说谎) without a red face. Others lie so much that they do not even ( )41. A. gave B. fed C. threw D. sold

( )42. A. weigh B. watch C. cut D. use

( )43. A. / B. a C. an D. the

( )44. A. rich B. poor C. honest D. quiet

( )45. A. and B. so C. but D. or

( )46. A. I B. my C. me D. mine

( )47. A. get back B. look back C. give back D. turn back

( )48. A. answer B. question C. help D. idea

( )49. A. difference B. habit C. mistake D. difficulty

( )50. A. study B. mean C. imagine D. know

三、阅读理解 (每题1.5分,共30分) ( A )

Alan worked in an office in the city. He worked very hard and really looked forward to his holiday. He usually went to the seaside, but one year he saw an ad. in a newspaper “Enjoy country life. Spend a few weeks at William Farm. Good food, fresh air, horse riding, walking, fishing…”

“This sounds like a good idea. ”he thought, I’ll spend a month at William Farm. I’ll go horse riding, walking and fishing. It’ll be different from the seaside.” Four days later, he returned home.

“What’s wrong with William Farm?” His friend Jack asked him. “Didn’t you enjoy country life?”

“Country life was fine,” Alan said. “But there was another problem.”

“Oh, what problem?”

“Well, the first day I was there, a sheep died, and we had roast(烤肉) mutton for dinner.”

“Fresh meat is the best.”

“I know, but on the second day a cow died, and we had roast beef for dinner.”

“Lucky you!”


“You don’t understand, ”Alan said, “On the third day a pig died and we had roast pork for dinner.”

“A different roast every day.” Jack said.

“Let me finish.” Alan said, “On the fourth day a farmer died and I didn’t want to stay there for dinner.”

( )51. Alan saw ________ in a news paper. A. an ad. B. a letter C. a story D. a report

( )52.Alan usually went to ________ on the vacation. A. the mountains B. the countryside C. the seaside D. William Farm

( )53.Alan spent _________ at William Farm. A. four days B. three months C. a month D. a few weeks

( )54.Alan had roast _______ for dinner on the third day. A. mutton B. pork C. beef D. fish

( )55. From the passage we know that ________.

A. Alan left the farm because he missed his family B. Alan left the farm because he had four dinners at the farm

C. Alan left the farm because he couldn’t go fishing at the farmD. Alan came back home because he was afraid of the fourth dinner

( B )

Joe Read studied in this school for fourteen years. When he finished school, he was already eighteen years old. And then his father said to him, “You finished school, and you are a good student. Now you may go to town and get a good job. They need some clever people to work in the office. The people there can get a lot of money now. If you stay at home, you can't get money from our family.” A few weeks later, Joe went to the office and asked for a job there. A man took him into a small room and gave him some questions on a piece of paper. Joe answered the questions quickly, and he gave the paper to the man. The man looked at the paper for a few minutes and then asked, “You were born on Sep. 23. But which year were you born in?” Joe answered, “Oh, every year.”

( ) 56. How old was Joe when he went to school?A. 8. B. 18. C. 4. D. 14.

( ) 57. What place did his father want him to work in?A. A school. B. An office C. A house. D. A shop.

( ) 58. What did his father think of Joe?A. He was a good student. B. He wasn’t a good student.

C. He wasn’t clever. D. He could get money from his family.

( ) 59. Why did the man give Joe a piece of paper?A. Because he wanted to give Joe a job. B. Because he wanted Joe to answer some questions.

C. Because he wanted to know if Joe was clever. D. Because he wanted to know how old Joe was.

( ) 60.From Joe’s answered, “Oh, every year.” we can infer(推测) that________.

A. he didn’t want to work in the office B. he was hardworking but dishonest

C. he was outgoing and clever D. in fact, he didn’t really answer the man’s question

( C )

Eating out is more popular in Britain today than it has ever been. It is reported that British people spend more eating out than cooking for themselves and eating at home. It seems that many British people are becoming more and more interested in how good their food tastes, and also how healthy it is.

However, eating out can also be expensive, so British people do not eat out every night. When having a date with friends, or having a birthday, many people like to go to a restaurant, and people often also eat in a restaurant before going to the cinema or the theater.

As in all cultures, there are many rules of manners about eating. The knife and fork should be used in the correct way. It is also impolite to speak with your mouth full then you are eating.

Most British cities have a large collection of food as well as British food, from the very cheap to the very expensive- French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and many, many more.

When people are too tired to cook after work, they often get a “takeaway”. This means that they order from a take-out restaurant by telephone, and then go to get it. Many take-out restaurants also send it to your house. All you have to do is to open the door, pay and eat!

( )61. When do British people often eat in a restaurant?

A. After having a birthday. B. Before watching a movie. C. When they feel tired. D. If they want to have natural food.

( )62. Many people prefer to eat out nowadays because __________.

A. eating out is cheaper than cooking at home B. they can learn more manners in the restaurant

C. people care more about their food than before D. people don’t like to stay at home after work

( )63. From the fourth paragraph, we can learn that _________.A. British dishes are very expensive B. Japanese dishes are most expensive

C. British people like foreign food D. French food is most popular

( )64. The “takeaway” is the food __________.A. you order and take out of the restaurant B. that is left when you are eating in a restaurant

C. you order but don’t need to pay at once D. that is sold and ordered only on the phone

( )65. What is the best title(标题) of the passage?

A. British restaurant culture B. British table manners C. Best restaurants in Britain D. Best food in Britain

( D )阅读下面短文,从方框内选择恰当的句子填入短文空白处,使短文内容完整、意思连贯

Mr. Johnson worked in a restaurant. He worked there for ten years. 66 . And at last he was sent away. He hated hard work and stayed in the city.

Once something was wrong with his ear. He had to see a doctor. 67 . And five minutes later he had to pay the doctor twenty dollars. He thought it was easy to get much money. So he came to the small town and opened a hospital. 68 . But soon they found he couldn’t treat them at all and his medicine wasn’t useful. People hardly came and he had nothing to do.

One evening he heard a knock at the door. 69 . He thought he had a bad cold and he asked him to take some medicine. After that the man left. 70 .

On the third day a young man came in and said, “Thank you very much, doctor!”

It surprised Mr. Johnson. He said, “I haven’t seen you before. What do you thank me for?”

“My uncle died from your wrong treatment the day before yesterday and he left much money to me.”


(请看清楚66-70在答题卡的位置,不要涂错。) 66._________ 67._________ 68._________ 69._________ 70._________


一、词汇(A) 根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。(5分)

1.Today, everyone o______________ to be a greener person.2.During this p_______________ we have changed our planet a lot in many ways.

3.Mr. Smith can o____________ his guests some coffee or tea when they come to his home.

4.The main p______________of the activity is to raise money for children in poor areas.5.When the sun r______________, everything is bright.

(B) 根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分)6.Do you know America is one of the world’s largest _____________ (produce) of oil?

7.The bad air makes my chest hurt and it’s difficult for me _______________(breath).

8.They are doing their homework carefully. You’d better ____________( not disturb) them.

9.Litter ___________ (influence) the look of our city.10.It is known that smoking does great ______________(harm) to us.

二、句型转换 (每小题1分,每空一词,共5分)

1.The film began ten minutes ago. (同义句转换) The film _________ __________ _________ __________ ten minutes.

2.The reporter asked, “Do you have any suggestions for the government , Mrs Zhou?”(直接变间接)

The reporter asked Mrs Zhou _________ _________ ________any suggestions for the government .

3.森林有利于防止水土流失。(汉译英)Forests help to keep water __________ ___________ the earth away.

4. My mother said to me , “ Don’t play with fire.” (直接变间接) My mother ________ me _______ _________ _________ with fire.

5.作为学生,我们应该遵守学校的制度。(汉译英) _________ students, we _________ ______________ __________obey the school rules.


a strange sound. The sound came from the waste basket. Walt looked at it and pieces of bread in it. For many nights they played there. And Walt began to like them.

Walt liked one little mouse better than any of the like a funny man. He showed it to his wife and she liked it very much, too.

be different from the other pictures of Mickey talk. He put his on his nose and made a strange sound. Then he recorded ( 录音 ) the voice this way. Later he sold pictures to a cinema. When the film was shown, many people went to see it. Mickey Mouse in the and danced and did all kinds of funny things. People world.

1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. _________6. _________ 7. __________ 8. _________ 9. __________ 10. _________


A: Excuse me, I want to go to the library. 1___ ?B: Go down this street and turn right at the second crossing. Go up the road to the end, you’ll find it. A: 2_______________________________________?B: It’s about 1,000 meters away from here.A: Oh. That’s quite a long way.

B: Yes. You’d better take a bus.A: 3____________________________________________?B: You can take the No.5 bus. It’ll take you there. A: 4_______________________________________________?B: It takes about fifteen minutes.A: 5_________________________________. B: It’s a pleasure.


“保护环境,人人有责”,请以How to Be a Greener Person 为题,写一篇有关环保的短文,并适当发表你的看法。(80词左右)

How to Be a Greener Person


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