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Key Points for Project English 7A(Unit 3-4)

eg: I often/usually English every morning. ② He often/usually me with my math/ What your father?=What 用法:①Where do you live?/Where does he live?

am in a red coat.

is in an orange coat.

eg: I like ②like to dosth.现在想做某事 eg: He/She like③两者辨析:I like swimming, but I don’33. playsth./sb.—34. Help yourself/yourselvesto…–Thank you.

36. ① usually have for breakfast/lunch…? ②I usually have…for breakfast/lunch/dinner. ③He/She usually has…for breakfast/lunch/dinner. 37. May I 38. ①–I’d like some…

②=Do you 39. eat out & go out eg: ①Would you like to eat out with me?

Yes, I’d love(like) to./That would be very nice. ②How/What about eatingout with me?

Key Points for Project English 7A(Unit 3-4)

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