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九年级英语Unit 14测试题2014

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九年级英语Unit 14测试题 成绩_________

姓名______________ 班级_______ 2014.1.9 周4


( )1. – My mother always________the kitchen after cooking. – So does my mother.

A. cleans up B. puts up C. takes away D. gives up

( )2. I must_______. I’m meeting Brand at six at the railway station.

A. turn on B. put off C. take off D. be off

( )3. – What do you want to do when you grow up? – I want to be a pilot________.

A. a day B. some day C. some days D. some day’s

( )4. – ______has Mr. Brown been in USA? – Since two years ago.

A. When B. How long C. How many times D. How soon

( )5. – How long have you_______the camera? – For two years. I_______it in the market.

A. bought, had B. had, bought C. had, had D. bought, bought

( )6. – ________ to Canada? – No, never. But I went to the USA a few years ago.

A. Have you been B. Have you gone C. Did you go D. Will you go

( )7. I am sorry that I have kept you________me so long.

A. waiting B. waiting for C. to wait D. to wait for

( )8. They are going to go on a world tour_______they will perform in ten different cities.

A. where B. what C. that D. in which

( )9. In the last six weeks, Jim______ four books.

A. reads B. has read C. read D. have read

( )10. – Have you had your supper______? – Yes, I have______had it.

A. already, yet B. already, already C. yet, yet D. yet, already

( )11. Jim________back in a minute.

A. will come B. comes C. come D. came

( )12. It’s_______turn_______the classroom.

A. hers, to clean B. her, clean C. her, to clean D. hers, cleaning

( )13. Half_______the money________to her.

A. of, were given B. of, was given C. for, gave D. at, have been given

( )14._______things. Have you_______your dog and cleaned your room?

A. Two, feed B. Two more, feed C. Another, fed D. Another two, fed

( )15. They_______sing other people’s songs. But now they write their own songs.

A. used to B. are used for C. use to D. didn’t use to

二、阅读理解 (10分) The World's Water Shortage

The world is not only hungry, but it is also thirsty for water. This may seem strange to you, since nearly 70 percent(百分比)of the earth's surface is covered with water. But about 97 percent of this huge amount is sea water, or salt water. Man can only drink and use the other 3 percent-the fresh water from rivers, lakes, underground, and other sources(资源). And we cannot even use all of that, because some of it is in the form of icebergs and glaciers(冰川). Even worse, some of it has been polluted.


However, as things stand today, this small amount of fresh water is still enough for us. But our need for water is increasing(增加)rapidly-almost day by day. Only if we take steps to deal with this problem now can we avoid(避免)a severe(严重的)worldwide water shortage later on. We all have to learn how to stop wasting our valuable water. One of the first steps is to develop ways of reusing it.

Today in most large cities, water is used only once and then sent out into a sewer system(下水道). From there it returns to the sea or runs into underground storage tanks. But it is possible to pipe used water to a purifying(净化)plant. There it can be treated with chemicals so that it can be used again, just as if it were fresh from a spring.

But even if every large city purified and reused its water, we still would not have enough. All we'd have to do to make use of the vast reserves(贮备)of sea water in the world is to remove the salt.

If we take these steps we'll be in no danger of drying up.

( )1. The world is thirsty for water because we can only use _________ percent of the water covering the surface of the earth.

A. 3 B. more than 3 C. less than 3 D. 97

( )2. Which of the following statements is Not true?

A. As things remain unchanging, this small amount of fresh water is still enough for us.

B. Our need for water is becoming larger and larger.

C. There will be no water shortage in the future.

D. We should take steps to deal with the water shortage problem.

( )3. To reuse water, we should __________.

A. treat it with chemicals B. use it only once

C. send it out into a sewer system D. make it flow into underground tanks

( )4. In order to have enough water, we should also make use of _________.

A. icebergs and glaciers B. sea water C. rivers and lake D. underground water

( )5. In the passage, the writer tells us ________.

A. to make enough water B. to pay more attention to the water shortage problem

C. to pipe used water to a purifying plant D. to reuse the water CCABB


I . I have____ (feed) my cat, so it is full now.

2. He used his car _____ (most) for sightseeing.

3. He hasn't _____ (finish) ______ (read) Harry Potter yet.

4. We needn't go in such a hurry. We still have thirty minutes _______ (leave).

5. I need to ______ (clean) my cupboard. I never use the things in for hours.

6.I’d like a pair of ________ (shoe), please

7.They talked on and on very ______ (happy).

8.The _____ (work)are building a tall building.

9.This bag isn’t Lucy’s , It’s ______ (she)sister’s.

10.The first lesson is the ______ (easy)of all.



1.我已经和Tom通过话了。I’ve alread________ ________ _________Tom.

2.昨天他劈了很多柴。He _________ lots of __________yesterday.

3.去年我们获奖了。We_________ an__________last year.

4.有一天我要去参观农场的。I’ll visit the farm________ __________.

5.你想要离开多久?How long do you want to_______ __________?

6.到目前为止我们已经学了2000单词了。_______ ________we’ve learn 2000 words.

7.轮到你值日了。It’s _______ _______ ________be on duty.

8你相信有上帝吗?Do you _________ _______ God?

9.我们盼着游览北京。We’re________ ________ _______ _______ Beijing.

10.幸亏他帮助,我们很容易就及格了。_________ _______his help,we passed the exam easily.

五、用所给的词填空。 (10分)

What’s the real meaning of the word “peace”?and he had to choose between them.

One picture was a calm lake. The lake was a perfect thing for peace because of the high mountains around it. Overhead(头顶上) this picture thought it was a perfect picture of peace. The other picture had mountains, too. But they were rugged(高低不平的). Above was the dark sky, from which heavy rain fell, and a waterfall(瀑布) was rushing down the side of the mountain. This did not look 6 at all. But when the mother bird was sitting on her nest(鸟窝)in perfect peace. “Because,” explainedthe king, “work. Peace means in the midst of (在……中)all those things, you’ re still calm in your heart. That’s the real meaning of peace.”

1.____________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________4. ____________ 5. ___________

6.____________ 7.____________ 8.____________ 9.____________ 10.____________


Have you ever planted a few trees on Tree Planting Day? Each year, millions of people, both old and young, ______(plant) a lot of trees. But this may not be the best way________(make) your home a warmer place.

Last week we _________(visit) a park in Hebei. We were surprised __________(find) most of the trees had been burned. The workers told us that the trees died soon after they ____________ (plant)because they weren't watered well enough. So workers burned them and _________(clean) the place for new trees to be planted this year. On a card found in one of the dead trees, a student wrote," I hope this tree ____________(grow) up with me to be the backbone (栋梁) of our country." The workers said that the survival(存活) of the trees _________(be)really more


important than how many trees were planted.

Some people in Beijing now _________(have) a new idea that they can donate (捐赠) some money and let professional (专业人士) plant and__________( take) care of the trees.

plant ,to make, visited, to find, were planted, cleaned, will grow, was, have, take


I’m Joan Croft. I must have to say that I came into nursing by chance. I didn’t really like my first job, which was office work. It was all right-but that’s just about all you can say about it. I stayed in the same place with the same people around me all day and every day. Then I became a singer, which I enjoyed very much. But after a while the singing group broke up(解散) and I had to start looking for something else.

Some girls have wanted to be nursed ever since they were children, but it never entered my head until I saw an advertisement in a paper. I wrote in and thought,”Oh,well,I will give it a try.” One thing I liked about it was going away from home.

The training itself is very interesting and most of it is just on the wards (病房), so that you very quickly begin nursing real patients.

I lived in the nurses’ home when I arrived and I had my own room, which was very nice. I like nursing more than I ever thought I would. I’ll always carry on nursing. I have got a boy friend, who is a doctor, so I hope to get married sometime, but wherever I live there’s sure to be a hospital in the place and there is always a job for a nurse.

1. What was Joan’s first job? _______________________________________________.

2. Why didn’t Joan like her first job? _______________________________________________

3. Why didn’t Joan go on with her second job?_________________________________________.

4. How did Joan find out the information about the nursing job?___________________________.

5. What was Joan’s plan for the future?_______________________________________________.


Tom:Hi ,Lucy!Winter holiday is coming!

Lucy:Yes.I’m planning to travel somewhere

Tom: __________________________________?

Lucy: I’m going to Haina.

Tom: __________________________________?

Lucy: Because it’s warm in winter now and I can swim in the sea.

Tom: __________________________________?

Lucy: No,I have never been there before. How about you?

Tom: _______________________.I’ve been there once.


Tom: I wen there last summer. And when are you leaving?

Lucy: Next Sunday.

Tom: Have a good time!

Lucy: Thank you!


1. It was office work. 2. Because she didn’t like staying in the same place with the same people around her all day and every day/Because she was fed up with it. 3. Because the singing group broke up. 4. She found an advertisement in a paper. 5. She hoped to get married sometime and went on her nursing job.

26–30: ADBBB 31–35: ABDBD 36–40: ACBDA

73. following 74. once 75. best 76. artists 77. Anyone

78. peaceful 79. closer 80. was 81. second 82. place


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