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Unit 1

1. go to the movies=go to the cinema 看电影 2. look after=take care of 照顾 3. surf the Internet 上网 4. healthy lifestyle 健康的生活方式 5. go skateboarding 去划板 6. (be) in good health =(be)healthy身体健康

7. keep healthy=keep in good health 保持健康 8. as for至于

9. take/do exercise=play/ do sports锻炼,做运动 10. eating habits 饮食习惯 11. the same as 与……相同 12. once a month一月一次

13. be different from 不同 14. twice a week一周两次

15. make a difference to 对什么有影响 16. how often 多久一次 17. although=though虽然 18. most of the students=most students大多数学生

19. activity survey活动调查 20. go shopping=do some shopping 购物 21. do homework做家庭作业 22. do housework做家务事 23. junk food垃圾食物 24. be good/bad for 对……有益(害) 25. on/at weekends 在周末

26. want to do sth=would like to do sth =feel like doing sth 想要做某事

27. want sb to do sth = would like sb to do sth想要某人做某事

28. try to do sth 尽量做某事 try doing sth.试着做某

try one’s best to do sth.尽力做某事 29. come home from school放学回家 30. of course=certainly=sure当然 31. get good grades取得好成绩 32. help sb ( to )do sth 帮助某人做某事,

33. help sb with sth在某方面帮助某人 34. a lot of =lots of=many /much许多,大量的 Unit 2

1. have/ catch a cold=have got a cold 感冒 2.a sore back/throat 背(咽喉)痛 3. have a stomachache 胃痛 4. lie down and rest 躺下休息 5. see a dentist 看牙医 6. drink lots of water 多喝水

7. hot tea with honey 加蜂蜜的热茶 8. a good idea 好主意. 9. stressed out 筋疲力尽 10. a healthy lifestyle健康的生活方式 11. traditional Chinese doctors传统中医医生 12. a balance of yin and yang阴阳调和 13. too much yin 阴气太盛 14. a balanced diet饮食平衡

15. healthy/yin/yang food 健康(阴性,阳性)食品

16. at the moment = now 此刻

17. enjoy oneself = have a good time =have fun =have a wonderful time 玩得高兴,过得愉快

19. host family 寄宿家庭 20. conversation practice会话练习 21. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事, like doing sth 喜欢做某事, practice doing sth. 练习做某事, mind doing sth. 介意做某事, finish doing sth. 完成某事, give up doing sth. 放弃做某事, keep doing sth. 坚持做某事. can’t stand doing sth.忍不住做某事 have fun doing sth. 做某事很愉快 即:practice, mind, finish, give up, keep, can’t stand, have fun等与enjoy用法相似。 Unit 3

1. spend time with friends和朋友们一起度过时光 2. a sports camp 运动野营

3. how about= what about ……怎么样

4. go camping 去野营, go shopping 去买东西, go swimming 去游泳, go boating去划船,

go skating 去溜冰, go walking去散步, go climbing 去登山, go dancing去跳舞, go hiking 去徒步远足, go sightseeing 去观

光, go bike riding 骑自行车旅行, go fishing 去钓鱼 5. do some shopping 买东西, do some washing 洗衣服, do some cooking 作饭, do some reading读书,

do some speaking训练口语

6. how long 1)多长时间 (询问动作在时间上所延续的长度) 2)多长(询问事物的长度) 车 10. in North America 在北美

11. by bike/ bus/ subway/ car/ train乘坐……车

12. in other parts of the world在世界的其他地区

13. have a quick breakfast迅速吃早饭 14. depend on=depend upon 依靠,靠……决定

15. the early bus 早班车 16. leave for 起程7. show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb.出示某物给某人看 give me the book=give the book to me 给我书,

pass me the cup=pass the cup to me 把杯子递给我, sell me the house=sell the house to me把房子卖给我

buy me a book =buy a book for me 给我买书, make me a cake=make a cake for me给我做蛋糕

8. get back=come back回来 9. take walks=go for walks散步 10. think about 考虑 11. decide on= decide upon 决定计划 12. something different 不同的事情 13. a great/exciting vacation 愉快的(令人激动的)假期

14. can’t wait to do sth. 等不及做某事 15. a famous movie star 著名的影星 16. ask sb. about sth. 向某人询问某事 17. forget to do sth. 忘记要做某事 forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事 Unit 4

1. get to school = arrive at/ reach school 到校 2. a bus stop公共汽车站,

a train/ subway station火车(地铁站)站, a bus station客运站, a TV station 电视台

3. take the subway 乘地铁 4. ride a bike 骑自行车

5. take the/a bus乘公共汽车 6. want to do sth.想做某事 7. take a taxi乘坐出租车 8. walk to school 步行上学

9. go in one’s car 坐(某人的)


17. take sb. to sp.带某人到某处 18. a number of=many 许多 19. the number of ….的数量

20. Doing sth. takes sb. some time/ money. =It takes sb. some time/money to do sth.. =sb. spends some time/money (on sth.).

=sb. spends some time/money (in) doing sth.. . =sth. costs sb. some time/money. =sb. pay some money for sth.. 某人花费多少金钱/时间做某事

21. worry about( sb./sth.)=be worried about(sb/sth.) 为某人(事)着急/担心

22. around the world= all over the world 世界各地,全世界

23. be different from 与……不同 24. how far 多远 Unit 5

1. come to one’s party 参加某人的聚会 2. on Saturday afternoon 在星期六的下午

3. study for a test为测验而学习 4. go to the doctor=see a doctor 去看医生

5. have/take a piano/guitar lesson 上一堂钢琴(吉他)课 6. much too 太,过于

7. too much 太多 8. a birthday party 生日聚 9. soccer practice 足球训练 10. look for 寻找

11. find out 找到,弄清楚,查明 12. be (go) on vacation 度假

13. join sb.加入某人(的行列) 14. a football match足球比赛

15. keep quiet 保持 安静(keep+形容词“保持某状态”)

keep+(sb.)+doing 使(某人)不停地做某事” keep sth. 保存某物,饲养某物 16. a culture club 文化俱乐部

17. “给某人打电话”的几种说法:

call sb.( up), phone sb.(up), phone to sb., telephone sb.(up),

telephone to sb., ring sb.(up), give sb. a ring, give sb. a phone,

make a telephone (call) to sb. 18. have to 不得不,必须 19. the day after tomorrow 后天 20. a science report 科学报告 Unit 6

1. talk about 谈论 2. in some ways 在某些方面

3. more than 超过,多于 4. in common 共有,公共

5. be good at =do well in 擅长于 6. (not) as…as… (不)如……一样…… 7. in school 在校求学;在学校 8. make sb. do sth. 让某人做某事 9. look the same 看起来一样 10. talk to/with 和……谈话 11. stop doing sth. 停止做某事 12. stop to do sth 接着做某事 13. begin / start with 以……开始 14. end with 以……结束 15. in the middle of 在……中间 16. a swimming poor 游泳池

17. on the other hand =on the opposite 另一方面(边)

18. be good with=get on well with 和……相处得好

19. use… to do… 用……来做……

20. around China=all over China 全中国 21. after that 自那以后 Unit 7

1. milk smoothie 奶昔 2. turn on 打开 turn off 关

turn up 调大,调亮 turn down 调小,调暗 3. pour…into… 把……倒人

4. put…into/in... 把……放入……内 5. 2 teaspoons of relish 两茶匙调味品 6. cut up 切碎

7. add…to… 把……加入……中 8. mix up 混合在一起

9. make a banana smoothie 做香蕉奶昔 Unit 8

1. go to the aquarium 去水族馆 2. take photos 照相,拍照

3. hang out with sb. 和某人闲逛 4. win a prize 获奖(金)

5. take the bus back to school 乘公共汽车回学校

6. ice cream 冰激淋 7. at the end of 在……的尽头

8. go for a drive 开车兜风

9. thanks for doing sth. 感谢某人做了某事 10. day off 休假 11. have fun doing sth. 很高兴做某事 12. have a yard sale 进行庭院旧货出售 13. school trip 学校组织的旅行 14. in the future 将来,未来 Unit 9

1. learn to do sth. 学会做某事 2. start doing(to do) sth. 开始做某事 3. have a party 举行一次聚会 4. be born 出生 5. stop doing sth. 停止做某事 stop to do sth. 停下来去做某事 6. for example 例如…… 7. too…to… 太……而不能…… 8. a professional soccer player 一个专业的足球运动员

9. a movie star 一位影星 10. free time 空闲时间,业余时间

11. see sb. do sth. 看见某人做了某事 see sb. doing sth. 看见某人在做某事 12. begin doing(to do) sth. 开始做某事 13. a skating champion 一位溜冰冠军 14.the first prize 第一名 15. the 70-year history 七十年的历史

16. the International Piano Competition 国际钢琴比赛

17. at the age of 在……(多大年龄)的时候

18. major in sth. 主修某科目 19. take (an active) part in (积极)参

20. because of 因为

21. the number one women’s singles player 女子单打头号种子选手 Unit 10

1. grow up成长 2. a basketball player 一位篮球运动员

3. a computer programmer 一位电脑程序设计师

4. take (acting)lessons 上(表演)课 5. somewhere interesting 有趣的地方

6. a part-time job 一份零工,一份兼职工作 7. a/one year or two=one or two years 一两年 8. save money 省钱;攒钱 9. make money 挣钱、赚钱

10. at the same time 同时 11. all over the world 全世界 12. send… to… 送……到…… 13. get good grades 取得好分数(成绩)

14. communicate with sb. 与……交际;与……交流

15. a teaching job 一份教学的工作 16. a foreign language teacher一位外语教师 Unit 11

1. take out 拿出来

2. make the bed 整理床铺

3. sweep the floor 扫地,清洁地面 4. fold one’s clothes 叠衣服

5. clean the living room 打扫起居室 6. like to do sth. 喜欢干…… 7. invite… t0… 邀请……到…… 8. take care of = look after 照顾

9. forget to do sth. 忘记要去干…… forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事 10. work on 从事,操作,演算 11. on vacation 度假 Unit 12 1.close to home 离家近的 2. a movie theater 电影院 3. comfortable seats 舒适的座位 4. do a survey of 做一个…...调查

5. play a piano piece 弹一支钢琴

曲 6. the price of ……的价格 7. the radio station 广播电台 8. think about 考虑 9. a talent show 才能展示

10. a boring TV show 乏味的电视节目 11. a 1ot 许多 12. make mushroom soup 做蘑菇汤

13. a speech contest 一次演讲比赛 14. a creative job 富有创造性的工作 15. an elementary school 小学

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