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外研版七年级英语上册期末试卷 (2)

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七 年 级 英 语 上 册 测 试 题 一、单项选择题(20小题,20分)

1.Tom,Jim and Lily _________ American.

A.is B.am C.are D.be

2.-- _________ Lingling and Daming students?

-- _________,they are.

A.be;Yes B.Are ;Yes C.Is;No D.Are:No

3.--Can you swim,Amy? -- _________.

A.Yes,I can. B.No,She can。 C.Yes,I am. D.No,I am not.

4.Jim can _________ football.

A.plays B.play C.playing D.played

5.How many children _________ in the classroom?

A.there are B.there is C.are there D.is there

6.There are _________ books on the desk.

A.any B.a C.an D.some

7.Betty is my good friend._________ lives in Beijing now.

A.Him B.Her C.She D.He

8.There _________ some meat and bananas on the table.

A.is B.are C.am D.be

9.Your mother's father is your _________.

A.grandfather B.grand mother C.aunt D.uncle

10.Would you like _________ Dezhou with me?

A.goes B.going C.to go D.to go to

11.--Would you like to see a film with me?

-- _________.

A.Yes,I like B.Yes,I would C.Yes,I would like D.Yes,I would like to

12.--Let's go to the football match!

-- _________!

A.Yes,Let's see a film. B.No, Let's go

C.Good idea D.No,I'd go to a football match

13.Let's go to the cinema _________ Sunday!

A.at B.in C.on D.from

14.We have breakfast _________ half past ten _________ the morning.

A.in.at B.at,in C.on,in D.at,on

15._________ favorite food is bread.

A.My sister B.My sisters C.My sister's D.My sisteres

16.How many _________ can you see in the picture?

A.box B.books C.man D.woman

17.I like English,_________ I like Chinese,too.

A.and B.or C.so D.but

18.Are there _________ animals in the zoo?

A.a B.an C.some D.any

19.--Does the tiger eat meat? -- _________.

A.Yes,it is doesn't B.Yes,it does C.No,it isn't D.No,it doesn't

20.--_________ do you play computer games7


A.How B.How often C.When D.Where

二、阅读理解(32 分)

How healthy are you?

Many families do not eat very healthy food.If you do not eat good food, then you are not healthy.Doctor Lo from the local hospital says that people need to eat a lot of healthy food,in this order:

1.Rice and noodles;

2.Fruit,such as oranges,apples and melons,and vegetables,such as carrots,onions,tomatoes,and potatoes

3.Meat,such as pork,chicken,beef,and fish.

Dr. says that people should not eat unhealthy food like hamburgers,ice cream,or have drinks such as Cola.Instead they should drink milk,juice or water.

My name is Tom. It's my birthday on Friday.I am fourteen years old.I usually have a party on my birthday. and this year,my party is on Saturday afternoon.I always have a big birthday cake,sometimes made of ice cream,with candy on top.

I usually get a lot of presents.My mother and father always give me new clothes to wear.Sometimes they give me a new pair of trainers or jeans.My brother usually gives me CDs.My sister often gives me something to read,like magazines or a novel.

My grandparents never give me CDs or new clothes. They often give me cinema tickets or money,but they always give me fl box of chocolates to eat as well! 阅读短文,根据短文内容在横线上填入正确单词。(10 分)

1.Tom usually gets a lot of _________.

2.Tom's mother and father always give him new _________ to wear.

3.Tom's _________ often gives him something to read.

4.Tom's brother usually gives him _________.

5.Tom's grandparents always give him a box of _________ to eat.

四、用所给词的适当形式填空(5 分)

1.My mother _________(have)lunch at school.

2.He _________(not like)English.

3.Mike and Bill _________(not speak)English to us.They speak Chinese. you he she we they

4.Can she _________(play)football?

5.Let's _________(go)to school now.

6.My grandma and grandpa live in England._________(they)house is very big.

7.Darning does _________(he)homework.

8.This is _________(Mike)plan.

9.I have got an _________(invite)to the party.

10.There are two football _________(match)this week.

五、句型转换(20 分)

1.They haven't got any brothers and they haven't got any sisters.(改为同义句) They haven't got any brothers _________ _________.

2.He does his homework in the evening.(改为否定句)

He _________ _________ his homework in the evening.

3.vegetables、hamburgers、are、are、healthy、unhealthy、food、but、food(连词 成句) _____________________________________________________

4.She always has breakfast at home.(对划线部分提问) _________ does she always _________ breakfast?

5.I'd like a glass of milk.(改为一般疑问句)

_________ you _________ a glass of milk?

六、书面表达(18 分)

假如你是 管理员,根据保护动物写一篇作文。

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