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Lesson 15 My Favourite Record

? 学习目标:
? 1、我要学会pull,

by the way的用法。 ? 2、我能根据课文内容完成相关练习。

导学案第二题 ? 组内核对答案、限时记忆、检查.(5--8minutes)

? 1、What

was Danny’s favourite record? paper airplane flew the farthest?

? 2、Whose

? 3、What

gift does Li Ming want?

? 4、Was

Li Ming surprised to read about the man who pulled the train?

Fill in the blanks with the proper word.(3minutes)
pull, amazed, surprise, far, proud,
? 1.

My plane flew ________ than Jenny’s. farther ? 2. Brian’s airplane flew farthest and he was proud so _______. amazing ? 3. Some records are _________. pulled ? 4. One man ________ a train with his teeth. surprise ? 5. It was such a nice______ to see your email.

Read quickly,choose “T”or “F”(3minutes) ? 1. This week in school , Danny and his classmates made a list of records. ( T) ? 2."Best paper airplane" is Jenny 's favourite record. ( F) ? 3. Danny's plane flew farther than Brian's. ( F) ? 4. The book is full of Sandra’s family's photos. ( T ) ? 5. Danny wants to send Li Ming birthday cake in an envelope .Li Ming agreed. ( F) ? 6. Li Ming will brush his teeth well tonight to get them stronger. ( T)

细读,找知识点、展示 (10minutes)
? 1、
? 2、 ? 3、

Let’s do it!
? Have ? Have ? Write

you ever been on a trip?
you ever gone to visit friends?

a short passage to tell something

about your trip.

Your passage should include:
? When

and where did you go?

? What

did you do? ? How did you go? ? Who did you go with? ? Why did you go to that place? ? Was it a good trip or a bad one?

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