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9A U3 Main Task 公开课

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各位领导与专家 莅临指导!

牛津初中英语 9A
Unit 3

Main Task


9A Unit 3 Main Task

Welcome to our class !


I’m glad (happy / pleased) to see (meet) you.

They came here to help Mr.Liu (to) teach better .

3.我的梦想是当一名像Miss Sun那样的英语老师。
to be an English teacher like Miss Sun. My dream is _________________________. 4.强老师总是第一到达班级的老师。 Mr. Qiang is always the first teacher to get to (reach / arrive at ) the classroom . __________________________________. 5.刘老师常叫我们不要称呼他老刘。 not to call him Lao Liu. Mr. Liu often asks us __________________ 6.我已决定努力学习英语。 I’ve decided to work hard at English . _________________________.

7.对于我们英语老师来说相互学习是必要的。 To learn from each other is necessary for us English teachers.= for It is necessary _____ us English teachers to learn from each other _______________________________ . 8.刘老师太矮够不着黑板的最上方。 Mr. Liu is ________________________ too short to reach / get to the top of the blackboard . 9.要学好英语,你须经常和英语老师交流。
To learn English well, you must often communicate with English teachers.

10. 我们英语老师都知道怎样去教英语。 Our English teachers all know how to teach English _____________________________ .

Your problems
homework exams sleep …

study hobby family

friends health

Today’s Main Tasks

What’s your problem?
1. Do you feel stressed? 2. What are the causes of your stress? 3.What are your ways to deal with stress?

Family with kids 家有儿女 Many students of your age have similar problems.

Stress among teenagers

so much homework and so many exams

not good at study

do not have enough sleep

be not good at some subjects

parents’ quarrel

我因为抄作 业被罚站

be punished by strict teachers

laughed by classmates

If you are feeling stressed, what
should you do ?

Please finish P57

Not have enough time for hobbies because of too much homework

Feel stressed because of too many tests and exams

Feel worried before exams

There’s too much school work. Getting too many tests and exams Being weak in a subject. Getting low marks Not having enough sleep Having no close friends Not having enough time for hobbies. Too noisy at home No communication with family members Not fit Being laughed at ……

the causes of stress

When you feel stressed, what can you do ?
we can ask our teacher for help. Let’s… We should… Why don’t you… Why not… How/what about… listen to music read books or watch films to relax share your problems with friends or family members keep your worries to yourselves blame(责怪) others


to deal with stress
? Plan your day/time (more) carefully ? Make a list of the homework you need to do ? Talk to your teachers ? Share your problems with your close friend ? Do sport ? Study harder ……

Other models

Having too much homework every main body day is one main cause of stress. Very often, we do not know when to work and when to play. Do you and your friends have the same problem? One way to solve this problem is to plan your time carefully and make sure you have enough time to do your schoolwork and your hobbies.

My biggest problemmain body is is that it very noisy at home. My grandma cannot hear well and she often turns the TV up very loud. When this happens, I cannot pay much attention to my work. I usually go to a friend’s home or to the library, where it is much quieter.

One important thing I have learnt conclusion about stress is that talking about your problem with your friends and family can really help a lot. That is why I am telling you my problems, and I hope you will tell me yours. If you ever need any friendly advice, I will be happy to help.
Your friend



Write down teenage your problems
Please let me pass the exam!



Would you please give your advice?

Mr Liu’s advice
Don't worry
Learn to share

Be full of love

Have a competition (比一比,赛一赛)

1 2 3 4

7 8 9 0


把烦恼闷在心里对健康有害 。 It is unhealthy to keep worries to yourself .


In fact, many students of my age often feel stressed.


Parents think it useful to be strict with children.

do 1 What will you ______(do) if someone laughs _____(laugh) at you?

? They are quarrelling more noisily _____________(noise) than usual.

4 Some students should give up ________ blaming ? (blame) their parents.

他没有告诉我们怎样在考试中取得高分 He didn’t tell us how to get high marks in the exams.

如果你不知道怎样在作业和爱好之间取得衡, 你可以与朋友分享你的问题.
If you don’t know how to achieve a balance between your homework and hobbies, you can share your problems with your friends.

如果你对你的体重不满意,为什么不花更多的 时间运动呢? If you are not satisfied with your weight, why not spend more time exercising?

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