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Lesson 5 Danny’s Very Special Guest导学案 温馨寄语:No pains,no gains. (没有付出就没有收获。)

雄县第一初级中学 张卫华


1、我会默写下列词汇及自学中的短语:guest, such, able, practice.

2、我能熟练运用such a/an + adj.+n. so +adj.+a/an+n.

3. 我能根据课文内容回答问题。




最后_______________位于第二十名__________ 停止努力________________







知识链接:such a/an + adj. + n. 如:such a good girl

so +adj. +a/an+n. 如: so good a girl

注意:当名词前有many, much, little, few修饰时,用so而不用such


这么少的钱_________________ 这么少的客人_________________





1. Did Danny have such an interesting day at school today?

2. What did his gym teacher say?

3. Who was going to talk to our class?

4. What do you know about Jeff Johnson?

5. Where did Danny and his team sit while Jeff Johnson talked to them?

6. What did Danny want to be some day?

7. What did Jeff Johnson tell Danny?

8. How did Jeff Johnson’s team play basketball?

四、 组内合作完成下面练习


(1)Retell(Say something about Jeff Johnson.)

相关短语:basketball player played for Canada in the last Olympics

won the bronze medal always try hard never give up practice

相关材料:was born in Sept.12th, 1980 2.26 meters tall Play for China in Olympics Play for the Houston Rockets in NBA (国家篮球协会) )

Always try hard Never give up Practice Love his homeland—China



1. If I don’t finish my homework, I won’t _____ ____ ____ (能) sleep tonight.

2. We had ___ ___ ___ ___(那么有趣的一天)at school today!

3. I ____ ____ (喜欢看) the Olympics very much.

4. He went to the gym to ____ _____(练习跳水).

5. Our English teacher told us to try our best, and ___ ____ ____ (决不放弃).

(2) 拓展练习:

People all over the world enjoy sports. Sports are good for people’s health and sports make people 1__. Some people like playing games by themselve, but some enjoy watching others_2_. They buy tickets or turn on their TV sets to watch games. They usually have “their teams” or “their players”. When “their teams” can’t win the game, they are even 3__ than the players themselves.

Sports change with the 4__. People play different games in different seasons. Most people’s favourite sports 5___ summer are swimming and skating is usually a winter sport. Sometimes people play games inside the room, sometimes they play outside. We can 6__ sports here and there. Some sports are very interesting and people 7___ like them. Football, for example, is very 8__ in the world. Men and women, the old and the young all like it. People from different countries 9___ understand each other, but after a game they often become10__.

( )1、A. happy B. strong C. interesting D. tired

( )2、A. play B. playing C. to play D. played

( )3、A. busier B. angry C. worse D. sadder

( )4、A. time B. seasons C. countries D. people

( )5、A. to B. for C. in D. in the

( )6、A. look B.find C. talk D. watch

( )7、A. may B.are C. nowhere D. everywhere

( )8、A. great B.favourite C. popular D. well

( )9、A. can not B.can C. may D. mustn’t

( )10、A. same players B.better players C. good friends D. different players Ⅱ.我的收获:____________________________________________________

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