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Unit 5
I am watching TV.

Six Parts
1.The analysis of the teaching material(教材分析) 2. The analysis of the students(学 情分析) 3.Teaching methods(教法) 4.Studying ways(学法) 5.Teaching procedures(教学过程) 6.Blackboard designing(板书设计)

Part 1 The analysis of the teaching material
? 1. Status and Function(单元地位与功能) This unit is mainly about describing people’s activities. Let the students talk about what people are doing now. The content of this unit is closely related to students’ daily life, so it’s easy to encourage them to communicate with others by using what they have learned in this class.

Part 1 The analysis of the teaching material
? 2.Teaching Aims(教学目标)
? ⑴Knowledge Aims(知识目标): New Words: playing, walking, swimming, dancing, cleaning, lying etc. New sentence patterns: What are you doing? I am watching TV. ? ⑵Ability Aims(能力目标) ? ⑶Emotional Aims(情感目标)

Part 1 The analysis of the teaching material
? Key points(重点)
Learn and master several present participles .(学 习并掌握生词的现在进行时形式) Ask and answer by using Present Progressive tense.(会用现在进行时进行提问回答)

? Difficult points(难点)
The usage of the Present Progressive tense. (现在进行时的用法) The correct spelling of the present participles. (正确拼写现在进行时形式)

Part 2

The analysis of the students

Teaching methods
? Audio-visual teaching method ? Communicative teaching method ? Task-based teaching method

Studying Ways
? Observation-imitation-practice-production

Teaching procedures
? Step 1. Warm up(热身) ? Step 2. Match the new words and the activities(学习生词) ? Step 3. Listening house(视听小屋) ? Step 4. Teach the Present Progressive Tense(现在进行时教学) ? Step 5. Summary(总结) ? Step 6. Homework(作业)

Warm up
? Greet the students ? Ask and answer
What time do you go to school? When does your mother make breakfast every morning? Do you do your homework in the evening? What time does your class begin?


swimming dancing


? Listening to the tape in 1b and fill in the blanks in 1a.

A. Introduction of the Present Progressive tense(介绍现在 进行时态) B. Forming rules of the present participles(讲解现 在进行时的变化规则)

Find out the rules!
? go ? do ? watch ? wait

doing watching waiting eating cleaning

? eat

? ? ? ? ? ?

write take have make come arrive

writing taking having making coming arriving

? ? ? ? ? ?

sit shop cut stop put get

sitting shopping

cutting stopping putting getting

C. Using the Present Progressive tense(现在进行时的应用)
I am You are We are He is (not) playing ; You are (not) swimming. She is They are It is

? Am I writing? ? Yes, you are.

? No, you aren’t.

? Is he/she running? ? Yes, he/she is. ? No, he/she isn’t.

? Are you dancing? ? Yes, I am. ? No, I’m not.

? Are they reading? ? Yes, they are. ? No, they aren’t.

D. Pair work(小组活动)
What is he doing? He is…






E. Do the exercise and make self- assessment
<1>--What’s Li Lei doing? -- He_____________. ( read ) <2>--What’s his mother doing? --She_____________. ( write ) <3>--What are they doing? --They_____________. ( play soccer) <4>--What are David and Mary doing? --They_____________. (have dinner) <5>--What’s Jenny doing? --She______________. ( run )

Step 5 Summary
? Check what the students have learned in this class. ? Summary the whole class.

Step 6 Homework
Look at the pictures and answer the questions. Make a conversation with your group about what’s happening in the pictures.

?Make a dialogue with your partner by using the Present Progressive tense.(与伙伴利用现在进行时编一段对话。)

Part 6 Blackboard Designing

? Unit 5 I am watching TV.
New words New sentence patterns playing, walking, I am watching TV. swimming, dancing, What are you doing? cleaning, lying

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