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Part one Multiple choice 20marks

1.The movie was very___ she was really ___ in it.

A. interest; interesting B. interested; interested C. interesting; interested

D. interest; interests

2. The play ____ finish ____ nine last night.

A. not, until B. didn’t, until C. doesn’t until

D. not, until

3. Sherry didn’t know what to do at the beginning; but she made her

_____ at last.

A. decide B. decides C. deciding D. decision

4. Jean spent fifty hours ___ the book.

A. reading B. to read C. in read D. read

5. What is the ____ between this table and that one?

A. different B. differents C. differences D. difference

6. Juan has _____ a new bike.

A. buy B. buying C. buys D. bought

7. There is ____ milk in the bottle, but there is ______ fly in it.

A. a; a B. some, a C. some, a D. any, a

8. He _______ TV when his father came in.

A. was watched B. watching C. was watch D. was watching

9. Tony runs fast; Jack runs ____ ; Tim runs ____.

A. faster, fastest B. fast, fast C. fast, faster D. faster, faster

10. Helen arrived ___ London airport ____ the morning of June 7.

A. in, on B. at, on C. at, at D. at, in

11. Don’t ____ other people’s mistakes.

A. laugh B. laugh at C. laugh D. laugh in

12. We are not ____ touch that machine.

A. allowed, B. allowed to C. allow to D. allowing

13. To _______ he won the match at last.

A. my surprised B. my surprising C. my surprise

D. my surprises

14. It was _____ in Japan.

A. make B. made C. makes D. making

15. Jerry was a ___ man.

A. luck B. lucky C. lucking D. lucked

16. Please don’t call me at 9:30 tomorrow morning; I ____ at that time.

A. will be have a meeting B. will be has a meeting

C. will have a meet D. will be having a meeting

17. Neither of them ___ a doctor.

A. is B. are C. were D. be

18. If you ____ the book tomorrow, you will be very happy.

A. will read B. will reading C. will be reading D. read

19. She ____ read fifty poems when she was only five.

A. can B. could C. may D. must 20 She ___ last year.

A. give up smoking B. give up smoke C. gave up smoking

D. give up smoking

Part two Cloze 10marks

Mr. White works in an office. He liked 1 in bed when he was at school. It was bad for his eyes and now he has near sight. But he wouldn't like anybody else to know about _2_and he never wears a pair of glasses, and it often _3_ him some trouble.

One winter morning he was sent to a village school on business. He _4_the bus at a stop in a small town. Then he had to _5_ there. The road to the village wasn't smooth(平坦). He fell over some times and it made his clothes dirty. When he_6_ got to the village, it began to blow and it got _7_. He was looking for the school while his _8_was blown off. He began to run after it but he couldn't get it. He couldn't understand why his

hat ran into a house as if it had __9__. And he ran into the house, too.

A woman stopped him and shouted angrily, "_10_are you running after my hen for?"

Choose the best answer according to the passage

1. A. reading B. dancing C. singing D. writing

2. A. these B those C. them D. it

3. A. follows B takes C. brings D. carries

4. A. took off B got off C. got on D. come on

5. A. ride B drive C. walk D. fly

6. A. At first B .At home C. At times D. At last

7. A. hotter B. warmer C. colder D .cooler

8. A. clothes B. bag C. hat D. glasses

9. A. legs B. hands C. shoes D. arms

10. A. What B. Why C. Which D. Who Part three Readings 20 marks


One day a big rock fell down from a mountain. The rock stopped in the middle of the road in a village. It was like a big ball. Some of the strongest men in the village tried to move the rock. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't move it away. They tried to push it; they

tried to roll it and they tried to pull it with a rope, but nothing worked.

"Well" they agreed, "there's nothing we can do about it. We'll have to build another road. "

At this time, a young boy of about 12 years old said, "Excuse me, sirs, but I think I can help you move the rock. "

"You?" they shouted, "What are you talking about? All of us have just tried and we can't move it at all.” The men all laughed at the boy.

The next morning some people came into the street. One of them shouted, "The rock is gone!" More people ran out into the street to see for themselves. It was true, and no one could see it anywhere.

"It is impossible, where has it gone?" they said. The boy stood out, saying "I did it last night. I dug a deep hole next to the rock and the rock rolled down into the hole by itself. Then I covered it with earth.

1. Where was the big rock from?

A. a street B. a mountain C. a hill D. a tree

2. Why did the people in the village want to move the rock away? Because .

A. it was in the middle of the road B. it was on the mountain

C. they didn't like the rock D. they wanted to build a road

3. What did the people decide to do when they were not able to move the rock away?

They decided to_______

A. find someone stronger to help them C. ask a little boy of 12 to help them

B. build another road D. break the rock

4. Why did the people laugh at the boy? They thought that___.

the boy was too weak to move the rock away

the boy was so strong that he could move the rock

C. the boy was very helpful

D. it was easy for him to move the rock

5. The next morning the people in the village found the rock ____

A. disappeared B. was still there

C. was back on the mountain again D. was rolling down from the mountain


Some ants make their homes under a stone. If the weather is warm, you may see many ants under the stone. If the weather is cold, many ants will be in their house under the ground.

Most of the ants are workers. They are very busy. They look for food and take care of the young ants. Each family of ants has a queen ant. The

queen ant doesn't work. She is important because she lays eggs. Those eggs will become baby ants.

There are many kinds of ants in America. One kind of these is very strong. People are afraid of it, and animals are afraid of it, too.

These ants move in groups. They eat all the animals on their way. They can kill and eat elephants, and they can eat wooden houses. When the ants come near, people leave their homes. But people are sometimes glad after the ants pass through, because they will see no other insects or snakes.

1. Where can you find ants on warm days?

A. Under the ground. B. On the ground.

C. Inside people's houses. D. Under a stone.

2. Why is a queen ant more important than a worker ant? Because _- __

A. a queen ant produces the young

B. a queen ant is stronger than all the other family members

C. a queen ant finds food for all the other family members

D. a queen ant does more work than all the other family members

3. Where can you find many kinds of ants according to the passage?

A. In America. B. In China.

C. In Canada. D. In Britain.

4. Why are people glad after the dangerous ants pass through?

A. Because they are gone B. Because they are not dangerous any more

C. Because there are no other insects or snakes D. Because the ants can be eaten

5. Which of the following is true?

A. People are not afraid of any kind of ant.

B. Big animals are not afraid of any kind of ant.

C. An elephant can kill and eat a kind of very strong ant.

D. One kind of ants moves in groups.

Part four Choose correct word to fill in the blanks 15marks Enjoy spent salary waste appear polite afford lift proud famous

1. It is a _________ of time to do that kind of thing.

2. She ___________ five days on the work.

3. We waited and waited, but the little mouse didn’t ________.

4. Hugh didn’t _____ watching that film.

5. John works in a foreign company but he doesn’t get a good ________.

6. Chong qing is ______ for its hot pot.

7. When he was driving along the mountain road, a boy asked him for a ____.

8. The house is so expensive that Sherry can’t _____ it.

9. Sharon is a ______ girl. She always smiles when she speaks to others.

10. The boy’s parents are ________ of him; he always studies hard .

Part five match 1 —10with a—k 15marks


a. distance


b. beggar


c. precious


d. steal


e. look forward to

6 not in one’s own country company places between two places very clean and tidy not long ago people grow flowers there f. garden

7 some one asks for money or food but doesn’t work neat g. abroad


h. firm

9valuable i. recently

10 take away stranger’s things without telling him

j. neat

Park six Sentence connecting 10 marks

1. A new road paved has been workers by


2.goodbye will say I him to next Friday morning __________________________________________________________.

2. that boy games very much playing likes.

__________________________________________________________. 3 Helen’s father’s friends of friendly are to her

__________________________________________________________. 4 letters more will a little cost but certainly they will faster travel

__________________________________________________________. 5 my grandfather buy the television was many years ago by

__________________________________________________________. Part seven Writing 10marks

Read this note from your friend Tom. Reply to this note.

Let’s meet for dinner near your house on Saturday.

Where shall we eat? What time can you come? Where can I park my car?

Dear Tom,



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