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句型转换 八年级下册英语

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Mary is good at music. (同义句)

Mary _____ _______ _______ music.

11. I think it is a good idea. (否定句)

I _____ _______ it’s a good idea.

12. He said I was hard-working. (划线提问)

What _____ _____ ______?

13. My teacher was very angry with me. (同义句)

My teacher was very ____ ______ me.

14. My sister said to me “I’m going to help you. ”(同义句)

My sister _____ me that _______ _____ going to help ________.


7 .I'm sorry _____(hear)his father died yesterday.

8._____(luck),he didn't hurt himself last night.

9 .When I left home,I forgot________(turn off) the light.

10 .She said it was much______(good)if she did her own work.

11 .I think it's a good idea______(start)a good habit.

12 .To their_______(surprised),the beautiful girl is blind.

13 .Their teacher told them________(not play)on the road.

14 .The foreigner does well in______(speak) Chinese.

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