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12月月考试题(无答案) 人教新目标版

I. 听力部分(20分)



( )1. How many students went swimming on vacation?

A. Twenty-two B. Ten C. Three

( )2. How often does the girl eat vegetables?

A. Hardly ever B. Twice a week C. Six times a week

( )3. Who has longer hair?

A. Joe B. Dave C.Mona

( )4. Where is Linda going for the vacation?

A. To Greece B. To London C. To Paris

( )5. How much yogurt does the man need?

A. Three cups B. Two cups C. One cup



( )6. What does Brian often do on weekends?

A. Surf the Internet B. Watch TV C. Go shopping

( )7. What does Brian like to do on the Internet?

A. Watch movies B. Read news C.Listen to music


( )8. What is the lecture about?

A. Robots B. A get-together party C. An American professor

( )9. Where is the lecture given?

A. In the Student Union B. In New York University C. In the meeting room

( )10. How long does the lecture last?

A. Three hours B. Two hours C. Two days


( )11.Where are they talking?

A. In the kitchen B. In a shop C. On the phone

( )12. What does the woman ask the man to do?

A. To peel some apples

B. To cut some apples

C. To peel some apples and cut them.


( )13. When will the woman be available?

A. On Saturday evening B. On Sunday morning C. On Sunday evening

( )14. What does the man invite the woman to do?

A. To go to his house for dinner

B. To see a movie

C. To go shopping

( )15. What time will the woman arrive?


A. At 7:30 B. At 7:00 C. At 6:30




II. 单项选择: (20 分)

( )21. About _______ of the workers in the factory were born in ________.

A. two hundreds, 1970 B. two hundreds, the 1970s

C. two hundred,the1970 D. two hundred, the 1970s

( )22. He had to stay at home _____________the heavy rain.

A. because B. through C. because of D. so that

( )23.All of us are ___________ at the _____________ result.

A. surprising; surprised B. surprised; surprising

C. surprising; surprising D. surprised; surprised

( )24. ---I’m hungry. Could I have some bread?

---I’m afraid there’s _____ left, and ______ of us has any time to get some.

A. none; none B. nothing; none C. none; no one D. something; none

( )25. Li Lei runs faster than _______in his class.

A. the other student B. any other students

C. any other student D. other students

( )26.Linda is her mother in many ways. For example, they are both tall and thin.

A. similar to B. kind to C. friendly to D. different from

( )27. There _______ a lecture (演讲) in half an hour.The meeting room _________with


A.will be; is full B.will be; is crowded

C.will have; crowded D.will have; full

( )28. He works hard and is often ______.I hope he will have more _______.

A.success;successful B.successful;success

C.success;successes D.successful:successful ( )29.Would you mind me how English words?

A. tell; to remember B. telling; remember

C. telling; to remember D.to tell; can remember

( ) 30.The best way _______ your English is _________ an English club.

A. to improve; to join B. improve; to join in

C. improving; joining D. Improves; joining in ( ) 31.He will dress himself in two years.

A. can B. could C. be able to D. able to ( ) 32. The radio is over there ; and listen to the news.

A. turn it off B. turn on it C. turn it on D. turn off it.

( ) 33.________ the class, the students left the classroom one by one.

A. At the end of B. In the end C. By the end D. At the end

( ) 34. She looks forward _______ the Great Wall.


A. to visit B. visits C. visiting D . to visiting

( ) 35. I don't know if he________ to the park tomorrow. If he ________,

I won't go, either.

A. goes, doesn’t go B. will go, doesn't go

C. will go, won't go D. goes; won’t go ( ) 36. Lucy gave Jane no chance to to her question and left hurriedly.

A. answer B. ask C. reply D. say

( ) 37.— David, why are you so excited?

— My father has made a that he will take me to Tibet next month.

A. decide B. promise C. mistake D. discussion

( ) 38. ______she is not in good health, ______she works very hard .

A. Though, but B. /, so C. Though, and D. Though, /

( ) 39. — What do you think of the talk shows hosted by Zhou Libo?

—________. I watch them every week.

A. I love them B. I can't stand them C. I don' t like them D. I don’t mind them.

( ) 40. Would you like ______ about the spaceship?

A. to tell me some information B. tell me some informations

C. to telling me any information D. tell me any informations

III.完形填空(10分) A few days ago, my mom went to visit my grandparents. She wanted to stay there for a few days. It was the first time that dad and I 41 at home without mom. On the first day, dad and I went out for dinner. The next morning, we 42

got up late. I went to school without 43 breakfast. I did not feel well all day long. After school when I got home, I looked around. What a mess! I 44 clean the rooms, do the dishes and 45 laundry. I was tired 46 doing all of the housework. That evening, I got a call 47 mom. She said she would come back the next day. I felt very 48 to hear that. At that time, I realized (认识到) that mom did too much 49 every day. I told my dad that we should try 50

mom. He agreed with me.

( )41. A. studied B. stayed C. worked D. played

( )42. A. both B. all C. ever D. also

( )43. A. eat B. ate C. to eat D. eating

( )44. A. have to B. had to C. must D. can

( )45. A. the B. a C. an D. /

( )46. A. before B. after C. when D. until

( )47. A. for B. from C. to D. with

( )48. A. happy B. unhappy C. tired D. angry

( )49. A. homework B. schoolwork C. work D. housework

( )50. A. help B. helped C. to help D. helping

IV. 阅读理解(每小题2分,共40分)

( A ) Bob often broke the school rules. One afternoon he went to the movies in town. He must return to the school at six. But it was after 8 o’clock when he arrived at school. He was a little worried. He ran quickly to the gate. It was closed. He went around the 3

school building to another door. That one was closed, too. Then he saw an open window on the ground floor. It was the headmaster’s (校长) office. Bob looked into the room but no one was there. He quickly climbed on and jumped into the room. Just then he heard a voice. He looked round and hid behind the sofa. One minute later, Mr. Scott, the headmaster came in. He turned on the light and sat down on the sofa. Then he began to read. Bob could not move. An hour later, the headmaster stood up and walked to the door.

“Thank God. He didn’t find me.” Bob said to himself.

“ Would you turn off the light when you leave?” the headmaster said and left the office.


( )51. When did Bob arrive at school?

A. At six B. At eight

C. After eight o’clock D. On time

( )52. Why did Bob look worried?

A. Because he couldn’t open the school gate.

B. Because he got into the headmaster’s office.

C. Because he broke the school rules.

D. Because he didn’t finish his homework.

( )53. How did Bob come into the school?

A. From the back door. B. From the school gate.

C. Through the ground floor. D. Through an open window

( )54. What does the underline word “ hid ” mean?

A. 搜索 B. 躲藏 C. 查找 D. 玩耍

( )55. From the passage we learn that_____________.

A. Mr. Scott knew Bob was in his office

B, Mr. Scott came to have a talk with Bob.

C. Mr. Scott saw Bob go to the movies.

D. Mr. Scott came to turn off the light in the office.

( B )

( )56. ______________ is not a part of the job.

A. Taking care of the child B. Working at the child’s house

C. Cooking for the child D. Reading books to the child

( )57. The babysitter must ____________.

A. go to the office to work B. work only on weekends

C. drive a car to work D. play with the child


( )58. If Cindy gets the job, she can get _____________ for a week.

A. $30 B. $150 C. $210 D. $450

( )59. From the information we know __________________.

A. Mr. Chen needs a babysitter to look after his daughter

B. the babysitter must work six days a week

C. the babysitter must be a college student

D. the babysitter can get more pay on weekends

( )60. The best babysitter for the job _________________.

A. must live with the child B. is good at singing and dancing

C. must love the child D. can cook and play

(C )

①Mary is reading something about how to keep healthy on the Internet.

Good sleep is important for your health. You need about eight hours’ sleep a night. Don’t eat or read in bed. A cup of milk before sleeping may help you get a good sleep. Go to bed at the same time before midnight(午夜) and get up at the same time every morning. For more information, please visit www.sleep.com.

How often do you exercise? If you want to stay healthy, try to ② 每天锻炼30分钟,每周三四次。For more information, please call Health Line at 180-2000.

Studies show that the cold or flu virus(流感病毒) can live on our hands for long. So you should wash your hands often with soap and water. If you want to know more, please call Health Line at 180-1313.

③Brush your teeth twice a day and see a dentist at least once a year. The oral examination(口腔检查) is not only for the health of teeth, but also for the whole body. Please visit www.mydr.com. for more information.








64. What should you do every day if you want to get a good sleep?


65. What can you do if you want to learn more about flu?


V. 补全对话: (10分)

A: The Lions are a great soccer team, you know!

B: Oh, I know. It’s my dream to play soccer in the Lions! (66)_________________________! A: (67)__________________________, you‘ll become a great soccer player. B: I’m sure I will. (68)__________________________?

A: Sure! If you become a Lion, you will travel around the world.

B: (69)____________________.

A: It is. And if you work really hard, (70)_________________________.

B: Well, I don’t know. I must ask my parents first.



1.My box is heavy. Jim’s box is heavier.(合并为一句)

Jim’s box is heavier (71)________ (72)__________.

2.He left the classroom (73)__________ (74)_________ (75)_______(什么都没说).

3.Jack doesn’t mind talk shows..(对划线部分提问)

(76)________ (77)_________ Jack (78)_________ (79)________ talk shows? 4.I want to be a soccer player when I grow up.(对划线部分提问)

(80)_________ do you want to (81)______ when you grow up?

5.My father is going to live in a beautiful place when he retires(退休). (写同义句) My father is going to live (82)__________(83) __________ when he retires. 6.We need one teaspoon of honey. (对划线部分提问)

How (84)__________(85) ____________ of honey do you need?

7.Why don’t you come to our party?(写同义句) (86)__________ (87)__________ come to our party?

8.Tom is going to work hard. His dream will come true.(用if合并为一句)

(88)_________ Tom (89)_________ hard, his dream (90)_______ come true.

VII.词语运用。 用所给词的适当形式完成文章。(10分)

There was once an old man in a small village. People always asked him for help 91 they had problems. They called him the 92 man in the village. There was 93 a clever young man. He was unhappy that the old man could be 94

than him. One day, he went to visit the old man 95 a bird in his hand. He asked the old man, “Is this bird dead or 96 ?” The old man looked at the bird and 97 , “Whether the bird is dead or alive depends 98 you. If I say it is alive, you will kill the bird. If I say it is dead, you will set it free(释放). So when 99 are in your hands, you decide their fate(命运)”.

Your success and failure(失败) are 100 in your hands. You can choose whether you want to succeed or not.

91. __________ 92. __________ 93. __________ 94. __________ 95. _________

96. __________ 97. __________ 98. __________ 99. __________ 100. ________








My vacation plan

Our vacation is coming. Many of my classmates make plans.



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