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M6 随堂练习

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智 联 学 堂 有严 有爱 有成绩

2013 智联学堂校区 初一英语 M6 随堂练习

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一 单项选择

1 There is a desk the classroom.

A next to B in front of C in the front of D across

2 Can you me the way the post office?

A tell; / B say; to C tell; to D say; in

3 , which is the way to the Great Wall?

A Sorry B Hello C Excuse me D Thank you 4 Let me tell you the way my house.

A with B for C to D at

5 The students are going the road.

A across B on C through D in

6 Go the street and then you’ll see the library at the end of the street.

A under B along C above D across

7 When you the road, you must be careful.

A past B cross C through D over

8 Look! He is the river.

A swim across B swiming across C swimming across D swimming through 9 Mary is my left and on Ben’s right. So she is us.

A on; behind B on; between C in; next D in; behind

10 Excuse me, where’s the bank?

It’s the street.

A next B cross C opposite D between

11 Why not ? ------ It’s a good idea.

A going fishing B to go fishing C go fish D go fishing 12 You can to the Olympic Sports Centre.

A take bus B by the bus C take a bus D buy a bus

二 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1 Would you like (tell) us the story?

2 It’s easy (find) the big tree.

3 I hope it

4 Why not

5 Could you tell me how (get) to the shopping mall、

6 My father usually (drive) to Beijing.

智 联 学 堂 有严 有爱 有成绩 7 Who (take) us to the park tomorrow?

8 Walk (cross) the road when you come to the fourth turning.

9 After (visit) the Tower of London, you can take the boat back.

10 When you are (tire), the best way to see London is by boat.

三 句型转换

1 Why don’t we climb the hill? (改为同义句)

climb the hill?

2 Walk across the small bridge. (改为同义句)

the small bridge.

3 He goes to school in his car every day. 改为同义句()

He school every day.

4 Can you tell me how to get to the park, please? (改为同义句)

Can you tell me the park, please? 就划线部分提问)

we go there?

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