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9A Unit2 welcome 第一课时课件

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Which photo is nicer?

Which T-shirt would you rather wear, the Because of the colours, we can wear nice pink one or the orange one? clothes to make ourselves beautiful! I’d rather wear the … one than the … one.

Which T-shirt looks good on your brother?

Dogs also care a lot about their clothes. Listen to the tape and answer the following questions.
1. Which one does Eddie want to choose? Why? The blue one. Because he thinks pink is a girl’s colour. 2. What does Hobo think about it? He thinks blue looks good on Eddie.

Which one do you want to wear?

I’d rather wear blue than pink. Pink is a girl’s colour.

There’s nothing wrong with pink, you know.

But blue looks good on you!

would rather do

than do

would rather do sth than sth I would rather try than give up the plan. He would rather give up his house than his car.

would rather do / not do

I would rather go there tomorrow.
Which would you rather have, tea or coffee? 我不愿意告诉你此事。 I’d rather not tell you about it.

I hear you would rather not meet them.


I’d rather stay at home than go to the park today.
I would rather have the small one than the large


We would rather have the meeting in the classroom than in the hall.

wear, put on & dress
wear意为“穿着,佩戴着”,强调穿着的状态, 可与进行时连用 She is wearing a new dress today. put on表示“穿上,戴上”,强调穿的动作 It’s cold outside, you must put on your coat when you go out.

dress强调 “穿”的动作,意为“穿衣服”,其宾 语 是人而不是衣服。 She is too young to dress herself.

Fill in the blanks with ‘wear, put on or dress’: 1. Mr. Black wears that pair of glasses every day. 2. It is cold outside. Don’t forget to put on your coat. 3. She is too young to dress herself.

Guess What is it?
It hangs in the sky . It looks like a bow(弓箭). It appears after the rain . It has 7 colors.
It is raining!

What can we see in the sky after a rain?

Colours of the rainbow
red orange





Do you remember the names of these colours?

red orange yellow green

blue indigo







Amy’s cousin saw the rainbow too. She is calling Amy to tell her about it. You also want to tell your friend about the rainbow. Work in pairs. Use their conversation as a model.

I’ve just seen a rainbow in the sky.
Really? How many colours are there in a rainbow? Do you know? Then what are they? They are…

Of course I do!

Intelligence Test
1.He is a green hand. ( 绿色的手 / 新手 ) 2.Don’t be black sheep. ( 害群之马 / 黑色的绵羊 ) 3.It’s a blue film. (蓝色影片 / 黄色影片 ) 4.She is in the red. ( 身穿红色 / 负债 ) 5.It’s really a white elephant. ( 无

用累赘之物 / 白象 ) 6.I’d like a cup of white coffee. ( 加牛奶的咖啡 / 白咖啡 ) 7.The boy is black and blue. ( 又黑又蓝 / 遍体鳞伤 ) 8.It’s a white lie. ( 弥天大谎 / 善意的谎言 ) 9.Tell me in black and white. ( 黑白分明 / 以书面形式 ) 10.She is green to your success. ( 祝贺 / 嫉妒 )

Let’s play a game!!!


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