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Integrated skills& pronounciation

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Integrated skills The kidnapping


The kidnapping occured.

be kidnapped


deliver letters

give sb. a shave and a haircut

Read A1 quickly and complete the blanks as much information as possible.

Suspect 1

Wang Gang Name : (1)____________ postman Occupation: (2)____________ Known Guan Dawei for(3)_______________ about 7 years No Does he know Guan Fei ? (4)_______ No Criminal record ? (5)______ Did he go to the Guan’s house on 28th Yes December?(6)______ At 8 p.m. on 28th December, he was (7) ________________________ At his sister’s wedding

Suspect 2 Xie Yiming Name : (8)____________ Occupation: hairdresser Known Guan almost two years Dawei for (9)____________________ Yes Does she know Guan Fei ? (10)_______ Yes Criminal record ? (11)______ Did she go to the Guan’s house on 28th Yes December?(12)______ At 8 p.m. on 28th December, she was leaving Mr. Guan’s house (13) ____________________________

Report on the kidnapping case: 10 p.m. Sometime between(1) _____ and (2)________, 8 p.m. son Guan Dawei’s(3)____,Guan Fei was five years kidnapped .The victim is (4)___________old one metre and about (5)__________tall . He was red shorts wearing a (6)____T-shirt , blue (7)_______ and a brown (8)______. jacket

Wang Gang Our first suspect is (9)____________ . He

is a (10)_________ and has known postman

Guan Dawei for (11) _______________. about 7 years
However , he (12) __________ know the does not boy who was kidnapped . He went to Guan’s house on the morning of 28th
December (13)___________,But in the evening he his sister’s wedding was at (14)____________________.

Our second suspect is
Xie Yiming (15)_______________. She is a hairdresser

(16)___________ and has known Guan
almost 2 years Dawei for (17)______________. She knows (18)__________ the boy who was

kidnapped .She went to Guan’s house
28th on(19)________ December , and left the

house at (20) __________.

8 p.m.

1.What is Xie Yiming’s job ? She is a hairdresser
2.How long has Wang Gang known Guan Dawei ? What about Xie Yiming ? He has known him for about seven years She has known him for almost two years

3.Did the two suspects go to the Guan’s house on 28th December ? Yes, they did.

4.Where was Wang Gang at 8p.m on 28th December ?
He was at his sister’s wedding

5.Why did the kidnapper kidnap Guan Fei ? Maybe he/she needs the money because Guan Fei’s father is a millionaire.

Read and answer Who is the victim? Guan Fei How old is the victim? He is five years old. When did the crime occur? It occurred between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on 28th December. Who are suspects? Wang Gang and Xie Yiming

Stress in a word

Stress in a word

ob· : is a noun. It means ‘a thing’ . ject
ob· ject : is a verb. It means ‘to say that you disagree with something’.

Practise the following words and stress the first syllables.
? 1.import ? 2.object ? 3.present ? 4.progress ? 5.project ? 6.suspect

Practise the following words and stress the second syllables.
? 1.import ? 2.object

? 3.present
? 4.progress

? 5.project
? 6.suspect

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

1.A child has been kidnapped. 一个孩 子被绑架了。 has been kidnapped 现在完成时的被 动语态 e.g. A new bridge has been built already. 2.He was wearing a red T-shirt, blue shorts and a brown jacket. 他穿着一件红色的T恤衫,蓝色的短裤 和一件棕色的茄克。 short 在这里是名词:短裤

3.Well, what did you think of our first suspect, Wang Gang? 你认为第一个嫌疑人王刚怎么样? 这个句子用过去式主要是指“你经过调查 之后的感觉”。 4.He seemed a nice man. 他好像是个好人。 seem 似乎、好像,后面可以直接跟表语, 也可以用动词不定式作表语。所以上句 也可以写成:

He seemed (to be) a nice man. e.g. You seem right = You seem to be right

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