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m8 随堂练习

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智 联 学 堂 有严 有爱 有成绩

2013 智联学堂校区 初一英语 M8 随堂练习

日期 姓名

一 单项选择

1 Once upon a time, there an old king.

A is B was C will be D has

2 The girl was so hungry that she up all the food.

A eat B eats C is eating D ate

3 My chair is A in piece B in a piece C in pieces D in the piece 4 The boy picked the coin on the ground.

A up B down C for D at

5 I have a friend Linda..

A call B calls C called D calling

6 He decided the film again.

A to see B see C seeing D saw

7 Please on the door before you come in.

A knock B put C look D get

8 I didn’t phone Ann at because she was very busy.

A one B first C the moment D once

9 They weren’t there, .

A too B also C as well D either

10 We football on the playground yesterday..

A play B plays C playing D played

二 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1 Soon she was (lose)

2 This is my (one) present..

3 How many (excite) stories are there in the book?.

4 (final) , she opened the door.

5 I decided (climb) the hill with my parents on holiday.

6 Long long ago,there (be) a beautiful girl.

7 I don’t know if he enjoys (listen) to popular songs.

8 Do you know the girl (call) Goldiclocks.?

9 Soon she was (sleep) .

10 I’m looking forward to (meet) Goldiclocks.

智 联 学 堂 有严 有爱 有成绩

三 句型转换

1 Tom was lost in the woods (改为同义句)

his in the woods.

2 He found nothing in the classroom. (改为反义疑问句)

He found nothing in the classroom,

3 Jack hurried to the teachers’ office. (改为同义句)

Jack to the teachers’ office

4 They noticed the girl in bed. (改为同义句)

the girl in bed.


she for a walk?

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