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Unit 11 What time do you go to school?

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A: What time is it? B: It’s two o’clock.
ten ten ten past ten



five fifteen
a quarter past five

A: What time is it? B: It’s five o’clock.
six thirty half past six



seven forty-five
a quarter to eight

What time do you usually …? I usually … at

get up

eat breakfast

What time do you usually …? I usually … at

go to school

School starts at 8:00

What time do you usually …? I usually … at

have lunch

go home

What time do you usually …? I usually … at

go to bed

take a shower

Unit 11
Section A

What time do you go to school ?

Match the words and the pictures.

a 1. go to school ____ d 2. get up _____ b 3. run ______
4. eat breakfast ___ e 5. take a shower___ c


Listen and match the times and actions. Draw lines from the clocks to the pictures.



One student is Rick. The other is the interviewer. Ask and answer questions about Rick’s day. Events
get up run have breakfast

Time 5:00 6:00


take a shower
go to school


Make a survey name Bill time events
get up eat breakfast

go to school do sports take a shower
Report : My friend Bill gets up at …. He eats breakfast at…. He goes to school at…

David’s daily routine
Activity gets up has breakfast goes to school gets to school has lunch goes home gets home has dinner goes to bed Time 6:00a.m. 7:00a.m. 7:30a.m. 8:00a.m. 11:30a.m. 4:30p.m. 5:00p.m. 7:00p.m. 10:00p.m.


Listen to the conversation. Complete these sentences with words from the box.
two one two

two Rick has _______ brothers (1) two and ______ sisters. Rick’s
(2) Family has Shower.

______ one (3)

2b Listen again and complete this shower schedule for Rick’s family.

5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00

Bob Mary Jerry


What does Scott do?

get up work get home go to bed

17:00(5:00 pm) 19:15(7:15 pm) 7:00 am 8:30 am

Scott works very long hours. He usually gets up at 17:00. He has a shower and then eats his breakfast. What a funny time to eat breakfast! After breakfast he plays his guitar , then he goes to work. To get to work , he takes the number 17 bus to the Sai Te Hotel. The bus usually takes him to work at 19:15. He works all night. People love to listen to him! He gets home at 7:00, and he watches morning TV. He goes to bed at 8:30. Can you think what his job is? What is his job?
He is a guitarist in a hotel (in a band).





Look at the chart below. Write a short passage about your day.

Time (yourself)
6:00 6:20


Time (your partner)

7:00 12:00 16:30 17:40 18:00 22:00

get up have breakfast go to school have lunch do homework take a shower have dinner go to bed

What’s the time of day?

in the morning

in the afternoon

in the evening

A: What do you usually do

in the

morning afternoon ? evening

at night

B: I usually …

Pair work A: When do you…? B: I … in

do homework

take a bus

listen to music


Pair work
A: When do people usually eat dinner?

B: They usually eat dinner in the evening.

Listen and circle the activities you hear run do my homework get up

take a shower go to school go to bed

eat dinner eat breakfast go home

eat lunch

Listen again and write the times next to the actions 1 . gets up 2 .runs 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 4:15 5:30 7:15 9:00

3.eats breakfast
4. goes to school 5. goes home 6.does homework 7. eats dinner 8 .goes to bed

Pair work

A: When does Rick usually get up? B: He gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning. get up 5:00 am run 6:00 am eat breakfast 7:00 am go to school 8:00 am go home 4:15 pm do homework 5:30 pm eat dinner 7:15 pm 9:00 pm go to bed

Read Jane’s message to her pen pal and write down what she does at these times.

Dear Mona, Thanks for your letter. Do you want to know about my morning? Well, I usually get up at around six fifteen. I do my homework at six thirty, and then I eat breakfast at around seven thirty. At around eight o’clock , I go to school. School starts at nine o’clock. Please write and tell me about your morning. Love, Jane

gets up 1. 6:15 ________________________

2. 6:30 ________________________ does her homework
eats breakfast 3. 7:30 ________________________ goes to school 4. 8:00 ________________________ School starts 5. 9:00 ________________________

Complete the letter with the information from 2b. Dear Jiang Min ,

Do you want to know about my get up morning? Well, I usually _________at 5:00 6:00 run ______ . At _________ I ________ , then I ______________ at ________. I eat breakfast 7:00 go to school 8:00 _______________at ____________. Please write soon.
Best wishes,


Dear Sally,

Suppose you have a pen pal in the USA. Write something about your day to him/her.

Do you want to know about my day? Well , I usually get up at six thirty,and then I eat breakfast at six fifty. I go to school at seven o’clock. School starts at seven forty-five. We have four classes in the morning. I have lunch at twelve. I do sports at four thirty. I go home at five ten. I do my homework at seven in the evening. I take a shower at eight .I go to bed at nine. Best wishes Cindy

Pair work
Imagine you are a famous movie star . Fill in the timetable with the things you usually do. Then share the information with your partner.

Saturday 8:00 am run


Make a survey What do your friends do on weekends?
Ma Li What time do you get up?

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