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Integrated skills

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Millie Part A: was born in the year of the Goat.

She is reading Master Zhang’s forecast. To find out what it says about her this month. Help her complete her notes with as much information as possible.

This month, you will have a lot to celebrate. First, you will have a new friend. Then you will have success at school or work around the middle of the month. Finally, you will be given some money.

Enjoy your month! For more details, please call Master Zhang on 5556 0678.

This month, I will have both ______________ good luck bad luck and _____________. I will meet a new _________. We will have lots of friend _________ together. I will have _________ at fun success school around the middle of the month. I will money also be given some ___________ but I must party spend it ___________. I will also go to a __________. However, I may have problems with wisely my ___________. I will need to get lots of rest health and eat ___________ food if I am feeling weak. healthy sick Otherwise, I might get _________.

Amy’s predictions
bad luck 1 mainly ____________

Master Zhang’s predictions

both good and bad luck ___________________ bicycle 2 will get a new _______ ___________________ will meet a new friend 3 will have fun in cooking _____________________ _______ success at school 4 will ______ some money _________________ find will be given some money

5 remember to give it to

the police ____________ cinema 6 will go to a _________

___________________ remember to spend it wisely
go to a party ___________________

seat problems with my health 7 problems with the ____ ___________________

1、否则,要不然 otherwise=or 2、查明,发现 find out 3、生病 get sick 4、感觉虚弱 feel weak 5、多休息 get lots of rest 6、本月中旬 around the middle of the month 7、尽可能多的信息 as much information as possible

8、想要更多的细节 for more details 9、好运霉运交织

a mixture of good luck and bad luck 10、明智地花钱 spend money wisely

have problems with one’s health 12、吃健康的食物 eat healthy food
13、有许多值得庆祝的事 have a lot to celebrate 14、有人给你一些钱。

You will be given some money.

语法补充:else 与 other的区别

都可以做形容词,表示“别的”。但other 修 饰名词,放在名词前面,但else 修饰不定代词、 疑问代词和疑问副词,放在这些词的后面。 如:other people what else somebody else other students who else when else anything else

Part B: Speak up
The Students’ Union needs a new chairperson. You are talking about why some classmates may or may not be suitable for the post. Work in pairs. Use Millie and Kitty’s conversation as a model.

Millie: Do you think Peter would be a good chairperson?
Kitty: He likes to dream. I don’t think he’d be able to organize things well.

Millie: True, but he’s imaginative enough to come up with new ideas. He’s also very generous.

Kitty: I’m not sure. Who else would be suitable? Millie:

15、适合这个职位 be suitable for the post 适合去做某事 be suitable to do sth. 16、学生会 the Students’ Union 17、能够 be able to 18、想出,想到 come up with= think of 19、还有谁 who else 20、我认为他不可能很好地组织事务。

I don’t think he would be able to organize things well.

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