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Main Task
Colours and moods

Millie is doing her project on the relationship between colours and moods. She wants to write about the moods of people by looking at the colours of their clothes. She chose a picture from a magazine.Help her complete her report with help of the table she has prepared.


power and red protection blue sadness or white calm green energy yellow and nature orange success and joy

power and strength calm and peace wisdom and warmth

*What is the woman wearing? A red dress and a pair of white shoes. *Can you guess her moods from the colours of her dressing?

*Do you think the colours match her?

Colours and what they represent


The woman in this picture is wearing a _______ red white dress and a pair of ______ shoes. This is interesting because red and white are very different colours.
power Red represents ______ and ________. Maybe she strength feels weak, and that is why she is wearing red-- she just wants to make herself look more powerful.

Her handbag and ________ are white. The colour shoes peace white presents ________ and _________ . She calm could be stressed and the colour white helps her feel peaceful.
I think the woman is feeling weak and a little bit stressed, but she is wearing the right colours to change that. Red and white are a good match, as the powerful ________ balances the calm red white __________.

Your Art teacher gave you two advertisements. She asks you to write about the models and what you think about the two advertisements. You want to make some notes on them first.

green Colour of T-shirt: __________________

energy and nature Represents: ______________________
yellow Colour of skirt:____________________ wisdom and warmth Represents: _____________________

white (and orange) Colour of hat: _____________________
calm and peaceful ( and success) Represents: _______________________________________ blue Colour of shoes: _________________________________________ sadness or calm Represents: ____________________________________________ relaxed, peaceful, bright, fresh, cheerful Moods: ________________________________________________ Because of the outdoor sunshine and the scence, it Reasons: ______________________________________________ looks like the woman is on holiday. ______________________________________________________ Yes. Is it a good friut juice advertisement? _________________________

Sunshine and beaches make you thirsty. The Why? _________________________________________________
juice looks refreshing. _____________________________________________________

orange Colour of shirt: _________________

Success and joy Represents: ___________________
Colour of trousers:__________________ blue

sadness or calm Represents: ___________________ black Colour of glasses: __________________ power and protection Represents: ________________________ white Colour of shoes: _________________________________________

calm and peace Represents: _____________________________________

fast and powerful Moods: ________________________________________________ The man looks very busy and he is running. Reasons: ______________________________________________ He

might be doing something important. ______________________________________________________
Yes. Is it a good mobile phone advertisement? _________________________ Strong and powerful colours are used to give Why? _________________________________________________ the

feeling of success. _____________________________________________________

Use your notes to finish the report on the moods of one of the models. Colours and moods The girl / man in the advertisement is wearing ______________________. ______( colour) represents ____________. I think she / he is ____________( moods) because _________________________. It is a good / bad ________ advertisement because ________________________.

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