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put-put-put cut-cut-cut shut-shut-shut let-let-let

set-set-set hit-hit-hit

hurt-hurt-hurt cost-cost-cost read-read-read A-B-A

run-ran-run run across(穿过) come-came-come run after(追赶) become-became-become

run out of(用尽)



buy-bought-bought think-thought-thought fight-fought-fought bring-brought-brought

中考必考同音词 buy-bye-by sink-think


catch-caught-caught teach-taught-taught


build-built-built lend-lent-lent send-sent-sent


4.后两字母-ep变-pt -el变-lt

keep-kept-kept sweep-swept-swept sleep-slept-slept



say-said-said pay-paid-paid lay-laid-laid


stand-stood-stood understand-understood-understood


meet-met-met feed-fed-fed shoot-shot-shot


mean-meant-meant hear-heard-heard

9. a.改变辅音字母或元音字母

have-had-had lose-lost-lost sit-sat-sat win-won-won

*find-found-found 找到;发现 (found-founded-founded)建立


make-made-made leave-left-left spit-spat-spat get-got-got hold-held-held


sell-sold-sold tell-told-told


1.过去式:原形中元音字母改为+e; 过去分词:原形+n

grow-grew-grown know-knew-known draw-drew-drawn

throw-threw-thrown blow-blew-blown

特殊:fly-flew-flown show-showed-shown (注意就按这个写)

2.过去式:原形中i改为a; 过去分词:原形中i变为u

begin-began-begun swim-swam-swum ring-rang-rung sing-sang-sung




beat-beat-beaten eat-ate-eaten fall-fell-fallen


see-saw-seen rise-rose-risen give-gave-given


shake-shook-shaken take-took-taken mistake-mistook-mistaken

特殊:write-wrote-written ride-rode-ridden hide-hid-hidden

4.过去式:-o+辅音+e 过去分词:过去式后加-n

speak-spoke-spoken break-broke-broken steal-stole-stolen


freeze-froze-frozen wake-woke-woken



hang-hung-hung 吊着;悬挂 hang-hanged-hanged 绞死;吊死


shine-shone-shone 照耀;发光 shine-shined-shined 磨光;擦亮


lie-lay-lain 躺;位于 lie-lied-lied 撒谎 (比较:lay-laid-laid 产


第三章 五年中考高频考点总结


1. used to do sth. /be used to doing sth./be used to

do sth


(2006年 四川资阳,18)

I __ in this small mountain village when I was a child.

A.use to live B.used to living C.used to live D.used to life


used to be 过去曾经是 You used to be a much better liar. 你以前的


2. arrive,get和reach表到达时的区分


在谈到火车、汽车等或乘客等到站时,通常用get in。

汽车五点半到站。 The bus gets in at five thirty. 飞机准时到达。 The plane got in on time.


(2008年广西)With the help of the computer,news can____every corner of the world swiftly(快速的) A.get B.arrive C.reach D.return


lend sth to sb;

keep为延续性动词,表示“长时间的借”。How long can I keep this book? 这本书我能借多久?


(09年 山东济南,45)-How long can I ___ the book? -For three weeks,But you can't lend it to other.

A. see B.borrow C.keep D.look


(09 广东,32) Mike didn't get wet because his teacher___ him an umbrella.

A.lent B.discovered C.borrowed D.taught (07 辽宁十二市,38)

-Where is your dictionary,Yu Mei? -Oh,I ___ it to Amy

yesterday.She'll return it tomorrow.

A.showed B.lent C.gave D.borrowed

4 dress,put on和wear

dress sb. 给某人穿衣服; dress sb. up 打扮某人 put on穿上,戴上,表动作 wear穿着,戴着,表状态


(2009 河北,40)

Sally,_ __ your sunglasses.The sun is so bright.

A.put on B.put up C.put away D.put down

(09 重庆,37) They had to _ __ the 800-meter race because of the bad weather

A.put on B.put off C.get on D.get up

(05年 河北,39)-Oh,Danny,It's raining outside.You'd better_ __your raincoat.

A. put on B.put off C.dress D.to wear




(08年 湖北黄冈,40)-I don't know where Wenchuan County is. -Let me___a map of China for you.

A. take B.bring C.fetch D.carry


die意为“死”,是不及物动词,非延续性动词。 dead意为“死的”,形容词,表状态。

death意为“死”,名词。 dying意为“垂死的,要死的”,形容词。


speak作为及物动词时接表示语言的名词或在会议上发言。 say常跟直接引语或间接引语并表示说话的容。 .

talk是不及物动词,常跟介词to和with,意为“同某人说话”。 tell意为“告诉”,与 story连用意为“讲故事”。


(2009 河北廊坊)

-What do you think of Mr Read's speech? -He ___ for nearly two hours but didn't __anything important.

A.spoke;speak B.said;say C.spoke;say D.said;spoke (2007 山东济南,34)

Don't forget to ____ “Thank you”when someone has helped you. A.speak

B.tell C.say D.talk

(2006 四川宜昌,40)

I was ___that our class meeting about“Eight Dos and Don'ts” would be held soon.

A.talked B.spoken C.told D.said



(2009年 江苏无锡,3) It will ____ us several years to learn a foreign language well. A.cost B.take C.spend D.use

考点 :It takes sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花某人多少时间 中考实战

(2007 河北,38)How much does the ticket__from Shanghai to Beijing?

A.cost B.take C.spend D.pay

10.wear,be in,put on,have on,dress oneself

11.look for和find


两个词同为hang的过去分词, hung-----悬挂 hanged-----吊死﹑绞死

13.listen to和hear

listen 为不及物动词,与to组成固定搭配,强调听的动作; hear强调听的结果。


忘记做某事----forget to do sth leave sth+地点,意为“把某物落在某处”


(09年 河北廊坊)

-Sorry.I ___ to post the letter for you. -Never mind.___ it myself after school.

A.forget;I'd rather post B.forgot;I'll post C.forgot;I'm going to post

D.forget;I'd better post

(2007 湖南)Sandy said she ___ her keys on the playground the day before yesterday.

A.forgot B.left C.had forgotten D.had left

15.辩词:turn turn red turn green

turn一般用于颜色变化 天变黑用get或grow 天气变暖或变冷,用become或get 天变长或变短一般用get

16.join,take part in,attend

17.think of,think about,think over,talk about

think of意为“想到......” think about意为“考虑”,宾语it或them后置

think over 意为“仔细考虑”,宾语it或them放中间,一般指考虑问题。


1.Let’s get some __ about tourism on the Internet.

A.information B.message C.invention

3.----You look worried.What’s your __?

----I have trouble learing English.

A.name B.question C.problem D.job

4.----Oh,my God!We have missed the last bus.What shall we do? ----I’m afraid we have no__ but to take a taxi.

A.choice B.decision C.reason D.information

5.----Bill is ill.Do you know what’s wrong with him?

----Poor boy. His illness is the __ of eating unhealthy food.

A.result B.cause C.reason D.end

6.When I hurriedly got to the airport,the lady at the window told me that there were no __ left on that plane.

A.places B.seats C.space D.room

7.Hey! If you want to find out about new cartoons,have a look at this __.It’s great.

A.time B.website C.photo D.rock

8.Can you imagine what life will be like in __ time ?

A.20 years’ B.20 year’s C.20-years’ D.20-years

9. __ room is big and bright.They like it very much.

A.Tom and Sam B.Tom’s and Sam C.Tom and Sam’s D.Tom’s and Sam’s

10.It’s over __ from Shijiazhuang to Beijing.

A.three hours’ drive B.three hour’s drive

C.three hours’ drives D.three hours drive

11.Many farmers have got lots of __ and got much money by selling the__.

A.cow;beef B.cows;beef C.cow;beefs D.cows;beefs

12.Paper-making is__of ancient China.

A.one of greatest inventor

B.one of the greatest inventors

C.one of greatest invention

D.one of the greatest inventions


1. —Tina, Mother says we can have a pet! How about a dog?

—I prefer a cat. It is ____ to take care of.

A. easy B. easier C. easiest D. the easiest

2. —The cake looks _______.

—Yes, and it tastes even _______.

A. well; good B. nice; better C. good; worse D. better; best

3. —This skirt is too _______. Would you show me another one? —OK. Please try this one. It’s cheaper.

A. personal B. special C. famous D. expensive

4. —May I have another cake?

—You’d better not. You shouldn’t go swimming on a ______ stomach.

A. hot B. hungry C. fat D. full

5. —Let’s go to the new restaurant on 24th Street for dinner tonight. —We can cook it at home. It’s ________.

A. expensive B. more expensive C. less expensive D. the most

6. —How was your weekend? —It was ______. I had lots of fun.

A. terrible B. tiring C. bad D. wonderful

7. —Jack, how are you feeling today? —Much _______. I think I can go to school tomorrow.

A. better B. worse C. brighter D. weaker

8. —I think math is _______ English.

—I don’t think so. I think English is more difficult.

A. as useful as B. as important as C. as difficult as 9. The sea looks very _______ when the sun is shining on it.

A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. the most beautiful 10. Simon is _______ to make us all _______.

A. enough funny; laugh B. funny enough; laugh

C. enough funny; to laugh D. funny enough; to laugh

11. The number of giant pandas is getting ______, because their living

areas are becoming farmlands.

A. less and less B. larger and large C. smaller and smaller

D. fewer and fewer 12. Jin Yong is one of the greatest and oldest _______ writers. He is

still _______.

A. living; alive B. living; living C. alive; living

D. alive; alive


1. Some rules are almost the same ___ in the world, but rules of etiquette

can be different from place to place.

A. somewhere B. anywhere C. nowhere D.

everywhere 2. We arrived ________ late that there were no seats left.

A. much B. too C. so D.

very 3. Our family has bought a car so we can travel ________ than before.

A. most easily B. less easily C. easily

D. more easily

4. -Peter jumps ______ than any other boy in our school.

-I’m sure he will be the winner in the high jump.

A. higher B. longer C. faster D.


5. I didn’t sleep ______ last night. I feel tired now.

A. well B. nice C. fine D.


6. This morning Jack came to school _____ than _____ student in his class.

A. much late; any B. much late; any other C. much later; any D.

much later; any other

7. We are glad to see our hometown is developing _______ these years than

ever before.

A. less quickly B. more quickly C. most quickly

8. Don’t worry, sir. I’m sure I can run ______ to catch up with them.

A. fast enough B. enough fast C. slowly enough

D. enough slowly

9. You’d better stay at home. The wind is blowing ______ at the moment.

A. hardly B. strong C. strongly 10. Guo Yue did quite _______ at the World Table Tennis Championship, but Zhang Yining did ever _______.

A. better; well B. well; well C. well; better

D. better; bette


(2005 江苏常州,39) Many people welcome the“Harm-free Internet”,but what do many school students ____ it ? A.hear of

B.think of D.look over D.talk about



(09年 天津,33) The football team played well, but they didn't ____ the competition.

A.score B.do C.succeed D.win

(2008年 河北张家口) -Han Mei ___ the exam,didn't she? -Sure,She is at the top of the class.

A.failed B.passed C.fail D.pass

(08年山东青岛,26)I'm sorry you ___ the wonderful football game.It was just over.

A.have lost B.have missed C.are missing D.will lose

(07年 安徽芜湖,23)In the 49th Word Table Tennis Championship(锦标

赛),W ang Liqin ___ Ma Lin and ___the champion(冠军) of the Men's Singles.

A.beat;beat B.won;won C.beat;won D.won;beat

19.have been to,have gone to,have been in

(09年 福建,44) -Jack,I haven't seen your brother for a long time. -He ___ Shanghai on business for two months.

A.went to B.has gone to C.has been in D.has been to (09年 河北 ,44) Helen loves to talk about travel.She___many places.

A.has gone to B.has been to C.has gone for D.has been from


(2009 河北,29)The silk dress____ so smooth .It's made in China. A.tastes

B.smells C.sounds D.feels

(2009 山东济南,32) -Hi,Tony.The milk shake ___ good ! -I'm glad you like it. A.sounds B.falls C.goes D.tastes


(2009 山东济南 ,49) Don't ____ your hope and try again. A.give up

B.look up C.cheer up D.wake up

(2009年 甘肃兰州,32)-Shall I take you to the shopping mall after work? -No,thanks.My father said he would _____ on his way home. A.look for me B.pick me up C.let me down D.take after me

(09年 山东济南,40)We also learn how to ____ well with others at school.

A.get to B.get on C.get down D.get up

(2009 山西,34) If I were a teacher,I would allow my students to ___

by themselves.

A.make a living B.make decision C.make much noise

(2009年 山东,29) -Dear,what time is the flight to Beijing on Saturday? -Wait a minute.Let me ___ in the schedule?

A.look at it B.look for it C.look after it D.look it up (2008 河北,37)____those lights,please.Don't use so much energy. A.Take off B.Put on C.Turn off D.Turn on

(2007 山东,22) More and more foreigners want to ___ their companies in China.

A.open up B.look up C.clean up D.pick up

(07 河北,44)He ___ a piece of waste paper,and put it into the rubbish bag.

A.picked up B.threw away C.looked for D.handed in (2007 山东济南,49) Don't worry! I'm sure you'll ____ your classmates if you are kind and friendly to them.

A.catch up with B.agree with C.get on well with

D.make friend with

(2006 河北 ,39)He has failed several times,but he won't ___ .A.go on

B.come on C.get up D.give up


(09 湖北武汉,31)-Don't try to ___ anything from me,Mary. -I know nothing about it,mum! I was sleeping at that time! A.hear B.cheat

C.get D.hide

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