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一. 选择题 ( 每小题1 分,共15 分)

从A B C D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。

( )1The Smiths don’t usually like staying at ______ hotels , but last summer they spent a few days at a very nice hotel by ______ sea.

A / ;a B the ; the C / ; the D the ; a

( )2. We _______ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part that day .

A set about B set up C set out D set down

( )3.The teacher raised his voice so that he could make himself ________

A hear B to be heard C heard D hearing

( )4 My brother can ride a horse and swim ,and he can shoot________

A as well B also C as well as D either

( )5.This is all______ I have ever seen.

A where B that C what D which

( )6 I don’t know about you ,I’m sick and tired of this weather . ————.I can’t stand all this rain .

A I don’t care B It’s hard to say C so am I D I hope so

( )7 She gave us food and clothing and asked for nothing ______

A in case B in addition C on purpose D in return

( )8.It is known ______ us that tigers belong to the cat family .

A with B by C to D at

( )9.The kind lady devoted all her life to ______ those homeless children .

A help B helping C being helped D be helped

( )10 Do you think _____ true that _____ is hard work that leads to success?

A it / it B it / what C that / it D what / which

( )11.——He failed the exam again.

—— He_____ his teacher’s advice. A should not have followed B should not follow

C should follow D should have follow

( )12 Only when he went abroad ___ the importance of learning foreign languages.

A he realized B did he realize C he did realize D he had realized

( )13 The reason ___ _ he changed his mind is___ _ he would not like to get into trouble.

A for what ; that B why; that C for which; because D which ; that

( )14 The other day he ran across one of his friends on the street , whom he ______for ages.

A didn’t see B hasn’t seen C hadn’t seen D doesn’t see

( )15 After graduation, he took all works to London _______ get a good job there .

A so that B in order that C in order to D as to

二.完形填空 (每小题1 分,共15分) Jane’s mother worked on the farm from dawn till dark, which just could make ends meet. To make Jane live a16life. Mother was very carful about spending money. 17Jane didn’t understand her. Every day Mother was busy with her 18 while Jane was studying at school, so they had little time to enjoy themselves. One day, Mother realized Jane was unhappy and even 19to her, so she decided to go 20 with Jane to make Jane happy. On Sunday morning they went happily to the snowfield. Since they were 21in white clothes, the manager advised them to buy ski clothes. He said22there was an accident, they might be easily 23 in their ski clothes. Mother couldn’t24them, so she refused. Then they went skiing in their white clothes. They were skiing happily on the25 when suddenly the snowfield began to 26. It was the snowslide(雪崩). They ran a long way and 27the snowslide finally, but they couldn’t find their way. Later, a helicopter was flying above, 28people on it couldn’t see or hear them. Jane was 29because she had hurt her head seriously and 30 dropped on the snow. Just then an idea struck Mother. She pierced (刺破) her wrist 31 and then bright red blood dropped down on the snowfield. A red SOS was on the snow. At last Jane 32 , but Mother died. Every time I 33 the blood dropping onto the snowfield, I feel 3 4. I believe anyone who hears the tragedy will 35 Mother for her selfless love to her daughter.

16.A. happy B. healthy C. busy D. meaningful

17. A. Moreover B. However C. Anyway D. Though

18. A. writing B. housework C. work D. research

B. loyal C. kind D. cruel

C. hiking D. skiing 19. A. unfriendly 20. A. skating B. dancing

21. A. all B. both C. either D. every

22. A. now that B. in case C. as though D. even if

23. A. searched B. examined C. found D. caught

24. A. pay B. manage C. afford D. stand

25. A. mountain B. farmland C. playground D. snowfield 26. A. change t B. mel C. shake D. jump

27. A. escaped B. passed C. experienced D. overcame

28. A. but B. so C. since D. while

29. A. in despair B. in danger C. in peace D. in ruins

30. A. hair B. blood C. tears D. jewels

31. A. carefully B. slowly C. immediately D. hardly

32.A. cried B. died C. woke D. survived

33. A. find out B. think of C. suffer from D. come across

34. A. satisfied B. curious C. anxious D. painful

35. A. admire B. envy C. reward D. thank

三.阅读理解 (每小题2分,共40分)

(A ) Why are so many people so afraid of failure? Quite simple because no one tells us how to fail so that failure becomes an experience that will lead to growth .We forget that failure is part of the human condition and that every person has the right to failure. Most parents work hard at either preventing failure or protecting their chidren from the knowledge that they have failed. One way is to lower standards. A mother describes

her child’s hastily made table as “perfect”,even though it wobbles(摇晃)on uneven legs. Another way is to shift blame. If John fails science, his teacher is unfair or stupid. The trouble with faiure prevention devices is that they leave a child un equipped for life in the real word . The young needno one can win all the time—and that it is possible to enjoy a game even when you don’t win. A child who’s not invited to a birthday party, who doesn’s make the honor roll or the baseball team, feels terrible, of course, But parents should not offer a quick consolation(安慰)prize or say, “It doesn’t matter” because it does. The young should be allowed to allowed to experience

disappointment and be helped to master it.

Failure is never pleasurable. It hurts adults and child alike. But it can make a positive contribution to your life once you learn to use it. Step one is to ask “why did I fail?”Resist the natural impulse to balme someone else. Ask yourself what you did wrong and how you can improve .If someone else can help, don’t be shy about inquiring. to learn that no one can be best at everying. 36. This passage mainly tells us about ___________.

A. the reason why people fail B how to fail

C the ways to prevent failures D the importance of facing failures

37. The second paragraph tells us ____.

A. how a mother praised her children

B. two ways of failure prevention most parents used when their children fail

C. how to shift blame

D. parents should blame their children at the proper time

38 When the writer says “every person has the right to fail”, he means “__________--”

A the world is full of failures B everyone makes mistakes

C failures are not common in our lives D no one can grow up without failures 39 By saying “protecting their children from the knowledge that they have failed”. The writer means that most parents try their best__________

A to let their children know that they won’t fail. B to teach their children about the knowledge of failure

C to provide their children with the knowledge against failure .

D to keep their children from realizing that they failed. 40 According to the passage , if you are facing failure ,you should _________

A blame someone else B face it yourself and not ask others for help

C forget it as soon as possible D think it over and find ways to improve it ( B ) It feels like every time my mother and I start to have a conversation, it turns into an argument. We talk about something as simple as dinner plans and suddenly, my mother will push the conversation into World War III. She’ll talk about my lack of a bright future because I don’t plan to be a doctor. And much to her disappointment, I don’t want to do any job related to science, either. In fact, when I was pushed to say that I planned to major(主修) in English and communications, she nearly had a heart attack.

“Why can’t you be like my co-worker’s son?” s he bemoans all the time. Her

co-worker’s son received a four-year scholarship and is now earning 70,000 dollars a year as an engineer. I don’t know what to answer except that I simply can’t be like Mr. Perfect as I’ve called the unnamed co-worker’s son. I can’t be like him. I’m the type of person who loves to help out in the community, write until the sun goes down, and most of all, wants to achieve a career because I love it, not because of fame (名声) or salary. I understand why my mother is worried about my future major. I’ve seen my mother struggle to raise me on her small salary and work long hours. She leaves the house around 6:30 am and usually comes home around 5 pm or even 6 pm. However, I want her to know that by becoming a doctor, it doesn’t mean I’ll be successful. I’d rather follow my dreams and create my own future.

41. Which of the following topics do the writer and his mother often talk about?

A. The writer’s studies. B. The writer’s future job

C. Dinner plans D. Wars around the world

42. We can infer from Paragraph 1 that the writer’s mother ____________.

A. doesn’t want the writer to major in English

B. doesn’t think the writer should be a doctor

C. gets along very well with the writer

D. doesn’t think working in the science field is a good idea

43. The underlined word “bemoans” in Paragraph 2 most probably means _____________.

A. agrees B. shouts C. complains D. smiles 44. Which of following statements is probable TRUE ab; out the writer?

A. He wants to be like his mother’s co-worker’s son. B. He wants to find a job in his commun ity in the future.

C. He doesn’t think his mother’s co-worker’s son is perfect. D. He wants to do so something he really likes in the future. 45 We can know from the last paragraph that_________

A the writer’s mother works very hard for the family

B the writer doesn’t know what his future will be like

C the wri ter doesn’t think being a doctor is good

D the writer sometimes thinks his mother’s advice is very good

( C )

A British judge ruled recently that swearing (咒骂) at the police is not a crime (犯罪), setting off a heated debate(辩论) across the nation. Denzel Cassiues Harvey , 19 ,was stopped outside his home in Hackney , East

London , by police officers who thought he was carrying drugs. He was fined £50 by a count for repeatedly (重复)swearing at the police who were searching him for drugs. But judge David Bean overturned(推翻) the decision of the previous(以前的) court . He said that police officers hear foul language too frequently to be offended (冒犯). Judge David Bean said the foul language used by Harvey was unlikely to cause the police officers harm , alarm or distress(苦恼), because it was so “common”.

The judge may have been right to cancel(取消) the fine in this individual case . But there are massive problems with what he said when making the ruling . Foul language is frequently directed at police officers, but this doesn’t mean that it should be accepted as part of their working life.

How can we justify(证明) this ? There are the people who devote their lives to protecting us. What does it say about our respect for the police , if we see them as people who can be spoken to abusively (粗暴地) without a second thought? There are many times that police officers do not penalize member of the public for swearing at them and it would be impractical(不切实际的) to punish every person that abuses(辱骂) them with foul language . But if officers feel that someone has crossed the line , they should not be criticized for reacting(反应) to this . They are there to make these judgement and we need to allow them to do so. The question is not what is said, but how the language is used. If a person swears with genuine(真实的) aggression (进攻,侵犯)and aims to cause fear they should be penalized.

The police are enforcers (实施者)of the law, not mute(无声的) punch bags.(沙袋) 46 Why was Denzel Cassiues Harvey stopped by police officers?

A Because he was carrying drugs in his pocket.

B Because the police suspected that he was carrying drugs

C Because he swore at police officers on duty.

D Because he was a wanted criminal. 47 What do you know about David Bean ?

A He is 19 years old B He offended police officers

B He canceled the £ 50 fine D He was a police officer

48 What does the writer think of Judge David Bean’s ruling ?

A He disapproves of David Bean’s ruling

B He thinks it right for Judge David Bean to cancel the fine.

C He thinks Judge David Bean’s ruling sounded reasonable.

D He thinks highly of David Bean’s ruling.

49 What does the underlined word “penalize” mean ?

A Offend B Abuse C Criticize 50 Which of the following is the best title ? D Punish

A Law needs to protect the police, too

B Swearing at the police should be banned

C Denzel Cassiues Harvey’s case set off a heated debate

D Judges are supposed to support the police

( D ) What exactly is a lie ? Is it anything we say which we know is untrue ?Or is it something more than that ?For example, suppose a friend wants to borrow some money from you. You say “I wish I could help you, but I am short of money myself.” In fact , you are not short of money but your friend is in the habit of not paying his debts and you don’t want t o hurt his feelings by reminding him of this. Is this really a lie ? Professor Jerald Jellison of the University of southern California has made a scientific study of lyi ng. According to him, women are better liars than men, particularly when telling a “white lie”, such as when a woman at a party tells another woman that she likes her dress when she really thinks it’s terrible. However, this is only one side of the story. Other researchers say that men are more likely to tell more serious lies, such as making a promise that they have no intention of carrying out. This is the kind of lie politicians and businessmen are supposed to be particularly skilled at :the lie from which the liar hopes to profit or gain in some way. Research has been done into the way people’s behavior changes in a number of small, unimportant ways when they lie. It has been found that if they are sitting down at the time, they tend to move about in their chairs more than usual. To the trained observer they are saying “I wish I were somewhere else now”. They also tend to touch certain parts of the face, particularly the nose. One explanation of this may be that lying causes a slight increase in blood pressure. The tip of the nose is very sensitive to changes and the increased pressure makes it itch. Another gesture that gives liars away is what the writer Decmond Morris in his book Man Watching calls the “mouth cover”. He says that there are several typical forms of this ,such as covering part of the mouth with the fingers, touching the upper lip or putting a finger of the hand at one side off the mouth. Such a gesture can be

understood as an unconscious(未察觉的) attempt on the part of the liar to stop himself from lying. Of course, such gestures as rubbing the nose or covering the mouth , moving about in a chair can not be taken as proof that the speaker is lying. They simply tend to happen more often in this situation. It is one gesture alone that gives the liar away but a whole number of things , and in particular the context(上下文) which the lie is told. 51.According to the passage, a white lie seems to be a lie ______.

A. that other people believe

B. that other people don’t believe

C. told in order not to hurt someone’s feelings D. told in order to take advantage of someone 52..Research suggests that women _____.

A. are better at telling less serious lies than men B. generally lie for more than men do

C. often make promises they intend to break D. lie at parties more often than men do 53..Researchers find that when a person tells lies _____.

A. his blood pressure increases measurably B. he looks very serious

C. he is likely to make some small changes in his behavior D. he uses his unconscious mind 54.The writer of the passage______.

A. hates lying B. enjoys lying

C. often tells a lie D. tries to study aboutc lying 55. Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage as a sign of lying ?

A. Touching one’s ears B. Rubbing the nose

C. Moving in a chair D. Covering the mouth

四.英语改错题 (10 分,每小题0.5分)


( 1 )

We are all busy talking about and use the Internet which set up many years ago. At first ,the internet was only used by the government ,but in the early 1970s’, universities, hospitals and banks were allowed to use it as well as .However, computers were still expensive and the Internet was difficult to use it .Thirty years later, computers become cheaper and easier. Today it is easy to get on line and it is told that millions people use the Internet every day . Send e-mail is more and more popular between students.It has become one of the most important parts of people’s life.

56_________ 57_________ 58___________ 59__________ 60 ___________

61_________ 62_________ 63___________ 64___________ 65 ___________

( 2 )

An old woman had a cat. The cat was very old to run quickly, and nor was she able to bite it, One day the old cat saw a mouse in the kitchen. she jumped and caught it. But the mouse got out of her mouth and ran away, so the cat could not bite it; Then the old woman became very angrily because the cat had not killed the mouse. She began to hit the cat in the head. The cat said, "Do not hit your old servant. I had worked for you for many years, and I would even work for you , but I am too old. Do not unkind to the old, but remember how good work the old did when they were young. Nobody stay young forever."

66_________ 67_________ 68___________ 69___________ 70 ___________

71_________ 72_________ 73___________ 74___________ 75 ___________

五.单词拼写 (15 分)

76.Michael is quiet, he doesn’t want to join in o_________ activities.

77. The s_______ made people feel sick.

78. Everyone thought he was j _______ ,but in fact he was completely serious.

79. Though I have never seen him, his name is quite f _______ to me .

80. When I s _____ the tree, some of the fruit fell to the ground.

81. The machine doesn’t work. It needs r _______.

82 We are deeply i _________ that he still works hard even though he is blind.

83. Many people think I am a great s ___ __ at school. But I know I still have a long way to go.

84. The school is b ______ in need of good teachers.

85 The volunteers from the charity are busy r _______ money for the sick children. 86 The painting is p __________by thick glass.

87 At any time ,we should put s ___________ in the first place.

88 This kind of chair is e ___________ designed for the lame.

89 Hurricane is a terrible n ________ disaster that often hits the American coastal areas.

90 This competition is a real c ___________.

六. 书面表达 (10 分)

假定你是李磊,针对目前许多学生睡眠不足的现状,你希望学校取消早读课(Morning reading class )以保证学生有充足的睡眠。请你用英语向校长写一封信,描述你在睡眠方面遇到的问题,并提出你的建议。具体内容包括:

1 近况:状况看似良好。

2. 问题:睡眠严重不足。

3. 原因:作业太多,睡觉时间太迟,早上起得太早。。。。。。

4. 恳求:取消早读。



Dear schoolmaster,

I’m very glad that I can study in such a good school, It seems that I am getting along with myself very well, but


________ _________________________________________________________________________

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