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北师大初一下册Unit 8 Seasons and Clothes 同步测试

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Unit 8 Seasons and Clothes 同步测试


A) 根据句意及所给汉语提示,补全句子 1. The __________(气温) falls below zero at night.

2. Do you listen to the weather __________(报告) every day?

3. Harbin is in the __________(东北) of China.

4. We have a lot of __________(阳光) here in summer.

5. It's __________(多云的) today.

B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空

6. There are some __________ (radio) on the table.

7. Lucy sings __________(bad) than Lily.

8. How __________ (wind) it is today!

9. In winter, there are lots of __________ (snow) days.

10. You must do your homework __________ (careful).


11. Shenyang has a fine day.

__________ __________ a fine day in Shenyang.

12. There is rain to the north of the Great Wall.

__________ __________ to the north of the Great Wall.

13. In the Northeast it is wet and cold.

The Northeast __________ a wet and cold day.

14. How heavily it rains!

What __________ __________ rain!

15. The radio says the sun comes out later on.

The radio says the sun comes out later in __________ __________.


In England winter is not very cold and summer is not very hot. There between summer and winter. Why is this?

cooler than the land. The winds from the sea bring cool air to England.

吹) over England all the year round. They blow from the southwest. to England all the year round. England has a lot of rain all

you want to visit England, you can go there

1. A. isn't 2. A. cold 3. A. warmer 4. A. carries 5. A. west 7. A. cloud 8. A. wet 9. A. two 10. A. spring



Mr Smith is an Englishman. He teaches English well. His English classes are very interesting. He likes us and we like him, too.

Mr Smith has two children—Tom and Lucy. Tom is seven and his sister Lucy is four. Tom goes to school but Lucy doesn’t. Mr Smith likes to wear(穿 )a T-shirt and jeans(牛仔裤).Football is his favourite sport. After school we often have a basketball match. Sometimes(有时) Mr Smith watches and joins us. He plays basketball just for fun. 1. Mr Smith is __________.

A. a Chinese teacher B. an English driver C. a Japanese teacher D. an English teacher 2. How many sons does Mr Smith have?

A. Only one B. Two C. Three D. Not any 3. Lucy doesn’t go to school because ___________.

A. she looks beautiful B. she is seven C. she is only four D. she doesn’t like school 4. ________ is Mr Smith’s favourite sport.

A. Basketball B. Football C. Running D. Volleyball 5. The story is about _________.

A. Mr Smith’s son B. Mr Smith C. Tom and Mary D. a basketball match


B. doesn't have B. cool

B. warm B. are B. east B. rain B. drier B. four B. autumn

C. is C. hot C. hot

D. has D. warm D. hotter D. take D. southwest D. cold D. snow D. colder D. same D. each season

C. bring C. southeast C. wet C. cold C. three C. winter

C. wetter

6. A. cool B. winter

Mary is an American schoolgirl. She is now in Beijing with her parents. Mary doesn’t know Chinese, but she is studying Chinese. She often speaks Chinese to her Chinese friends. Sometimes they don’t understand her because she can’t speak Chinese well.

It’s Sunday morning .She goes out . She is walking in the street, She is going to the zoo to see elephants and monkeys, but she doesn’t know how to get there .She asks a Chinese boy. The boy can’t understand her. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of paper. She draws an elephant on it, and shows the picture to the boy. The boy understands now, and then he shows Mary the way to the zoo.

6. Mary is _______ schoolgirl.

A. a Chinese B. an American C. a Japanese

7. Mary is in _________ with her parents.

A. Shanghai B. Beijing C. New York

8. Mary ____________ speak Chinese well.

A. can B. can’t C. mustn’t

9. It’s Sunday, she is going to _________.

A. see her friends

B. see some animals in the zoo

C. walk in the park

10. Mary doesn’t know how to _________.

A. get to the zoo

B. get to the park

C. get to her home


一、1. temperature

6. radios

二、11. It, is 2. report 7. worse 3. northeast 4. sunshine 5. cloudy 8. windy 9. snowy 10. carefully 12. It’s, rainy 13. has 14. a heavy 15. the day

三、1─5 ABACD 6─10 CBCCD

四、1─5 BBCBB 6-10 BBBBA

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