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北师大初一下册Unit 9 People同步测试题

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Unit 9 People同步测试题

一. 单项选择

( )1. ----What does your friend look like?


A. He is thin B. She is a kind girl

C. She likes music D. She has good-looking ( )2. Mr Simmons________ a medium build, and he has yellow hair.

A. is B. has C. looks like D. isn’t ( )3. ----Is he heavy?

----No, he is a little bit __________.

A. tall B. thin C. short D. quiet ( )4. ----Lucy doesn’t have curly hair.

----Yes, we can say she has _______hair.

A. bald B. blonde C. short D. straight ( )5. ----Which is your teacher? ----The one ________ thick glasses over his eyes is.

A. wears B. wear C. with D. has ( )6. ---Is Miss Gao tall?

---No, she isn’t tall, and she isn’t short, too. She is _________ .

A. medium height B. medium build

C. a little heavy D. thin

( )7. ---__________________?

---He has big eyes and small nose.

A. How old is he B. What does he do

C. What does he look like D. How is he

( )8. ---Who is in the classroom now?

----___________.All the students are on the playground.

A. Someone B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Mary ( )9. ----Is your friend quiet?

----No, he never stops __________. A. talk B talking C. to talk D. laughing ( )10. ----Tom is not very heavy.

----Yes, I think we can say he is _________ heavy.

A. a little B. a bit C. a little bit D. A, B and C

二. 词汇


Miss Li is our English teacher .Do you k___1____ her? And what does she l___2____ like? Let me tell you. She’s m____3_____ height, but a little b__4____ heavy. She has short brown and c___5____ hair. She always wears a pair of g___6____ on her face. She is g__7______ , we like her very much. She loves to tell j__8_____, and she is very p___9____ in our school. Can you r___10_____?


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

三. 补全对话

(Tony 与Mike 在谈论Tony的足球队长,你能把他们没说完整的话补充上吗?) Tony: Do you know the captain of our football team?

Mike: What does he _____1_______?

Tony: He isn’t very tall or short, he is _____2_______height.

Mike: Is he ______3_______?

Tony: No, he is a little thin.

Mike: Does he have _____4________ or straight hair?

Tony: Oh, he has no hair, he is ____5________, and he also has ____6________ on the upper lip.

Mike: Does he like talking?

Tony: No, he’s a little bit ________7_____ , but we like him very much. He is very _____8______ in our team.

四. 完形填空

Johnny is twelve ____1_____ old. He is very tall and he loves ___2_____ basketball. His parents _____3_____from Anqing. Sally is small and she ___4______ glasses. She _____5____ long and curly hair. She likes _____6____. She _____7______ hard. Dave _____8_____ medium height. He enjoys ____9_______ computer games. He loves to tell ___10______

( ) 1. A. year B. years C. / D. years’

( ) 2 .A. play B. plays C. playing D. to play

( ) 3. A. is B. are C. comes D. be

( ) 4. A. not wear B. do wear

( ) 5. A. has B. have C. doesn’t wear D. don’t wear C. is D. are

( ) 6. A. sing B. singing C. sings D. doesn’t sing

D. doesn’t work

D. am

D. play ( ) 7. A. works B. working C. to work ( ) 8. A. are B. be ( ) 9. A. plays B. playing C. is C. to play

( ) 10. A. jokes B joke C. to joke D. not joke

五. 阅读理解。


Katy and Sandy are twins. They look the same. They both have long hair and big eyes. They are medium height and they have medium build. They live in a town. Katy is older than Sandy. She likes living in town very much. Katy thinks living in town is more interesting than living in the country. She likes the lights in town. She thinks the lights at night are more beautiful than the stars. She likes to read, and reads more quickly than Sandy. Often Katy reads until late at night. Sandy likes the country better. She likes to visit her Aunt Peggy. She often helps her aunt with her work. Sandy likes to run. She runs faster than Katy. In the country, Sandy can run longer than in town. She also thinks running in the country is the most exciting thing to do.

请根据短文的描述,分辨出哪张照片是Katy,哪张照片是Sandy。并在照片下面的括号中标明K(Katy)或S (Sandy )。

1.( ) 2.( ) 3.( ) 4.( ) 5.( )


Peter is a boy. He is from America. He is twelve years old. He is a middle school student. He has a round face, a big nose, a wide mouth and two big eyes. His hair is light brown and short. He likes to play football. He is in our school football team. He is a Young Pioneer, too. Peter has a sister, Her name is Anne. She is twelve, too. She has a round face, a small nose, a small mouth and big eyes. Her hair is red and long. She likes to play the piano, to read and draw. They are in the same school, but in different grades. They are twins. We all love them.


(C) My father is tall and has short, gray hair. He wears glasses with heavy, black frames. But I just saw a picture of him from 1968. What a surprise! In the picture, he’s 15 years old. He’s short and he has glasses with small, round frames. He has long, yellow hair and it’s really straight. He’s wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt with the word “Love”. I’m 15 years old now. I’m average height and I have short hair. My hair isn’t yellow, it’s blue. My dad thinks it’s strange, but my friends think it’s great. I wear glasses, but my glasses have bright red frames. They’re so cool! I have an earring in one ear, too. Dad really can’t understand that, I never wear blue jeans. I like big, baggy pants and long T-shirts. Most of my T-shirts have pictures of my favorite rock bands on them. ( ) 1. What kind of glasses did Father wear when he was fifteen years old? He wore .

A. glasses with heavy, black frames C. glasses with bright red frames

B. long and yellow glasses D. glasses with small, round frames

( ) 2. What color is my hair? It’s ______________.

A. yellow B. blue C. gray D. red

( ) 3. What do I like to wear? I like to wear _____________.

A. blue jeans and a T-shirt

B. yellow jeans and a T-shirt with the word “love”

C. big and baggy pants and long T-shirts

D. blue jeans and an earring

( ) 4. What’s on my father’s T-shirt?

A. The word “love”. B. Heavy and black frames.

C. Pictures of rock bands. D. An earring.

( )5. Who has an earring in one ear?

A. My dad does. B. I do. C. My father does. D. My friends do.

六. 写作(writing)

1. Look at the picture of Cocco. Please say something about her with the words given.

2. 想想十年后的你会是什么样?请画出来,并介绍给大家。


一、1—5ABBDC 6—10 ACCBD


1—5 know, look, medium, bit, curly

6—10 glasses, good-look, jokes, popular, remember


1. friendly 2. funny 3. easygoing 4. outgoing

6. interesting 7. kind 8. generous 9. moody

11. smart 12. cool

三、1. look like, 2.medium 3. heavy 4.curly 5. bald 6.mustache 7.quiet 8. popular 四、1—5 BDBCA

6—10 BACBA

五、(A)1—5 SKSKS

(B)1—5 round/ light brown/ big/ big/ wide/

6—10 round/ red and long/ big/ small/ small



5. serious 10. intelligent

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