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9B Unit2 词汇练习

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Unit 2
post 1.Will you please _____(邮寄) this letter for me when you go to the post office? 2.Your room must be _______(扫) well. swept It’s too dirty. iron 3.A robot can ____(烫) clothes like a man. 4.The woman often makes clothes smooth with an i____. ron 5.The salesmen (售货员) with glasses _________ are at the doorway of the shop.

6.Edison’s inventions made a great difference to our e________ life. veryday 7.The robot threw the clothes into the rubbish _____(垃圾箱) along with the ________(垃圾). dustbin 8.There is some water in the rice c_____. ooker coins 9.The ______(硬币) in the purse are all here. pread 10.The books were s_____ all over the floor by the child. rubbish 11.Her job is to collect __________(垃圾). 12.When the teacher came into the classroom, he found the classroom in a m_____: the ess floor was very dirty and the students’ books were on the floor.

13.To put rubbish into a d_________ is a good habit. ustbin 14.The road to our villages is ___________(平坦的). smooth 15. A car usually has four w__________. heels 16.I’ve got a pain in my _________(胸部).I’ll be away chest for a while. 17.Your room should be _____(打扫) every day. swept dries 18.She often does some laudry and _________(晾干) the clothes. 19.It’s better to keep the clothes d____ in the ry wardrobe. 20.The robot can do w_________ it is asked to with hatever his hands.

nodded 21.He _________(点头) to me as he passed. odding 22. Look! He is n_______ to show that he has understood. knees 23.The little child can’t bend his _______(膝盖). ither 24.There are many tall buildings on e_______ side of the street. either 25.If he doesn’t go, I won’t __________(也). copies 26.He received three free _________(副本) of “Robot magazine”. opy 27.Don’t c_________ others’ homework.It’s bad for your study.

28.Have you place an ________(订单) with order the factory? ost 29.Could you please p____ a letter for me when you go to the post office? 30.When I got home yesterday, I found my ess bedroom was in a m_____.

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