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Unit 9 When was it invented ?

Section A

一: 1. invented 2.invention 3.adjustable 4.heat 5.slippers 二: 1~5 CBCCC

三: 1. What, used for 2. Who , invented 3. is , cleaned

4.must be repaired 5. to see

Section B

一: 1.notice 2. salty 3.produced 4. remain 5.pleasant

二: 2.too thin 2.by accident 3.According to, was discovered

4. by mistake 5.in this way ,in the end 6.fell into

三: 1~5:AADCD 6~10:BDBDC 11~12 :AC

四: for, on, Who , think, are, inventions, is , most

Self Check and Reading

一: 1.century 2.knock 3.below 4.wooden 5.towards 6.

developing 7.divided 8.active 9.aim 10.create

二: 1.helpful 2.inventions 3.salt 4.the most popular

5.safety 6.wood

三: 1.It is believed 2.named 3. to learn 4.was sent

5.was handed in 6.Was ,cleaned 7.found him 8.When was, invented 四: 1~5:BADBA 6~10:CADAB 五: 1~5:ABCAC

6.He grew vegetables in his garden and sold them.With

the money he set up a chemical lab.

7.Yes.Because he was awarded 1368 separate and

distinct patents during his lifetime.

8.February 11th,1847 9.October 18th ,1931

10.America 11.Built a lab 12. 1368

13. His first patented invention was an electrical vote

recorder in 1868.

14. 1876~1877,invented the phonograph.

15.1900~1910, invented and perfected and steel alkaline

storage battery.

VI. Writing

This is a toothbrush. It is made of nylon and it's made in Shanghai. It is usually used for brushing teeth so that you can have a beautiful smile.

You may use it twice a day, once in the morning and the other in the evening.

It can only be used for 3 months. After that you should buy a new one.

To keep your teeth clean, you must brush your teeth in the right way. Or your teeth will have some problems.

Unit10 By the time I got outside ,the bus had already left Section A

一: 1.lock 2.verslept 3.rush 4.relative 5.broke 二: 1. had left 2.had left 3.to come 4.had cooked

5.doesn’t rain 6.had had 7. finishing 8.had learnt

三: 1~5:CBBAB

四: 1.walking, on time 2.been late for ,came ,close 3.go off ,overslept 4.broke down 5.ran off

Section B

一 : 1.exhausted 2.costume 3.ending 4.thrilled

5.empty 6.reveal 7.panic 8.describe 9.fooled 10.married

二: 1~5CABBD 6~10BAACD

三: 1.set off 2.get married 3.invited ,to watch

4.showed up 5.as much ,as 6.stay up 7.happened to 8.Hundreds of 9.so ,that

四: 1~5:BEDCA

Self Check and Reading

一: 1.met,hadn’t seen 2.crying 3.to go 4.have learnt 5.will be showed /shown

二: 1.too,to 2.as much as possible 3.had seen 4.has he

5.weren’t allowed

三: 1~5 CBCCD 6~10 BABDC 四: 1~5 TFFTF 6~10 CDBAC 书面表达:

April Fool's Day is traditionally a day to play jokes on others. I

had such an experience to be fooled.

It was April Fool’s Day yesterday, but I didn’t realized. When school was over, my friend Jack asked me to have lunch with him in a restaurant. I agreed and told him to go there first and I would make my mother a call. By the time I got to the restaurant from the telephone box, I found he wasn’t there. Ten minutes later I realized I had been fooled. But I didn’t feel angry. When I went home for lunch, my mother had a good laugh.

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