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Unit2 Main Task

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Unit 2 Robots
Main task

为了 in order to 对….满意 be satisfied with 中等大小的机器人 medium-sized robot 更加注意到 pay more attention to 结果 as a result 至少 at least 一直发出指令 give instructions all the time ….怎么了 What’s wrong with…? 一点也不 not at all 退款 get money back 持续 last for 需要被 need doing=need to be done

1.He doesn’t study hard._______ , he As a result failed in the exam. 2.The rain _______ half an hour. lasts for pay more attention to 3.Please ________________ your handwriting, I can’t see it clearly. 4._____________ my washing machine? I What’s wrong with need to________________.time give instructions all the 5.I am ______ hungry ______ . I have just not at all had lunch. 6.My watch doesn’t work . It _____________ (repair). needs repairing

7.If you can’t mend the computer well, get money back I’ll _____________. are satisfied with 8.My parents _____________ my study. in order to 9.I get up early _____________ be the first to get to school. 10.I bought amedium-sized robotbecause it ____________ didn’t take up too much space

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