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9B Unit 2 Integrated Skills 课件2

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Unit 2 Robots
Integrated skills

International Robot Exhibition
Dates:12th---20th March Place:Sunshine Town Exhibition Centre Time:10 a.m.---4.30 p.m. Ticket:¥ 25(free children under 12) Special gift Come to the robot exhibition on 12th March and receive a free copy of ‘Robot’ magazine!


Answer the following questions

is the exhibition held? It is held in Sunshine Town Exhibition Centre. long is it held there?


It is held from 12th to 20th March.


day? It opens at 10 a.m. and closes
at 4.30 p.m.

does it open and close every

?What’s ?What

They can receive a free copy of ‘Robo magazine.

special gift can people get if they go there on 12th March?

The price of tickets is ¥ 25 for people over 12.

the price of tickets?

A good memory It can read books and help with studies.


Complete the notes below


? ? ? ?

The robot is designed to help students their homework with______________. It can read a book in 5 ____minutes and tell you clear language about it in_____________. memory It has a good _________. It never gets anything wrong ______. tired It does not get _____. You need to give it ___every oil month and change the every two months batteries _______________.

robot exhibition Sunshine Town Exhibition Centre China, Japan and South Korea read a book in five
help students with their homework

10 a.m.

free copy of‘Robot’ magazine


¥ 25

Welcome to Chinese Robot Exhibition
Dates:4th---6th March Place:Nanjing Exhibition Centre Time: 9 a.m.---4 p.m. Ticket: ¥ 20(free children under 12) Special gift Anyone who goes there on the first day of the exhibition can get a robot toy!


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