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2012版深圳八年级英语上册Chapter5 讲义三

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7. plan: v________ + to do sth make a plan ____________



8. one another = each other ______________

Another+数字=数字+more _____________




1.He _______two hours a day in _______books

A pay, read B spend, read C spends, reading D pays, reading

3.---What do you do with your pocket money ?

---I usually _________most of it on school things

A take B spend C pay D cost

4.He _______all his time _______reading .

A spends; to B spend; in C spent; / D spend ; on

5.It will ________us several years to learn a foreign language well.

A cost B take C spend D use

6.The ________story tells a story about a ________man.

A successful; successful B success, success C successful, success D success, successful

7.---Do you go to the zoo _______bike ? ---Yes , I will never forget the _______

A with, experience B with, fortune C by, experience D by, fortune


1.He bought a new car for $200,000.(同义句) 14. It was the most ______(education)

experience I have

He ________$200,000 __________a new car ever had.

He ________$200,000___________a new car 15. The two teams _________(exchange)

presents before

The new car _______ _______$200,000. he game last week.

2.Failure is the mother of __________(succeed). 16. They __________(success) in passing

the exam at last

3.I am a (n) __________(交换)student 17. I hope to learn about

__________(Britain) culture an

4.The ________(主人) family were friendly to me practice my English.

5.Many foreigners don’t know how to use _______(筷子) . 18.There are a lot of ________(guest)

in our school.

6.Yesterday many ________(客人) came to my house

7.We tried to make it a great __________(成功) 19.The exchange students were very

glad __________

8.All of us are very busy on __________(工作日) (visit) our city

9.They had a good time with ________(当地的) people. 20.Chian ________(host) the Olympic Games in 2008.

10.My host family will i_______to say a word in front of the class.

11.It’s a f ________film and I love it very much.

12.Did you p_______to have a birthday party?

13.They are going to t ________around London.

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